Little Red Riding Hood: The Pokémon Tech Version

      Jessie lay bored on her bunk, feeling like throwing her education away in return for a life of evil, possibly the infamous Team Rocket her mother had worked for until her untimely death. Her head was swarming with ideas of what a fifteen-year-old girl should be doing as opposed to the homework her cruel teachers had set her. Her dreams were frequently interrupted as pages were turned quickly by her room mate, a certain boy named James. She wasn't sure what he was reading, but it must have more educational gain for him than staring at a spot on the ceiling like she was. In the end her curiosity finally overcame her and she sat up to look in his direction, not being capable of doing so immediately since she suffered a head-rush from going from nought to sixty in one second. He was poring over The Blazer, the school newspaper, and every so often she'd hear the faint squeaking of a marker as he circled things unknown to her. He was quite good-looking in her eyes, so she watched the youth contently as he pushed a stubborn strand of hair behind his ears, ignorant of his spy. Again, her curiosity interfered and she asked her companion about his findings. He jolted and dropped his felt-tip pen as he was brought out of his own thoughts and apologised as he bent down to retrieve the marker, and asked her to repeat what she'd said. To his dismay, not because of where it went but because he wasn't alone, it had rolled underneath his bunk, where Jessie's underwear lay for some peculiar reason unbeknownst to him. He acted like nothing was important about his find as he resituated himself on the mattress, this time lying on his front so she couldn't tell the incident caused a physical effect in him.

      "Hey, I've asked you twice already, what are you doing?"

      "Erm…You mean with the paper?"

      "Of course, what else would I mean?"

      He breathed a sigh of relief; she obviously hadn't seen him stopping his retrieval momentarily to examine the material on the ground. He wished he hadn't seen it now as he was creating a mental masterpiece of her modelling them. He snapped out of his fantasy and decided to keep the conversation in mind, as lying that way on the bed without cutting a circular hole into the mattress first was painful. Very painful when one considered the restricting uniform, he hoped it didn't tear with the strain.

      "Nothing much, just looking at jobs and competitions, seeing if there's anything I can do to earn a bit of cash. I hate asking my parents for money, they're not the most normal"

      "Everyone's are like that"

      "Are yours?"

      "My mother's dead and my dad bailed before I was born. At least this way I have ultimate independence"

      "Sounds tough, how can you afford this place?"

      "It's not really; she's been gone a few years now. I'm here from a scholarship given to me by a firm my mother worked for before she died, though I personally can't stick all this study and schoolwork"

      "I have more reasons to stay than education; I don't want to go back to my nightmare life before I have to"

      For some reason, this talk made James aware how underweight the girl looked, even though she wasn't acutely bony. It was probably due to her incredibly unbalanced diet in the holidays, and he felt like he should tell her very little about his family and how they wanted him to marry Jessie Belle for extra plots of land lest he appeared a spoilt rich kid even when he wasn't. It was now he noticed the striking resemblance between her and his supposed fiancée, and the pain became worse as he suddenly imagined Jessie being the one whipping him. It was strange how such a torturous experience could become one that gave him pleasure with a simple alteration.

      "So is there anything in there that'll be worth your while doing for a bit of money?"

      "There's very little actually, and there's even less I'd consider doing. There are two possibilities but I'm not sure about either"

      "Go on, what are they? I'll tell you if I think you're suited to the jobs in question"

      "One's modelling for art, but I don't see it as a real possibility"

      "What type of modelling is it?"

      "That's what makes me want to ignore it; I don't want people seeing my body. It's very…well it's not the manliest, let's put it that way"

      "I think your body's nice, what's wrong with it?"

      James immediately looked up again to see if her expression had changed with that comment because his certainly had. Unfortunately she'd reverted back to lying on the bed with her legs still dangling off the bed, hoping he couldn't see her ruby cheeks causing a nasty contrast against her pale skin. This made matters worse for James, as her skirt moved with her and he had a view he'd appreciate seeing when there was a chance for him to do something about it rather than in the middle of a conversation with her. His eyes were locked on their target and he fruitlessly tried to look away on several occasions, desperately wishing above all she wouldn't turn in his direction and catch him enjoying a free soft-core porn show. He brought his mind back to the situation at hand and blurted out something before she asked why he'd gone quiet.

