Titans Diaries

by The Diaries Guild

with Original Concept by Shaun Garin and Co.

Teen Titans is owned by DC and the animated series by Kids WB.


Chapter 1 : Teen Titans?


Titan Tower. A place of relative sanity and what not. In the peaceful and rather strange T shaped structure, slept 5 various teenagers with extraordanary powers. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, they work as a team that has unshakable foundations in trust and common sense.

Today, however, the fine line between normal every day wierdness and uncommon wierdness will be overstepped.


In a room, slept a green boy.

The boy was dubbed Garfield Logan, a boy who by all purposes, was too lanky and thin for his own good. It seemed to the casual onlooker that without any other upper body strength to him, that he would be the weakest of the team. He slept soundly, muttering things such as "Star? You shouldn't have," and "Ooh Raven, there's enough BB for both of you."

Suddenly, a high pitched piercing scream rent the air. Garfield Logan, otherwise known as Beast Boy, awoke with a yelp and slammed his head on the bunk roof.

Beast Boy saw stars for the brief second before he muttered and rubbed his head. "Damnit, isn't there anything that'll keep the floormates quiet?" He grumbled and pulled the sheets over his head.

A moment later, Beast Boy blinked and opened his eyes. "Wait a damn minute, this isn't my room."

Looking around the darkened room, it was covered in various refuse and unwashed and washed laundry. To the side, a tv sat, the screen displaying a game in pause mode. Beast Boy sat up and rubbed his head as he bumped his head again on the roof. "Where the heck am I?"

Sliding off the bunk, he stumbled towards a blank wall which whizzed open with a hiss of compressed air. "What the?"

Rubbing his head, he looked at the hand that rubbed the bump and goggled. "Green? Green skin?" More tugging and a disrobing of the shirt proclaimed the boy to be completely green.

Beast Boy's eyes went wide as he looked in the nearby window. His reflection showed a green skinned mug, topped with dark green hair and slightly enlarged canines of the mouth. A jaw dropped and eyes went wide. "No way," the boy whispered.

A second later, another yell rent the air.



At the impromptu wake up call of a loud feminine scream, Cyborg jumped out of his workbench bed, looking rather cheesed off. "What, who, where?"

At that moment, the scream died down and Cyborg grumbled. "Great, someone is screaming on the floor again. Just what I needed."

Tiredness kicking in, Cyborg turned towards his bed, and squinted at the workbench. Peering at it and blinking rapidly several times to dislodge the sleep that clouded his eyes, Cyborg muttered, "Where the heck is the bed? Was I sleeping on that?"

One arm came up to scratch his head but it stopped halfway to his head. A jaw dropped as he saw a dark skinned arm encased in blue and silver metal. "What the?!"

Then, he saw his reflection in his arm.

"No... way," said Cyborg, staring at his arm in shock. "This is too wierd to be normal." Cyborg flopped onto the workbench and winced at the cold. "I'll just sleep the day away, and forget something like this occoured."

As Cyborg sighed and closed his eyes, another yell split the air. This one however sounded more enthusiastic. Growling, Cyborg got out of bed, his red eye glowing. "Someone is going to DIE." He then stomped out of the room, not heeding the reflection that stared back at him inexplicably.


Raven was typically up in the early part of the morning. So it was a strange thing to see the girl sleeping in that morning.

As the first scream pierced the air, Raven moaned and sat up, rubbing her eyes. "What in the world is that," she said, her voice low and husky. "Ugh... what time is it?"

A glance around the room was an unfamiliar sight. It was decorated in shades of blue and black, and sported strangely shaped furniture. Raven blinked twice and then looked at her hands. Reaching up to her face, she checked it over and paled. "Oh dear."

Getting out of bed, she crossed the room to the mirror where she found her reflection staring at her. Touching the image in the mirror, her eyes were wide and worried. "This can't be happening."

Outside her bedroom door, someone yelled, "Wha-hoo!" loudly. Raven grumbled, held her head and walked out of the room, pausing to grab a cloak. She didn't notice the chair melting under her own adgitation as she left the room in search for the screamers.


Robin was definately a light sleeper. You had to be to function on very few hours of sleep when patrolling with Batman back in Gotham City.

It was an odd occourance to see him sleeping like a log, without a care in the world. His mask was still fastened to his face, but was half slipping off. His cape was discarded to the side and his boots sat next to his bedside table.

When the first scream could be heard all over Titan Tower, the Boy Wonder grumbled but did not get up at the shout, only deeming to utter, "Damn dog." When the second one hit the airwaves, Robin growled loudly and sat up. "Stupid dog, what does she want THIS time?"

