Jump City. Home to the Teen Titans, this city stood against some of the nastiest characters alive, ranging from the typical rampages of various large and rather nasty creatures including the large rock man known as Cinderblock, to the goo creature known as Plasmus. Other smaller problems but no less annoying ranged from the magician Mumbo Jumbo, the students of the H.I.V.E. Academy and the man only known as Slade to the Teen Titans.

Currently, the first of many problems had just cropped up in the wee hours of the morning as Plasmus, in his wont was in progress of sacking a toxic waste transport truck. Grasping one of the large barrels in a dripping arm-like protrusion, he ripped the top open and drank it down, letting out a thunderous belch.

As he reached for the second and third helpings, bursts of green energy racked the ground before him, showering Plamus with debris and causing it to pause.

Standing before him were the Teen Titans, all ready for battle. Mostly.

The only one who looked bright and awake was the Tamaranian Starfire. Robin looked bedraggled and sleepy as he leaned on an Erisma Stick. Cyborg was nearly fast asleep and Beastboy was doing a credible imitation of the amazing sleeping transforming wonder. Raven looked mostly awake, but she was fighting back yawns. Two of the newest members, Impulse and Terra both seemed half asleep as well, Impulse rubbing sleep out of his eyes and Terra's mouth imitating the Grand Canyon with her yawns.

"Give it up, Plasmus," said Starfire, folding her arms. "We've totally out numbered you."

Plasmus merely replied something incoherent and he lashed out with his arms. "TITANS MOVE!" Starfire yelped, grabbing Robin and Cyborg, throwing them to the side as she herself got slimed. Raven managed to conjure a shield that the thick goo splashed up against to protect herself and Beastboy who was snoozing on the ground as a jaguar. Impulse grabbed Terra and zipped to safety.

"This is not going to end well," uttered Raven as she tried to focus on Plasmus and the cars behind him. Sleep still addled her mind as she slowly focused on the cars. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

The cars wobbled for a moment and then exploded into various pieces like something out of a cartoon. Raven grunted as she dodged clumsily away from the powerful goo tendrils that Plasmus shot out. She had a moment to exclaim "Yick" before she was coated in goo.

Impulse charged at a mighty speed at Plasmus and buried a fist into what he assumed was his stomach. Vibrating his arm, Plasmus flew apart and he yelled, "Oh yeah! Speed is where it's at!"

"Nice going," grumbled Cyborg as he pulled himself to his feet. "Now I'm both slimed AND half asleep."

"Heh," said Impulse a moment before Plasmus loomed up and chomped down on his head without any warning.

"This is the worst possible scenario, EVER," said Robin as he withdrew several items he figured were ice disks and threw them. They turned out to be exploding disks and added to the splatter fest that was quickly becoming downtown Jump City. "Why the hell doesn't Robin label these things anyhow?"

"Well find something that'll put him on ice and fast," snapped Cyborg angrily as he pulled out the missiles and started firing. He ended up being covered in goo as Terra tried to rip the ground up from underneath the monster. "Last I checked, I was fresh out of ice missiles."

Raven took the moment to kick Beastboy awake. "Huh? Whazzat?"

"Get up, Ryan, we're in the middle of something here," said Raven.

"Oh, um, yeah. Right." Turning into a jaguar, Beastboy took off at a run towards Plasmus in a headlong charge.

"Rhino!" Terra shouted, shifting Beastboy's thought processes in mid charge as a huge green Rhino slammed into Plasmus.

Robin grimaced as he dug even more through his utility belt. "How much does he carry in here anyhow?"

"Well find anything that looks explosive and throw it," snapped Cyborg as his arm reconfigured itself into his sonic cannon as a tremendous high-pitched whine could be heard from the rapidly building energy pulse.. "Die, ugly thing, die!"

"NO!" Shouted everyone as Cyborg fired.

Teen Titan Diaries

Written by Shaun Garin

Teen Titans are owned by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics. All characters are used for entertainment purposes only.

Chapter 4 : Awful Beautiful Life

"Aw man, this stuff's NASTY!" cried Cyborg as he was hosed down liberally with the garden hose set on full spray.