      "I've girly hips"

      He wished he'd said anything else. Why didn't he invent a birthmark to be self-conscious about? Or even a scar he didn't want anyone to know about—wait, she'd want to see it then. Hell even a hairy chest would have been more self-dignifying than comparing himself to a girl. How was that meant to impress her?!

      "I don't believe you, you look fine to me. You probably have a nicer waist than I do"


      He replied a little too quickly to convince her, and he hoped his comment could act as a self-conscious statement rather than a declaration that her body was perfect in his eyes. Besides from what he could see of her waist now, hers was infinitely more appealing than his was. He was relieved once again when she changed the course of the conversation slightly.

      "What's the other option? In the paper I mean"

      "What? Oh pardon me; I understand what you mean now. There's the class performance of Little Red Riding Hood, which is bound to be far from class if it's anything like Cinderella last year"

      "True, the shoe broke in the first year's hand and the girl playing Cinderella walked in the glass. Both her and her prince were sent to hospital I think, can't have been very--"

      "Charming, I saw where your dry wit was leading a while ago"

      "How come you want to subject yourself to public ridicule, and willingly at that?"

      "I took acting lessons, it'd shut my parents up because although I'd still be looking for cash, I'd be doing something productive and showing off my talent they bestowed upon me. Or making a holy show of myself and forever causing my family forever ridicule from their friends as tales of my idiocy reaches their ears"

      She let out a giggle at the thought of his acting being so bad his family would cringe, but from what she'd learnt of them, he'd only have to breathe for them to disapprove. She propped herself up slightly with her elbows and looked at him, seeing him poring over the advert again, with a slightly reddened face. She misread his embarrassment at her almost spotting him watching her crotch as being hurt by her laughter at his acting. He was so used to insults at this stage that he never took any notice of anything like it and it just rolled off like water on a psyduck's back. She decided to say she was sorry for hurting him, but in her own special way.

      "I didn't mean to laugh, and I think I'll join you on your quest. When are our auditions?"

      "You seriously want to do it?"

      "Of course, I couldn't let you become outcast by the school on your own you know"

      He immediately thought of a foxy and for some reason incredibly skimpy red outfit for Jessie to wear if she landed the leading role, but he had to once again bring his mind out of his frequently-visited gutter as he knew her eyes were still upon him. He had to stop imagining she'd answered his question as if it were the dodgier meaning she could have taken, but then again she was probably beyond having teenage fantasies and if she weren't then he'd bet they sure as hell wouldn't involve him. He'd lose that one, her hormones had been very active lately and they'd spawned a batch of very creative images and action sequences. It wasn't that difficult when she had a half-naked man in the room; this being her source of knowledge that his body wasn't all that effeminate and it actually appealed to her greatly for some reason. He wasn't the only one that stole looks when the other was asleep.

      "It's just as well I read this tonight, the auditions are being held for two hours tomorrow, commencing at ten o' clock. Are you still positive that you want to enter the hall of shame with me? You could save yourself"

      "There's no point, everyone's been jeering our names put together that everyone knows we're room mates, even those who don't know what we look like. On top of that, you'll drive me mad with your rehearsing at night, so I might as well practice scenes with you, any excuse not to do homework should be used I say. Who knows? I might even make a decent actress"

