Chapter 1: The Plan

(Phazon Droid walks into empty Titan tower.)

Droid: Well, this would be my first Teen Titan fanfic, and………it seems that no one is around at the present time.

(Raven floats downstairs, with a book in her hand.)

Droid: (in his thoughts) Honestly, this girl has no social life. It's all books, meditation, and the darkness of her world. Hasn't she ever wanted to hook up with someone?

Raven: (out loud) As a matter of fact, if you haven't figured out already, my emotions are tapped into my power. I give someone a little tongue and the tower blows up. So keep up with your TT.

Cyborg: (turns Xbox off) What's this fic about anyway?

Droid: (takes out some papers) Well, it's been an entire year since Terra joined, and you guys plan to do something 'special' for her.

Robin: Why is special in quotation marks?

Droid: Don't criticize my writing. (Beast Boy runs downstairs, sweaty and tired.)

Beast Boy: Sorry, guys. I was with Terra in her room.

Droid: Doing her, I presume?

Robin: HEY! Leave the content for the fanfiction. Anyway, Phazon Droid doesn't own any of the Teen Titans characters or DC Comics.

Raven: And some of the opening shares scene from a 'Married With Children' episode, so it will seem familiar to some. Now, we begin on a Friday morning.

Yes, Terra had problems adapting her powers when she first met the Titans, but after precious time, she learned to control her 'unique' ability, which brought new changes, including the main theme song from '1, 2, 3, 4, GO to '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, GO!' While Terra was out getting some groceries, Robin called the Titans together for a meeting.

"Fellow Titans. It has been one year since Terra joined us, so we must now play a practical joke on her."

While some of the Titans got a sinister grin on their face, Starfire was confused as to what Robin was talking about. "I do not recall any kind of joke being played on me."

"Remember when Cyborg's fuel in his car went empty while you were driving and you almost died?" Beast Boy reminded her.

"That was us." Cyborg added before he and Beast Boy started laughing out loud.

"Order! I mean, Titans!" Robin brought the group back into focus. "Now Raven, it was your assignment to distract Terra for the day."

"I don't remember you guys sending me out for the day." Starfire once again interrupted.

"Remember when Cyborg accidentally blasted you in the back and you were rushed into intensive care for a month?"

"That was us." Once again, Cyborg and Beast Boy fell out laughing.

Raven used her powers to get into the two of their heads and gave both of them a migraine, making them immediately stop laughing. "Give it a rest. We need a good practical joke for Terra."

"I already got one that's been put into motion." Robin reassured her that.

On the Road

The teenage blonde drove her way to the store to pick up some food, so the gang would no longer have to eat the blue flurries of food that had contaminated their food, yet Terra had problems adjusting to Cyborg's design of the car.

"You'd think joining the Titans would give me some perks, but it's only slowing me down."

When Terra attempted to remover her foot from the acceleration, it wouldn't budge. It was then she realized she was stuck and the car continued to pick up speed, only for Terra to realize that there was a huge traffic jam in front of her.

"Honey, why is that car speeding up to us?" A man asked his wife as they saw Terra approach them in their rearview mirror.

"……..BAIL OUT!" Someone screamed out as the car was then abandoned as Terra slammed into it full force.

There was a huge chain reaction causing a few more cars to collide, and numerous objects were thrown out of the vehicles to try to signal cars in front of them to move up.

"Something tells me that I'm gonna be here for a while."

Suddenly, there were a few sirens as Terra turned around to realize that some cops had made it to the scene before she could get away. Then, one of the two cops approached her.

"Mam, I'll need to see your license and registration, please."

Terra couldn't do anything because of her age, but she came up with a way out of it.

"Officers, if I could get out of the car I would. But as you can see, my foot is stuck on the pedal."

"Oh. Well, that's not good. HEY, JOHNNY! GET THE SAW!"


"We're gonna saw the pedal off of your foot. Then, you'll get your rights. And if you complain one time, you'll pay for that." The officer took out a club as he said that.

When the other officer approached Terra with the saw, there were numerous attempts from her to get away, but it eventually fell off. After that, the cops left and Terra ended up walking to the store, but the Titans already had another plan.

Back at the Tower

Robin was keeping Terra under surveillance while Beast Boy and Cyborg came up with more jokes.

"How 'bout the we put something disturbing in her bed?"

"BB, by disturbing do you mean yourself? 'Cause I know how bad you want in her bed."

"True. So how 'bout it?"

"That's really up to Robin. But I'm sure he can understand."

(In the surveillance room)

"I don't know, Raven. Something tells me that Terra is gonna catch on to what we're doing."

"Stop worrying, Robin. What we should be doing is coming with another prank."

After Raven said that, Beast Boy came bursting in. "And I've got the perfect one, too. We leave a random animal in Terra's bed, only then I will turn back into myself in the middle of the night when she's sleeping."

"And I suppose you're gonna try to see what Terra is truly made of 'eh Beast Boy?"

"You could say that Robin."

"Well, it's fine with me. But first, we need to check out how Terra is doing. Check it out."

Surveillance Screen shifts to actual store

"OK, I got the food and everyone's stuff. This should be everything. And of course, I got the latest cassette music for myself. I've got the money, so nothing else can go wrong."

What Terra didn't know was that one of the items that she picked out was rigged so it wouldn't be marked. Plus, the line she was in was extremely long, and the clerk, a regular Joe hired by the Titans, was not making the line move any faster."

"Will you be using a credit card or actual money?"

"I've got the money."

"Will that be money of this country or something you just imported from eBay?"

"It's money of this world, don't worry. You just get my stuff ready."

"My goodness. Is all of this food for you, or is there a party you are preparing for?"

"JUST…….get my stuff ready."

"All right, all right. Your total is $85.79 in exact change."

'Who's gonna have $85.79 in exact change?' Terra thought to herself. But the shopper simply took out to fifty-dollar bills and moved on. Eventually, Terra made it to the line, but Terra didn't expect what was coming.

"I believe everything is in order, sir. IF you could just wrap this stuff for me……."

"Uh, I'm sorry mam, but these items don't seem to be scanning through the system. They are missing their bar codes."

"Why would they be missing?"

"I don't know, but you'll just have to pay fifteen bucks more for each code."

"WHAT?! Well, I'll just take it out of the Titans account. They'll never even care about it."

As soon as Terra had everything situated, she hopped onto the nearest rock and headed back to the Titan tower, only to be heading into more trouble with the others.

Starfire: I am still unsure of how any type of amusement was played amongst myself.

Droid: For every team, there's always gonna be one dumb person, and you must be that one.

(Starfire's hands begin to glow with starbolts.)

Droid: I'm not afraid of that. This is my story. (Erases bolts and goes upstairs.)

Beast Boy: We're gonna get that guy, aren't we?

Starfire: Most definitely.