Chapter 14: Denouement

Phazon: We finally reach the end of our journey in this sexed up world of Teen Titans.

Robin: So soon? I barely got to do anything to paleface over here.

Raven: That's what 'Behind the Scenes' is all about…and no funny shit from you, author boy.

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The sun's rays shone visibly through the windows of Titans Tower as Blackfire, Jinx, Terra, and Starfire started showing signs of life again. Raven, having been the only one awake, amused herself by simply watching television.

Terra was the first to stand on her feet. "Mornin' Rave," she said woozily, "where are the guys?"

"Don't know, don't care."

"Then I'll be going to go have the bathroom quarantined."

Raven raised an eyebrow and turned towards Terra. "Why that? There's nothing wrong up there."

All Raven heard was Terra whisper 'Not yet' as she began sprinting towards the bathroom.

Blackfire walked to Raven's side, braless with only her pants on.

"Mind explaining why I don't have a $20 in my bra anymore and why it's missing?"

Turning the television off for a brief moment, Raven took out a twenty and held it tightly between her fingers before Blackfire.

"You should keep a tighter grip on your money."

"And your vibrator."

Blackfire's face went scarlet red when she heard Jinx utter that awful word that described a certain product that did a certain thing to a certain body part of a certain gender. Want to guess which one? No, of course you already know.

Starfire was already in the kitchen making a healthy (in her definition of healthy) breakfast for the drowsy girls. As she finished what appeared to be green pancakes, the entrance shaft to the living quarters opened and in stepped Cyborg, who had Beast Boy slung over his shoulders, Mammoth and Gizmo, a naked Aqualad, Speedy with his hair all fizzled out, and last, but not least, the boy wonder, who kept muttering the phrase 'Gay friend' to himself.

"Mornin' everybody," Cyborg said in an unusually cheerful voice.

"What's so good about it?" Blackfire scowled.

"I didn't say 'Good morning,' sheesh," Cyborg replied spitefully.

"Scrum cleaners, get your things together; we're going back now," Gizmo yelled to Jinx and Blackfire, earning him two well placed punches in the face.

Realizing he was hung over his partner's body, Beast Boy sprung into action, scanning the room for a certain blonde.

"Where's Terra?"

Raven pointed upstairs and sighed. "She's in the bathroom. Enter if you dare."

But when everyone heard Terra crying out…again, they preferred not to. Gizmo, Mammoth, Blackfire, and Jinx composed themselves (even though Blackfire never found her bra or her $20), and bid goodbye to the Titans, promising to see them at the next bank robbery or attack on civilians.

As the door closed behind Blackfire, Robin turned to his comrades.

"Well, Titans, I'd say that Terra's suffered enough for this span of time. Beast Boy, go tell her you had an invisible condom on before she gets angry."

Beast Boy hopped to it and began running up the stairs, but was stopped by thick, black energy coming from Raven.

"Did you just say 'invisible?'"

Sweat dropping from his head, the changeling chuckled and looked to Robin and Cyborg to back him up, but they were being confronted by an angry Starfire.

"Friend Terra has suffered for this entire time and I am slaving over a hot stove because of a joke!"

Cyborg tapped Robin frantically. "Robin, kiss her."


"You're the one she likes the most; just kiss her on the lips and she'll calm down!"

"But I want Raven!"

"Damn right," Raven said, completely out of tone for her persona.

Nonetheless, Robin puckered up and planted a kiss on Starfire's lips, immediately stopping her rampage and causing her face to redden immensely. Though Robin regretted having to do that, he smiled when Star had stopped waving a spatula at him and Cyborg.

Terra came walking down the stairs, a horrible odor following her as she had a piece of toilet paper stuck to her shorts. She looked to Raven.

"Now we need a quarantine, and I needed your towel again."

"Terra," Beast Boy interrupted before Raven could rip Terra a new one, "the night that we had sex…I had one on. You couldn't see it because it was a thin layer, but you're safe."

Instead of being enraged, Terra was calm and simply hugged Beast Boy tightly. Though she wasn't pregnant, she was glad that Beast Boy had told her the truth. However--

"There's only one way to be sure," Terra explained.


Terra and Beast Boy now sat opposite each other on the Maury Povich show, the host trying to deliberate the situation.

"I can't tell you how many times I've had this type of problem," he explained taking out a signature brown envelope. "In the case of Beast Boy, Terra, you are NOT pregnant!"

The words Not Pregnant came up on the screen as Terra jumped up ecstatically, as did Beast Boy, whilst Maury looked towards the camera.

"We'll be right back."


Raven turned off the television and looked down towards Robin, who was lying on her legs.

"Why did we do this whole thing again?"

"Who cares," Robin replied, "just gimme some already!"

And the two went down…on each other. Starfire just watched and took notes.

Cyborg grabbed the remote and began flipping through various channels, looking for something to occupy his mind.

Beast Boy and Terra returned, the former holding the latter in his arms as they rushed towards the nearest chair and began abusing it with their lovemaking.

Ron Perlman, AKA Slade, sat in a chair, watching the entire thing take place.

"And I wasn't even given a speaking part in this fan fiction," he muttered.


Back at the tower, Robin and the others were fixed on watching Beast Boy and Raven, who weren't afraid to showcase their sex session to everyone.

As Beast Boy pushed forward and penetrated Terra, he smiled and winked at her. What he was about to tell her wasn't a joke.

"Now I'm not wearing one."

One thought went through everyone's mind except Beast Boy.

Holy shit.

The End!


Phazon: And so we reach the end of the journey. I'd like to thank…the reviewers and those who took the time to give me feedback on my story, um…Scott Menville, Greg Cipes, Khary Payton, Hynden Walch, Tara Strong, Ashley Johnson, Lauren Tom, the--"

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