His vision blurry from sleep, Robin instinctively adjusted his mask as if they were glasses and stumbled out of the room. Then, he shambled out of the room towards into a hallway that lead towards a gathering place. The smell of breakfast wafted down the hall, presumably prepared. And damn, could he use some caffine. And someone to maul this early in the morning.


"Urgh, crick, neck, hurt," said Starfire as she straightened up her head. For some reason, the Tamerian princess slept with her feet and head draped over the side of the singular round bed. Sitting up, she massaged her neck, wincing as kinks formed due to the movement.

Stumbling to her feet, she pushed the door open as it slid open. Blinking blearily for a moment, Starfire meandered down to the washroom where she closed the door behind herself and sat down on the toilet.

A second later, Starfire's eyes went wide in horror as full awareness came to her. Looking down, she let out the only thing she could think of. A long, sorrow filled, heart wrenching scream of agony.

"It's gone! It's gone, oh my Ra, it's gone!" Starfire wailed as she panicked on the john. "I.... wait, why is my voice higher? These aren't my fingers!"

Getting to her feet, she looked herself in the mirror and gaped. Gone were the dark lashes and curly black hair. In its place was long silky red hair and under it, a slender frame that housed a rather impressive if slender muscleculture. She reached up to her chest and squeezed. She winced at the rough grabbing. Yep, that was there.

Starfire checked under her nightgown. Yep, they were there and it was gone.

Thought processes came to her, all of them rather impossible. But when you were open to things like this, something like this wasn't too far off the mark. But first, panic time.

"OH MY FUCKING RA, I'M A GIRL!" Starfire shrieked, waving her arms in adgitation. Then, soberness came to her instantly as she sighed and sagged against the wall.

"I can't deal with this half asleep," Starfire muttered, pushing the shower door open. "I need a long shower. And try to stave off the impulse to drown myself." One hand reached out and opened up the hot and cold water.

As she got into the shower, Starfire heard a high masculine voice yell "WHA- HOO!" outside the door as it trailed off as if running down the hall. "Glad something is having fun," Star said with a sigh.


A green spotted jaguar raced down the halls, his legs pumping underneath him. Inwardly, since the jaguar could not talk, he yelled happily as he skidded around the corner and nearly slammed into a six foot grumpy half metal boy. The metal guy stared down angrily at the jaguar who blinked up at him. "You, die, now," the man said, holding out his arm.

The jaguar immediately shifted into Beast Boy who yelled, "Don't blast me, Cyborg!" while doing a credible imitation of a Meerkat flinch.

Cyborg still had a death glare, but lowered his arm. "You're damn lucky I can't figure out how to get this thing to work." He punched his arm but it did not change into the Sonic Cannon. "Damnit, work already!"

Beast Boy scratched his head. From what he knew of Cyborg, malfunctions wern't really much of a problem. But something was... off. "Cyborg? You feeling okay?"

"No I'm not okay!" Cyborg growled. "I'm about this close to pulling a Shaun and Stabdoken something!" An evil glint came into his eyes. "You'll do nicely."

"Okay," Beast Boy said backpedalling wildly, "Who are you and what have you done with Cyborg? You're acting really wierd today. And wait... you know Shaun?"

"Talk later, maul now." Cyborg growled, cracking metal joints.

"Wait! I, uh...." Beast Boy shifted into a large beaked bird and started to dive bomb Cyborg who cursed wildly and tried to smack the bird out of the air.

"What the hell is this?" Cyborg cursed as the bird connected with his head.

Beast Boy shifted back and said, "That, was a Ternsmack."

"What the hell? Ternsmack? Ryan, is that you in there?" Cyborg demanded, holding up Beast Boy by the front of his shirt. "Cause I'm gonna cut off your head and see if terns act like Chickens!"

Cyborg then laid into Beast Boy, kicking up a cloud of dust with arms, legs and heads popping out of the cloud with the occasional transformation and the sounds of a least tern attacking. From the hallway, Robin stumbled into the room, rubbing his eyes from behind his mask. "What's going on?" he asked sleepily.

"Can't talk, killing Zoo Boy here," Cyborg said in mid swing as the cloud dissapated.

The tern then smacked him on the head with its overlarge beak to which Cyborg exclaimed, "That's it!" And began the whole struggle all over again.

Robin sighed. "Have fun killing each other."

"Wait, hold on a sec." Beast Boy tossed Cyborg off of him. "Are you someone we know?"

Robin raised an eyebrow but said, "You were a large beaked bird and Cyborg isn't acting the way he's supposed to canon-wise. Let me hazard a guess here : Ryan and Canis?"

