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"Do you think that it is now over, Robin?" Starfire's voice drifted softly to the boy's ears.

"I hope so, Star." The two titans were seated close together on the rocks at the base of the Titan Tower. The ocean water playfully splashed the rocks, just barely missing their feet. Robin held Starfire's hand in his, both hands resting gently against the small area between them.

"How do you know that Chaos will not return?" Starfire asked, anxiously. She was still nervous and worried from all that had happened.

"I don't."

Starfire turned her head to look at the boy beside her. This was not the answer she had wanted. She wanted to hear some kind of reassurance. She wanted to here Robin tell her that Chaos would never be back. Even though she got away, she would not come back and harm them again.

Robin turned his gaze away from the distant sunset when he noticed Starfire staring at him. He first looked at his feet, bare and dry, dangling just out of reach of the water below. He then looked up at the girl beside him.

"Silver and Cold were placed in the penitentiary. Surely Chaos has now been defeated?" Starfire's eyes sparkled with sadness.

"Starfire," He said gently, gazing meaningfully into her eyes, "I don't know if she'll be back. She is a mystery to me. I've tried to analyze her behavior, but I just... can't. First she is infatuated with me, not wanted me to be injured in any way, and then she has a dagger to my neck. No matter how much I try, I just can't sum up her behavior like I can for all our other enemies. I can't even try to guess her future dealings."

Starfire looked away from Robin's eyes. She did not want to believe the truth she saw in them, even though she knew it was inevitable.

"If I had to take a guess, I would suspect that she would be back in some way. Maybe not directly attacking us, but maybe the city. And if that's the case, you know we'd have to stop her." Robin squeezed Starfire's hand gently, yet reassuringly.

"When we do see her again, it would be wise of her to "watch her back" for I will surely be "kicking her butt." Robin smiled widely at Starfire's words.

"Starfire, I love you so much."

"And I you, Robin."

They leaned towards each other and rested their heads against the other. Both titans gazed off into the beautiful sunset before them. The waves finally rose high enough to engulf the feet of both titans. They sat together enjoying the feeling of cold salt water against their feet, a red-orange sunset warming the air, and the company of the most wonderful person in the world.

"Hey!! Robin! Starfire!" The voice sounded from the front door of the Tower. "I know we just got back a few hours ago, but Tuesdays ARE movie night. And this was my week to pick the movie." Cyborg closed the door behind him. "You guys gonna come?"

Robin flinched at the interruption. Starfire felt the movement, but did not move herself.

Cyborg finally got a good view of the two titans on the rocks. 'Ooops...' He thought to himself as he realized he had just interrupted a moment.

"I think we'll pass, Cy." Robin called back to him. "Why don't you ask Beast Boy and Raven if they want to watch."

"Yeah, I'll do that. No problem, Rob." Cyborg quickly turned and went back inside the Tower.

Robin sighed heavily and scooted closer to Starfire until their bodies were side by side. He released her hand and slowly wrapped his arm around her side, cradling her against him.


"Yes, Robin?"

"This is a beautiful sunset."


"Come on, Raven!"

"Do I have to have this blindfold on? It itches."

"Yeah, it has to be a surrrrprise! Now come on! Just a little farther."

Beast Boy held Raven around the waist and was directing her path across the roof of the Tower. Just moments before he had stormed into Raven's room, woke her up, blindfolded her while she reluctantly protested, and led her up the stairs with much difficulty to the roof.

"Alright, this is it."

"Can you take the blindfold off now?"

Beast Boy smiled and gently untied and removed the blindfold from Raven's eyes. Raven gasped and her eyes grew wide. Beast Boy continued to hold her tightly around her waist, which helped her to remain balanced as she caught her breath.

"Beast Boy... it's beautiful...." Raven's voice quivered slightly with emotion. She felt her powers begin to stir, but she held them back. Recently she had become more accustom to feelings dealing with Beast Boy, and she now found them easier to control.

"I know." Beast Boy grinned widely at her reaction.

"You didn't have to..."

"Oh yes I did." Beast Boy said forcefully. "You deserve it."

Raven's eyes watered as she looked at the scene before her. Beast Boy had set up a small table, just big enough for two on the roof. The entire roof was covered with bunches of different colored roses, ranging from red, to white, to blue. The table was beautifully decorated with a table cloth and a candelabrum with the candles lit and glowing. Dinner was already placed on the table. Raven's heart thudded when she saw that he had made her favorite dish, angel hair pasta. He had even placed bread sticks on a plate in the middle of the table, just as if they were actually at a restaurant.

"I know how you hate going out to eat at those fancy restaurants, so I thought maybe we could have a date here at the tower." Beast Boy hugged Raven closely.

"Beast Boy... I... I don't know what to say. It's so beautiful."

"Thanks. It took me all afternoon to set up. Good thing you fell asleep right when we got back to the tower or you might have found me out."

"Hey, I thought you were sleeping, too! I could have sworn I heard you snoring beside me!"

"Hah! I knew you would think so."

Raven turned around and glared jokingly at the green boy. "Oh, so you were deceiving me then?"

"I guess so." Beast Boy smiled and ducked as Raven playfully swung her hand at his head. "Oh and dinner's not all!" The green boy quickly ran over to where he had his boom box placed conveniently beside a clear area unoccupied by roses. "I also have music and a dance floor here for my lady." He kneeled down, bowed slightly and held out his hand for her to join him.

"Beast Boy, you're not fooling anyone with those manners," Raven said teasingly as she approached him and lightly took his hand in hers.

Beast Boy looked up from his bow and grinned at the girl before him. Raven thought he had never looked more handsome before. He thought she had never been so beautiful.

"Raven?! Beast Boy?! You wanna watch a movie?" Cyborg emerged from the stairs and stepped on to the roof. He froze at the sight before him: Beast Boy kneeling in a sea of roses holding Raven's hand in his. "Umm... it's okay. I'll watch it by myself." Cyborg grinned to cover up his embarrassment and quickly made his exit down the stairs as fast as he could manage. 'I sooo need a girlfriend...'

Raven gazed at the door on the roof from which Cyborg had left. Beast Boy made a small noise to regain her attention. "So, where were we?"

Raven smiled and turned her eyes back to the boy. "You were about to ask me to dance."

"Oh right. Raven, will you please honor me with this dance?"

"I'd be pleased to, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy, still grinning, switched the boom box on. The song "Silver and Cold" by AFI began to flow from the speakers. Raven smiled widely at the joke. Beast Boy held Raven closely in his arms and they began to dance slowly together. Raven rested her face against his, and closed her eyes. Beast Boy closed his, too. He was so happy that Raven had approved of the night he had planned.

Beast Boy gasped when he reopened his eyes, but Raven continued to hold him tightly. They had drifted away from the roof and were now dancing in the night sky. Raven smiled at Beast Boy's reaction. He quickly regained his composure and grinned at the girl holding him in the air.

"I had planned to be dancing under the stars, not in them." Beast Boy said humorously as he continued to dance with the girl in his arms.

"Well there was a change of plans."

Beast Boy smirked and planted a kiss on Raven's lips. He slowly pulled away. He could feel Raven's emotions surging, but they did not emerge. She had them under control.


"Yes, Beast Boy?"

"I'm dancing in the night's sky with the most wonderful, beautiful girl ever. What could possibly be better?"

"Nothing. This just about tops everything I had on my holiday list for this season."

Beast Boy laughed high-heartedly and kissed Raven again. The stars twinkled brightly around them, illuminating the two titans embracing lovingly in the night's sky.


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