Starfire who was manning the hose glared at Cyborg angrily. "You didn't have to blow him up like that. We could have been SPARED the horror of being slimed by the thing from beyond the sewer pipe."

"Shaun, face it. We're NOT prepared for this. We had ONE day of training and that was IT." Pointed out Beastboy. "We were lucky we didn't DIE out there."

"I have to agree with Ryan," said Raven as she focused her powers and deluged herself in salt water. The queue for the garden hose was long and no one wanted to clog the Titan Tower plumbing with bits of Plasmus goo.

"Sure, let's gang up on the girl who noticed the alert in the first place," grumbled Starfire.

"I have to agree with Kim on this," said Robin who was wringing his cape out and hanging it up on the laundry line. "But on the good note, you were up early enough to catch the alarm and we stopped Plasmus before he did any major damage. In all, it was pretty successful."

"Tell that to my costume," said Impulse as he had bore the brunt of the sliming, having being chewed on for a little while.

"Fine. The next time one of the big nasties comes out, I won't alert anyone to the problem," snapped Starfire as she threw the hose into Cyborg's chest and darted upwards to the roof and into the sky.

"I think we hurt her feelings," said Terra after a long moment.

"Naw, Shaun's just being a primadonna," said Cyborg flippantly as he finished hosing off his body. "He'll come around."

"You sure? If it weren't for him, or her, or whatever we need to call Starfire now, we wouldn't have known about the alarm. At the worst possible outset, we could be experiencing a line of destruction carved from the prison all the way to the Tower." Reasoned Robin. "I hate to admit it, but we should be thankful that Starfire woke us all up."

"Archive's right," said Beastboy as he knocked water out of his ear. "I think we're being too hard on her."

Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "You call Shaun 'her' now?"

"Kind of hard NOT to right now," pointed out Beastboy.

"Wolf... Jaguar, hehe nice... Moose..." Beast Boy shifted with each name, trying to gain a bit of control over his transformations, by working on one at a time. "Saber toothed tiger..."


Beast Boy blinked, as he turned into the small, pug-nosed creature, glaring over at Cyborg as he typed at one of the keyboards. "Dude, I'm trying to get this down. Can ya NOT do that please?"

Glancing his red eye back over his shoulder, Cyborg shrugged, giving the green animal a small grin. "Yea yea..."

"Thanks... Now, where was I. Oh yea, wolverine..." He said, changing into the small furry animal. "Giant ground sloth..." Shifting up, he flexed the long claws the creature had, as he made sure he had the proper type of sloth. "Crocodile..."

"Duck billed Platypus!"

"Damn it!" The bill Beast Boy now had slapped together as he spoke, looking over with a twitch forming in his brow, as he saw his cyborg friend covering his mouth and glancing at him, obviously trying not to laugh. "I'm warning you man, knock it off..."

Cyborg waved his hand, turning back to the computer. "Whatever..."

Scoffing, Beast Boy shifted back into his human body, sitting on the floor as he tried to remember where he left off. "Lets see, Sloth, Crocodile..."


Cyborg leaned on the computer laughing, as he watched the fish flop around for a minute, before he finally changed back, gasping for air. "Dude, are you trying to kill me!"

Wiping at his eye, Cyborg grinned back at his friend, watching him fume on the floor. "Course not, you would have changed back. Relax Penpen..." The laughter renewed as the green teen turned into a penguin, giving an angry quack at the metal man. "Least you can keep you're 'Chinchilla' up!" Watching the bird turn into the small rodent with large ears, Cyborg finally fell off his stool, holding his stomach as he continued laughing.

The noise of Beast Boy transforming again caught the laughing cyborg's attention, still chuckling as he sat up to see what possibly funny form the boy had taken, giving a wide eyed look of horror as he saw the rear end of a small furry animal, the bushy tail with a touch of green and black stripes giving it away, as it aimed at him. "You wouldn't..."

"So what are we doing here, anyhow?" asked Raven curiously.

