Furious angels


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, two-shot kind of unhappy songfic.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'Furious angels' belongs to Rob Dougan.

written at 20th january 2004, by Misura, in reply to a songfic-challenge in jou_loves_kaiba by luminairie (it was required to be this song, Angst and without any break-up or death)

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//'Cause love, like a blow to the head has left me stunned

and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling// [Joey]

He blinked, clueless as to why the CEO had come downstairs himself, only to make a few degrading remarks about his state and stride off again, all haughty and cold. If Mokuba had been ill, it might have been understandable, but this wasn't the case. He would know it.

Besides, Kaiba would never have been here, if something would have happened to Mokuba. Most likely, Kaiba wouldn't even have thought of calling him in the first place, denying himself his 'puppy' for having failed to keep his little brother healthy and safe.

Sighing, he walked down the hall to the bathroom, to find a towel to dry his hair. He might take a hot shower as well, to get warm again. It would mean letting Kaiba wait some more.

//And if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.// [Seto]

"Aren't you going to join him?" Mokuba inquired, throwing him a glance that was wide-eyed and sly at the same time. Or appeared to be, probably, since the kid was just twelve and much too young to hint at anything to do with what went on between him and the mutt in private.

"He hardly needs my help to dry himself," he snorted, sagging down in his uncomfortable office-chair. It was meant to be worked in after all, not to allow him to take naps.

"I've read somewhere that shower-sex can be quite good," Mokuba continued, without a hint of embarrassment. The boy wasn't even blushing in fact.

//You're a cold piece of steel between my ribs

and there's no saving me.// [Joey]

The hot water seemed to burn as it ran over his reddening skin. Still, he could feel his body slowly beginning to get warm again, even if a cold lump of ice seemed to remain on the inside. Part of him kept trying to resist the odd power Kaiba wielded over him, kept trying to remain uninvolved.

As uninvolved as Kaiba pretended to be, never giving any signs of caring. Always trying to hold back to prevent himself from getting hurt again. The fact that he never meant to hurt the CEO apparently counted for nothing.

Not that that was very surprising. There were days when he had no idea why they even bothered talking to each other, considering what little attention Kaiba paid to his words.

//And I can't get up,

from this wet crimson bed that you made for me.// [Seto]

Mokuba's soft chuckle alerted him that his cheeks were aflame. Not that being aware of that situation helped him get out of it in any way.

"You ... " he began, noting his voice croaked. He was glad this hadn't happened in front of the mutt. Surely, he'd never have lived down the humiliation. Of course, Mokuba probably knew that, which was why the kid had chosen to show off his corrupted mind at this moment, while they were alone.

"I'm not a baby anymore, *Seto*," Mokuba snapped, looking angry all of a sudden, putting an emphasis on his name. Using that name instead of his habitual 'big brother', he realized after a while.

//That you made for me!

'Cause love like a knife in the back has cut me down// [Joey]

His reflection gazed back at him from the mirror, his hair disheveled and wet even after he had combed it half-heartedly. What was the use, when it was going to get all messed up by Kaiba within mere minutes? He sighed.

Kaiba would want him to look impeccable. He hated that, really, though he could never hate the CEO himself. He had tried to. Hating was so much more easier than loving it seemed. Breaking was so much more easier than healing.

They had attempted both, attempting to rip of each other's masks in their arguments that had never led to anything. So then they had chosen to go with the opposite option for a while. For a long while now.

//And I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding,

and if you go, angels will run to defend me, to defend me.// [Seto]

"I am aware that you have grown up these past few years," he answered stiffly, in spite of knowing his words didn't quite coincide with the truth. Mokuba would forever be his little brother, whom he needed to protect against the harsh realities of the world out there.

Like the mutt would be his 'puppy' until the day he died, in spite of his protests against either of those nick-names. Nothing was going to change that, nothing *could* change that. The only person who was able to make changes to his world was himself.

He had to believe in that. He had no choice, unless he wanted to see his life fall apart again, like on that day, so many years ago now, when Gozaburo had declared he wouldn't adopt Mokuba. There and then, he had decided he'd never let another person rule his life again, forcing him to do things against his own will.

//'Cause I can't get up, I'm as cold as a stone,

I can feel the life fade from me.// [Joey]

Suddenly disgusted with the face that stared back at him from the mirror, he turned away, deciding to stop putting off this meeting. Better to get it over with, so that he could go back home and continue working on that project for history.

Maybe he was becoming jaded, to be so uncaring about what most people considered to be one of the most important parts in their relationship. Of course, what there was between him and Kaiba could hardly be called normal. Neither of them were average persons either, so it fitted them in a way.

He couldn't really picture a 'normal' life anymore. Once, he had thought he knew. Once, he had had a family, dreamt about meeting the girl of his heart, marrying her and live happily ever after. Instead, he had found out that the line between love and hate at first sight wasn't as clear as one would think.

//I'm down on the ground, I've got second to live,

and what's that waits for me, oh that waits for me!// [Seto]

"I'm sure you are," Mokuba shook his head, grinning to let him know it was all right anyway. "Have you told him you love him recently?" He blinked at the sudden change in topic, then scowled.

"Why would I?" Why indeed? Why make a declaration like that while he himself wasn't even sure of it being true? It was dangerous to make statements, promises of such a nature. He had given one to Mokuba, but never to anyone else. And look what kind of trouble it had caused for the kid, to be known to be his big brother's single weakness?

"Because he needs to hear it. And because you will lose him if you don't, believe me, big brother." Mokuba sounded too serious for his age. Yet the kid's smile was cheerful, rising and almost literally bouncing out of the room when Joey's footsteps approached through the hall. He wished he could shrug off Mokuba's parting message, dismiss it as a childish advise.

//'Cause love, like a sentence of death, left me stunned,

and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling,// [Joey]

Mokuba flashed him a beaming grin in the passing, apparently not wanting to keep him by starting a more elaborate conversation. Normally, he might have felt a little peeved at that, but now he was merely grateful there wouldn't be another delay.

He was ready to confront Kaiba now. Knowing that sensation was a mere illusion that would fade as soon as he came face to face with the CEO didn't make any difference. He walked into the office self-assuredly, not surprised to find Kaiba working behind his desk, like he wasn't expecting any visitors.

Compared to their other games, this one was simple. He walked around the desk, discarding his shirt with a quick gesture. It hardly made a sound, falling to the floor, but it was enough to make Kaiba look up. Of course.

//And if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me// [Seto]

"You wanted to see me, so here I am."

He almost spoke them then, the words Mokuba had told him to say. They rose to his lips, their taste on his tongue as he opened his mouth to reply. In the end though, he couldn't.

"Thank you for coming." Not perfect, but it would have to do.