"Got it in one," said Cyborg, still grumpy and ready to kill something. "And you're obviously either Shaun, Rocker, Archive..."

"The last one," replied Robin. He then shook his head and rubbed it. "I can't think straight without some Mountain Dew."

"I hear that," Cyborg said, heading into the kitchen.


Raven walked into the living room that housed the kitchen of Titan Tower. After making sure that she wasn't going to kill anyone after melting a few panels and breaking a few lights, Raven had made sure that she wasn't going crazy. After all, it wasn't every day that you went to sleep and found yourself in the body of one of your favorite Superheros.

In the kitchen area, Starfire sat, looking rather despondant. Her hands were curled around a cup of hot chocolate, and several marshmallows floated in it. Raven blinked, despite herself. It wasn't every day one saw the Tameran princess looking so forlorn and lost.

"Something wrong?" Raven asked as she grabbed the teapot and poured herself a cup of strong tea. Inwardly, she hoped that Starfire wouldn't suspect something was wrong with her.

"It's nothing," said Starfire. At this, Raven's eyes narrowed. Starfire spoke formally to her knowledge. Things such as abbreviations were not used daily, if ever.

"Um, all right," said Raven as she sat down and sipped at her tea.

A loud shout came from the door as the male members of the Teen Titans walked out, two of the members arguing loudly. "Starfire, Raven," Robin said politely.

Starfire made a sound in her throat as Raven nodded.

"What's with them?" Beast Boy asked Cyborg. The pair were still covered in bruises from the fight in the hallway.

"I dunno," Cyborg replied, "You feeling like yourselves ladies?"

"If you haven't noticed, we're not ourselves either," Robin pointed out dryly.

"Ah, Archive, master of the Quick Shoot Down," Beast Boy drawled.

Raven startled as she whipped around. "Archive?"

"Ooops," said Beast Boy.

"Nice going Ryan," Cyborg grumbled. "Remind me to kill you later for that."

"I didn't see you stopping me, Canis," shot back Beast Boy.

"Guys, calm down," Robin said, folding his arms.

Raven sighed and massaged her forehead. "Great, just great. You guys are Archive, Canis and Ryan, right?" At their nods, Raven grumbled. "I'm Iapetus."

"Whoa, someone is grumpy today," said Beast Boy. Raven's eyes glowed and a bookcase landed on Beast Boy.

"If you're Raven, then who's Starfire?" said Cyborg.

Everyone looked at Starfire who picked up her mug and tried to head for the door. But she was blocked by Cyborg who said, "You're not leaving until you tell us if you're one of the Diaries writers. Who are you? Misc? Rocker?"

"Get out of the way!" Starfire snapped, trying to push past him. When Cyborg wouldn't budge, Starfire's eyes glowed green as she ignited a Starbolt. "Get out of the Ra be damned way!"

Cyborg was caught off guard at the response and nearly got his head blown off by a Starbolt as Starfire stormed past him.

Beast Boy slithered out from under the bookcase as a snake and returned to normal. "Did I hear what I just heard?"

"I think so," Cyborg said. "And I'm damn sure I know who's in Starfire."

Ryan started to laugh but was stopped by Raven's glare. Raven followed the distraught girl as Robin sighed, went to the fridge, opened it and pulled out a can of Mountain Dew.

"It's going to be a long day," said Robin as he drained the can.


Iapetus found that being Raven came with some unique abilities. One of them was being able to sense emotions. And the way Starfire-Shaun was pouring them out, she could feel them from a mile away.

Clambering up the staircase to the roof, she pushed the door open to see Starfire standing near the edge of the rooftop, staring down at the island base below. "Starfire," Raven said, mentally going over her magic words in case the distraught Tamaran was going to jump.

"I'm not going to jump," said Starfire as she sat down. Iapetus noticed that Star was still clothed in a dressing gown and a nightgown underneath. One hand was clutched around her mug as she drained it. Setting down the mug, Starfire looked across the city and sighed. "Sorry Iap, I'm not myself today."

"That can be explained by the sudden gender change," said Raven as she walked up to stand beside Starfire. "You're not your usual insane self."

"Heh." said Starfire. "But... you're right. I don't let things like this get me down that easily. Even if it is a sudden change of plumbing."

Raven smiled a bit as she said, "Shaun? You seriously going to be all right?"

"Yeah, I will," replied Starfire. Her face drained of all worry as she smiled. "Give me some time alone though, if you can. I'd like to try flying."

"Reach for the Unbrideled Joy," said Raven with a nod. "You already got the Righteous Fury down."