Terra looked at her pale companion and shrugged. "We should at least invest in some clothing that isn't part of our standard uniforms. I dunno about you, but I'm sure there's some rabid Terra-Hater Fanboys and Fangirls who would gleefully rip me apart for being Slade's Love-Toy. Or worse, rabid perverted Fanboys who would love to take advantage of two hot Titans."

"Eeew, disturbing thought RIGHT there," said Raven as they entered a clothing store.

"Oh, welcome!" exclaimed the girl at the front till. "It's not often we see some of the Teen Titans in here. Welcome to Jump Clothing."

"Hi," said Raven. "We need clothing for me and Terra."

"Oh of course! Melissa?" Another girl, a pale blonde girl looked up from the other side of the store. "Could you please help Miss Terra to the summer line of clothing?"

Raven followed the other store worker to a line of tops and pants. "Your complexion is rather unique so I'd recommend a mix of white and blue. Here, try these on." Said the girl as she placed several items into Raven's arms.

After an hour of trying on clothing, the pair left with a mix of new tops and pants and skirts. Terra grinned as she checked over her purchases. "Wonderful fifty percent discount for superheros."

Raven nodded as she hefted her bags. Passing by a bookstore, she paused momentarily to look in the window. "Hey, Terra. Star's in there."

Terra looked over through the large picture windows at the Tamaranian who sat in an easy chair, reading what appeared to be a very large and thick paperback book. At her side stood a tall pink-colored drink that she sipped from every so often.

"C'mon," said Terra, heading into the store.

Discretely picking up a pair of books from the shelves, the pair sat down in the loveseat that sat across from the easy chair. "Interesting?" asked Terra after a moment of feigning a sudden appearance.

A low giggle came from Starfire's throat as she held up her book. The front of the book was labeled with the words "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy". "Rather good actually," she said softly.

"You okay? You seemed rather upset when you flew off," said Raven.

"It's not my new hormones playing havoc, that's for sure," said Starfire as she set the book aside and sipped at her pink drink. "I think the guys really don't care that I make an effort into keeping us on our toes."

"That's not true. Archive is doing his part, right?" said Terra.

"Yes, but there's the problem. We know what happens for all of Season 2 so naturally, we're taking things for granted, correct? But if you think about it, what's stopping the universe from being a meanie and changing everything on us now?" Starfire curled up in the easy chair, looking like a vulnerable girl. "We know what's going to happen, and we're powerless to adapt right now."

"Star… between all of us, who has the most handle on his or her powers?" said Raven. "Think about it. Robin can't fight his way out of a paper bag, Beastboy can change into the Unforgettable Blob of Animals if he stops concentrating, Cyborg is the avatar of overkill…"

"I have only the bare minimum of control," added Terra. "How many times have Impulse ran through valuable things and walls? And terrifyingly, we have no idea what could happen if Rae looses control."

"So you can see, you do have a role in all of this, not just being the odd man out, or odd girl out," finished Raven as she smiled. "You provide the stability, the major fighting force since you have the control we lack. Sure you're as whacked out as the rest of us, but there's no one we'd rather keep on our side. Besides, you're acting like a girl."

"I am not… er, I suppose I am, aren't I?" said Starfire with a blush. "So, what brings you two out here?"

"Clothes shopping," answered the girls in tandem. "Star, you need new clothing. Lest you want some kind of superpowered raping Fanboy coming at you."

"EEEEEW! Right, lead the way."

The sound of another cardboard cutout being thwacked in half ran through the training area, as Robin spun the staff in his hands slowly. After the comments about the team's lack of training, he had decided to work on that a bit, finally figuring out how to manage the training course's console and set it to something manageable for someone who was a novice when it came to martial arts. Over all, the skills his body had were coming back, although it was at a snails pace, but at least it was something.

Whacking two more cut outs, he tapped the trigger on the staff, shrinking it down and sliding it into his belt. Two hours was more then enough for one session though, and a grumbling stomach was quickly turning into an ache, as he walks up the path past more popping targets, towards the console.