      James suddenly wished the fairy tale had contained love scenes, and one hell of a lot of them since she expressed her desires to rehearse with him. He definitely heard a creaking in the stitching along his crotch as part of him didn't like being restrained to this extent, and Jessie threw a perplexed look in his direction. He mumbled something about stretching and his shirt had decided against moving with him, knowing he could get away with it as she'd been looking out the window at the time. She smiled warmly for a few seconds without either knowing why; then she stood up suddenly and declared she was heading for a shower before bed. When he heard the sound of water hitting off her body as she stepped under the nozzle, he turned on his back and did what he could to relieve the straining. He'd tried to think un-sexy thoughts to calm it down, but when it wasn't working that well he undressed, turned his bedside lamp off and got under the covers, hoping she wouldn't read anything into it; he could say he was tired and had a bit of a headache if she enquired. He was feeling kind of drowsy from all the close reading he'd done for the last four hours; unlike Jessie he'd put in a few hours of studying so he wouldn't need to fear his parents finding out his grades were lacking. He slouched into the position he normally lay in at night with his left arm under his neck, making sure the covers covered him up to his waist at least. He began to feel sleep enticing him to succumb to its will…

      Jessie stepped out of the bathroom into the unexpected dark, suddenly relieved as she hated struggling with holding her towel up whilst trying to put her nightdress on, and hated bringing it into the en suite as the condensation made it very cold and horrible to lie on all night. She crossed the moonlit floor and got changed, unaware that James had never been more awake in his life as he watched her. He soundlessly put his right hand under the covers in an attempt to flatten himself, not wanting her to turn around and see a marquis instead of bedcovers. He thought for one horrific moment she was on to his pretence of sleep when she'd dressed, as she walked over to his bed. The material clung to her damp skin and to him she looked perfect whilst basking in the moonlight for three steps. She strained against the dark to see if his eyes were open, and he couldn't tell if she continued because she couldn't see his emerald eyes watching her every move, or if she continued because she could.

      She'd never been this close to him before, not when they were like this, so she acted very carefully in case she woke him up. She'd needed the shower to cool herself down, as her thoughts had been just as gutter-related as the boy's had been. She felt the heat returning as she peered at his skin, trying to see whether or not his hips were all that effeminate. She moved the covers down very carefully, wondering at his hand's location. She wasn't trying to expose him too quickly in case he woke up, and because of the poor light she didn't notice him pressing his hand down harder on himself. She gave a nervous look as she resumed moving the blanket, knowing that to see his hips she risked seeing a bit more of him. The threat of it excited her more than it made her nervous, which surprised her. She gasped slightly as the heat of the moment hit her, and just as the covers were about to show what his hand was doing, she felt his left hand pull her towards him.

      She jumped in shock and stared in horror at his open eyes, wondering if she'd just woken him up or if he'd been a spectator to the whole thing. She heard him asking her a cool 'what are you doing?' and she stuttered out she only wanted to see what his hips were like from what he'd said earlier. He sat up in bed; the covers only barely covering his organ as he asked her opinion, knowing the darkness should cover his problem as his hands were working on propping himself up. He liked being able to see her silhouetted against the window while she obviously couldn't see him. It was perhaps this knowledge that made his courage start growing and he pulled off something he'd never have imagined to be possible. He closed the gap between him and the stuttering beauty before him and touched his lips with hers. She'd given no evidence of wanting him to do it, so immediately self-conscious thoughts filled his head, cut short when he realised she'd stayed in that position and was nervously responding to him.

      He pulled her slightly so she'd side-saddle his lap without breaking the contact, noting how she was shaking slightly. He by all rights should be doing just that, but part of him felt like it was completely the right thing to do, even though her wet hair dripping on his skin made him colder. It couldn't realistically compete against the heat his body was generating though. He pulled back and asked her if she was all right when he noticed her shaking increased, getting a reaction he wasn't expecting. She apologised, got up and returned to her bed without saying another word, much to the male's annoyance. She called out a half-hearted goodnight, but said no more when he replied with the same and a question with what was wrong. Maybe she'd assumed he was suggesting she did something with him from the way he'd moved her, but that had only been because she was shorter than he was and she needed extra height to stop his back from breaking. He'd been incorrect earlier; he'd never felt as wide awake as he did now, and he hardly slept a wink at all. It was times like this that made him frustrated whenever he did something out of the ordinary; things would be fine between them if he'd just let her watch his body in peace. What harm would it have done, compared to this? He wished he'd never mentioned the play, as she'd surely be the one ridiculing him the most now.

      He was beginning to dread the audition with her first thing in the morning.