Star blinked and rubbed the back of her head and laughed. "Oh yeah. I hope Canis wasn't hurt. Can you tell him 'sorry for nearly blowing his head off'?"

"I doubt you seriously could have injured Canis," replied Raven as she folded her cloak around herself. "But I'll pass on the message."


As Raven headed down into the Titan Tower, she noticed Starfire float upwards and then zoom off into the air. "Don't fall," she said with a smile as the door closed behind her.


"If you two are finished casting murderous glares at each other for your interrupted sleep, we need to figure out what's going on." said Robin as he drained his fourth can of Dew. Fortunately, someone in the Titans liked Mountain Dew as the fridge was stocked with it. "First things first; we should check the database, see if there's any sign of problems."

"How do you expect to get into the database, Archive?" Beast Boy reasoned while nursing a bump. He was also savagely attacking a plate of cooked meat that Raven had deemed to cook for them, as the thought of Waffles were out of the question due to a lack of Waffle Irons. "It's gotta be booby-trapped with a lot of passwords."

"If I know Robin, it'll be something we all know." reasoned Robin.

"Slade, Batman, Batgirl...." Cyborg counted off on his fingers as he speared his food on the plate before him. It was real eggs and bacon, stuff that the normal Beast Boy would not touch if he was even forcefed the animal products.

"Starfire," pointed out Raven as she stirred her food around on the plate. "We all know that the series seems to be headed towards a Robin/Starfire coupling."

Robin grinned lecherously, a sight that Cyborg and Beast Boy wished they had a camera for. It wasn't every day that the Boy Wonder acted like a pervert. "There's something I'd like to check for myself." At their looks, Robin smirked. "With the REAL Starfire, not the guy who's inhabiting her body."

"Oh yeah," Beast Boy said, finishing his plate of meat and continuing onto a second one. "There's something we don't want to see."

"Say where is the insane one anyhow?" Cyborg asked. "She, er, he's been gone for a while."

"Shaun went flying around the Tower," said Raven as she finished her own food. "She will be back momentarily."

"You're using female connotation with Shaun, the master of insanity?" Beast Boy asked, smirking. "I'm sure he'd love that."

"As such, Shaun is now Starfire, and we do not know how long she could be her. It is possible to say that we may be in these bodies for a very long time." Raven sipped her tea and continued. "If such, it will be a definate blow to Shaun's masculine persona as her Tamaranean biology will soon dictate what she can and cannot do. It's best to accept it for now."

"Iapetus has a point," said Archive seriously. "We have no idea of the capabilities of these bodies. I know jack shit about martial arts. I'm definately a liability on the battle field. I do have some faint memories of how to use Robin's tech, but other than that..."

"Yeah, I can't even get the Sonic Cannon to work," said Cyborg as he waved his hand dismissively. It formed into the Cannon and formed back into the hand. "I haven't checked the commands yet to activate it. Maybe I have a voice activation code built into me."

"I'm okay with my powers," said Beast Boy as he shifted into various forms before returning to normal. "Um, maybe not in complete control yet."

A set of drawers suddenly melted behind them in a flare of black and white light and they all turned to look at Raven who shrugged. "I don't have the same mental disipline. If anyone needs me, I'm going to try meditation with Raven's magic words."

"Careful you don't blow up the tower," said Beast Boy teasingly.

"I think I can avoid that," said Raven, gathering up her cloak and walking out the door, passing a windswept Starfire who looked a lot more pleased than when she had exited in a rather violent manner.

"Hello everyone," said Starfire cheerfully. "Is everyone undamaged from my temper?"

"Yeah," came the chorus as Starfire sat down and put eggs on her plate.

"Try the bacon," said Beast Boy, stuffing another piece into his mouth.

"I don't eat pork," said Starfire as she helped herself to the various egg dishes on the table. "I'll eat beef though. Pork makes me nauseated. And I don't want to know what might happen with me in control of Starfire's body if I get ill."

"Suit yourself," said Beast Boy. He ate another piece and Starfire looked a bit ill.

"Isn't that enough meat? I'm sure Beast Boy would have a conniption if he found out how much meat his body is ingesting." asked Starfire.

"I'm in control, I like meat." reasoned Beast Boy.

Robin shrugged as he finished up. "I'm going to check my computer. See if I can get through the systems."

"I'm gonna try and get these systems to work for me," said Cyborg as he stood up as well and headed towards the door.

Starfire smiled to herself before she finished her plate. Beast Boy blinked and looked at the plate and said, "Done already?"

"I eat fast," replied Starfire.