"Raikun, how's it go...ing?" He said with a blink, as he looked farther onto the course. Impulse had joined him on the field, wanting to try and get a bit of a handle on his control over his speed. Thus, the field of shifting walls had been set to randomly raise and lower, with the idea of him avoiding running into, and more probably through, any of them.

Of course, given the state of some of the walls showing holes from the boy vibrating right through, some a couple times, it would seem he still had a ways to go...

"I'm good! Leave it running, I'm gonna try for another hour or so!" Impulse called, giving a cheerful wave.

"All right..." Turning his own program off, turning a timer on and setting it for an hour. "Take it easy." He said, turning and walking back and into the tower.

Finally arriving in the commonly used living room, of the tower, Robin slipped to the fridge and rummaging through the remains of the food. Finally settling on some of the left over pizza, he jumped over the couch and plopped down, munching a bit as he thought.

'This should be fun... Needing to try and learn in a few days, what it took the originals years to figure out... At least the bodies seem to be carrying some of the memories in them, so to speak...' Laying his head back, the Diaries leader thought for a moment, taking a glance around make sure he was right, about no one being around. 'Wonder if I finally have some better freetime for more computer surfing?'

The thought quickly vanished, as a crash came from one of the hallways, a red and green blur running through one door and out the other.

"Get back here, Ryan!" Came a yellow from the next figure, flashes of gray and blue seen through a can of tomato juice being pored over the metallic body, merely adding to the already red coating he seemed to have, as Cyborg stomped through following the metamorph's path.

Robin gave the pair a deadpanned look as he watched them run by upside down. "So much for computer time... Oh well, there is always later..." He muttered to himself, as he slowly stood up, not caring too much to hurry after, with the smell of what happened earlier still trailing the pair.

"Wonderful fifty percent discount," said Starfire.

"You mean SEVENTY FIVE," corrected Terra with a grin as the girls got back into the main area of the shopping mall. "How did you manage to get that guy to give us such a huge discount?"

"I've seen the look on his face on MANY of my friends in real life when they talk about how hot Starfire is," said Starfire as she adjusted the bags in her hand. They were feather-light, something she suspected her strength accounted for. "I just acted cute and innocent and he just coughed up a massive discount."

"We should see about getting that kind of discount at the food court," reasoned Raven. "Three hot women ganging up on one helpless teenage boy? We could practically get food for free."

"Amen to that," said Starfire with a smile. And then there was a tremendous crash and screaming. "Or not."

Looking at each other, Starfire grabbed their bags and ran into the nearest store. "Hold onto these," she said to the wigged out teenager behind the counter of the Blue Banana. Running back out, she grinned and cracked her knuckles. "Lets see who's being an ass and interrupting our meal."

Rounding the corner, the three girls sized up their opponents who sized them back. "Well look here," sneered the little green clad mecha-freak. "The Titan dipwads."

"Mammoth, Jinx and Gizmo. Of course," said Raven. "Since when did you get out of jail?"

"Leave? We never got there," retorted Jinx. "And as for you three, I foresee some bad luck coming your way."

"How should we split them up?" asked Terra, her hands clenching.

"Take Gizmo," said Starfire. "Raven, take Jinx. Magic must defeat magic. I have big and ugly since I can go toe to toe with him."

"Right. Hey Gizmo, your fly is open!" Shouted Terra moments before she let her powers fly, ripping out the ground below him. Gizmo made a "whoof" sound as he was knocked into the air.

Raven ran at Jinx who proceeded to fire sparkling bolts of pink energy at her. Ducking one and dodging away from the second, she chanted under her breath her magic words and her hands glowed with black and white magic. Jinx fired another and Raven used her powers to leap high up and over the sorceress as she fired several bursts of magic into the ground around Jinx. Jinx smirked. "Learned a few new tricks, eh Raven?"

"You have no idea," said Raven, feeling the thrill of adrenaline rush through her body, sharpening her mind. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

"Stand still!" Grunted Mammoth as he punched at Starfire who blocked and weaved through his attacks. A mighty punch smashed the ground and Starfire stumbled backwards. Mammoth went in for the kill and one of her legs came up in a mighty kick that knocked him several meters into the nearest Orange Julius.

Cracking his jaw and checking for damage, he grinned. "You're not bad, for a girl."

"Well this girl is about to own your pansy ass," said Starfire cockily as she slammed her fist into the ground and ripped the linoleum out of the floor. Mammoth was blinded by the flying piece of linoleum and suddenly, was sucker punched into the counter. The counter smashed inwards.

"Ooooh, I like a girl with moxie," grinned Mammoth as he got out of the debris. "C'mon, gimme another."


"You're sloppy," grunted Jinx as she fired several bursts of magic, destabilizing the ground around Raven who leapt away from the attack. "What happened to that calm that you normally have?"

"Oh it's around," said Raven, returning fire. "In fact, lets see what kind of calm I can produce."

Calling out all of her control, she ripped the pipes from the ground and wound them around Jinx who struggled helplessly. "Game over," Raven said calmly before knocking her unconscious with a well-placed punch.

"You can't hit me, you can't hit me," taunted Gizmo as he flew circles around Terra who had gotten increasingly frustrated with the way the speedy little jerk had moved.

"Well maybe I don't need to," said Terra as she focused her powers.

Gizmo made a face at her and all of a sudden, slammed into a big stone stop sign that Terra had created. He slid off the sign and passed out with nary a whimper.

"I like you better like this," grinned Mammoth as he held up Starfire with one giant hand. "You're cute when you're acting like a guy."

"Well, then let me reiterate the fact!" smirked Starfire as she brought up a foot.

Mammoth's face went an unappealing shade of red and green as he collapsed on the ground, holding himself. "What… what was that? I thought you Titans were fighting fair?"

"To be honest," said Starfire as she lifted him up and brought him close. "We're feeling a bit off today." And with a mighty heave, slammed him into the ground hard enough to knock the teenager out.

In the ensuring silence, Terra grinned and said, "Anyone for free Julius?"

"The day is saved, the girls fought the enemy and won and here's to getting free food."

"To free food," chorused the three female Titans as they clinked their paper cups together in a toast.

Damage had been kept to a bare minimum, having done a job well noted for the Titans. With the top students of the H.I.V.E. in police custody, they had retreated to the Jump City Pizza and took their usual spot on the front end rooftop table.

"I'd say that was a most interesting afternoon," said Raven as she sipped her soda. "Between Plasmus in the morning and fighting the H.I.V.E. in the afternoon, we did pretty well for superheros who can't control our powers."

"I think it's somewhat of a muscle memory thing as well," theorized Starfire as she sipped her soda. "Our bodies remember how to use the powers, so it would just take some time working things out."

"Yeah, you're right. I know Terra in the show definitely didn't have as much control as I did during the fight," said Terra. "Eeew, Star, mustard on pizza?"

"I was curious to see why canon Star liked it," said Starfire, taking a bite of the pizza that had been dipped into mustard. She then nibbled at the end and her eyes widened.

"Well?" asked Raven after a moment of big shiny Starfire eyes.

Starfire blushed and pitched her voice extremely low. "The only words coming to me are very dirty Tamaranian words that could denote physical pleasure in many manners."

"I'll take that as a 'It's Better Than Chocolate and Sex'," said Terra with a wild smirk and the girls laughed.

"Excuse me, Miss Starfire?"

Starfire turned around to look at a young man standing behind her, laden with shopping bags. "You kind of left these at my store and since they're cleaning the mall, I didn't want them to get thrown out..."

"Oh, our stuff!" exclaimed Starfire as she relieved the young man of their clothing. "Thank you."

"Yeah, I had forgotten we left our stuff there," said Raven as she took her own stuff. "Thanks."

"Um, I hope this won't sound stupid or anything but... well, actually..." trailed off the teenager. "Um... would you care for a drink or anything?"

Terra hid a smile and Raven fought down giggles. Starfire stood there, dumbstruck before the teenager said, "Sorry, I didn't want to waste your time and all."

"No, wait. Sure, pull up a chair." Said Starfire, startling her fellow Titans in earshot.

"Really?" asked the teenager.

Starfire nodded, smiling widely. "It's the least we can do after your store got destroyed."


"Where were you three?" Asked Archive curiously as the three walked into the Tower. He looked at their bags and shook his head. "Naw, I can figure this out by myself."

"It's been a long day," said Raven, stretching out. "I think I'm going to turn in."

"Same here," said Terra with a yawn.

"You two go to bed. I'm gonna check up on the computer. You know, just in case." Said Starfire.

Floating over to the computer system, Starfire easily accessed the scans, setting it to a full sweep of the city. As she tapped the side of the computer keyboard, a voice startled her. "Shaun."

"Archive," greeted Starfire as he walked up behind her. "You're getting good at the whole Bat-Entrance."

Archive raised an eyebrow before continuing. "I'd just like to say that the guys were acting pretty insensitive today. We have no idea how long we're going to be like this, so I asked them to behave."

"That's all right," said Starfire. "It wouldn't be the Guild without them being who they are, right? And besides, I think things'll work out just fine."

'Scan Complete' the screen reported as Starfire brought up the map of the city. Then she scowled. "Did someone turn off the alarm on this?"

"I know Canis was screwing around with it," said Archive. "Why?"

"Cause we have an alert, that has been blinking for the last twenty minutes!" Starfire shot out of her chair, yelling "Rise and shine people, we have a situation! Canis, get your ass out of that room and move! Ryan, pants! Now!"

Robin smiled as he turned on the alarm and checked the location of the situation. "I think everything's going to be fine now."

"Die, you stupid Tamaranian!"


Robin sweatdropped as the sound of sonic cannon fire rocked the Tower. "Guh..."

"Now this, is living!" The black figure yelled as he streaked along the rooftops. With the nighttime covering him nicely, the new Red X finally stopped at the corner of the pizza parlor the Teen Titans cartoon showed, balancing on the corner end above the street, as he looked over the sleeping city.

"If this is a dream, I'm content to stay sleeping for now." Red said, as he looked down at the gloves, admiring the X patterns on both sides of his hands. "Although, I wonder what muse thought up the idea of someone stealing the X suit from the Titans…" Reaching up, as he continued to think, he stroked the skull on the mask, outlining, as if still trying to get used to the changes.

Stepping back onto the balcony of the pizza place, the cloaked figure plopped into one of the chairs nonchalantly, giving a loud laugh. "But still, this is a dream come true! Fit body, power suit with a built in teaching program, and a computer that almost has a brain of it's own! It's almost hard to believe my subconscious could think all of this up! I wonder if I can download some J-pop on that thing?" X chuckled a little as he tried to think of just what he wanted to do first, out of all the options.

A loud crash brought the brain storming to an end, making Red stand up from his chair. Walking over to the edge, he looked up and down the street a moment, finally finding a place that wasn't closed. Leaping over the railing, the black figure landed in a crouch, mentally gushing over the suit a bit again, as he slipped closer, reading the video rental sign as he slipped up to one of the large windows in front of the business.

"And that, my little tribble, is why you must be destroyed!" Glancing in the window, Red recognized the figures inside, one of them a brown haired girl who was the rental places attendant, but the other was the one who had the masked man a little worried. While not too intimidating in his portly state and bad, almost Trek infringing , wardrobe, Control Freak wasn't exactly someone to dismiss casually. At least, not with that controller in his hand. After all, the Fanboy had held the entire Teen Titans group for at least a quarter of the episode, before being stopped and the real point of that episodes story started being shown.

As the giant television started towards the defenseless girl, X looked around anxiously. 'But the Titan's showed up at this point, right after the corny tribble line… But if they were part of the whole body swapping…' A glance back in showed the tendrils from the TV had reached the girl, holding her up by her arms, although thankfully not touching the electrified tips to her body. 'Then it means no last minute rescue, unless…'

While weird occurrences weren't exactly old news in Jump city, with the Teen Titans living nearby, having one of said moments happen to you was something young Katherine had ever thought would happen. Especially when it was involving some super dork with an obsession with the Trek movies. If not for the giant TV he had taken control of, she would have just laughed herself silly.

"And now, we're gonna reenact a moment from one of my favorite animes…" Katherine blinked as the thick wires from the television wrapped around her arms, lifting her up, with a couple more threatening their electric tips. "Urosu…" Control Freak was cut off as the tentacles were suddenly cut, dropping the girl on her rear unceremoniously. While the TV creature seemed to be groaning in pain, the portly villain and rental girl both looked to the entrance of the store, seeing a caped figure in black standing in the doorway, a skull covering most of the face of the mask.

"Mixing anime AND Trek? Now that's just bad taste in dorkdoms…" The figure shook his head, obviously not taking the situation very seriously.

Control Freak scoffed as he looked the lean figure up and down. "And who are you, a bad Batman stand in?"

The caped figure crossed his arms, one hand raising to tap his chin as he seemed to think the question over. "Ironically, that's not too far off. But you can just call me Red X. I mean, if the symbol fits…" Red said, tapping the X on the forehead of the skull.

"Well, Fed X. You've come to the wrong place. I'm Control Freak, and this is my world!" The would-be villain pointed his controller at a couple of cardboard figures from a couple movies, before switching and zapping a rack of tapes, turning it into a similar monster to the television that was still whimpering over it's tentacles.

Red X yawned, covering his mouth before waving his hand in the air dismissively. "And I thought my jokes were bad… Com'n tubby, hasn't TV taught you better quips then that?"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about my jokes. Get him!" Control Freak yelled, as he ordered the newly animated constructs into action.

The black figure didn't wait for long, running forward to avoid the shelf monster as well as the cardboard samurai and cloaked monster that had tried to flank him. Ignoring the annoyed noise coming from Control Freak, Red slipped his arms under the still surprised girl, before running towards the door to the back of the business. "This party just got a little nasty. Let me handle to uber dorkus, while you hide back there, all right?" Watching the brunette nod and slip into the employees area, Red turned his head back to see that the constructs seemed to be walling him off, while the tubby bad guy was trying to get the television back into action.

Red X spun around, aiming his palms at the cardboard stand ups, firing a pair of X's to pin them against the wall. As his arms lowered, the shadow of the shelf loomed over as it tried to slam into him, barely diving out of the way into another of the aisles. 'The Titan's make this look easy…' Red thought to himself, as he picked himself up, watching the shelf monster try to get up without much success. 'But then, even if this guy did surprise them enough to give them a small run, they are trained for this kind of thing…'

Turning to slip to the opposite end of the aisle, Red's eyes went wide feeling his legs stopping moving. Looking down, he gave a small growl as the lively tapes seemed to pop up from nowhere, wrapping around his legs quickly. Despite struggling, it wasn't long before the black figure was completely wrapped in the tape, being lifted back towards the center of the room.

"Ha! So, you thought you could fight me, an arch-nemesis of the Teen Titans? Maybe when Russian's fly!" Maniacal laughter came out of the brown haired man, before the turning back to the door the girl had escaped through. "Now, my little tribble, where were we…"

Just as Control Freak aimed the controller at the door, to make his way through, a 'shink' like noise seemed to ring out behind him, followed by a lot of quick ripping. Turning his head, the overweight villain looked straight into the x on the bottom of one of Red X's boots as he kicked him in the head, knocking him onto his butt.

"Now these I like…" Red commented as he stood over the dazed villain, the X's on the back of his hands having enlarged to the point of making two point into long claws past his fists. "Kinda makes me feel all stabby or something." Making a ringing noise by stroking the claws against one another quickly, Red crouched down, tapping the backs of the pointed weapons against Control Freak's chubby chin. "Now then, how about handing that controller over, before I decide I've been way too nice…"

Not giving Freak much of a choice, the black figure snatched the remote with his free hand quickly, letting the claws slip back into their original size, as he looked it over. Finally finding the off button, he quickly removed the animation from the various creatures that had been brought to life, before turning to Control Freak again. "You do know, too much TV is bad for you, don't you?"

"I do believe that's my line…"

Red turned his head slightly, recognizing the voice. "Well, I was thinking you guys took a vacation…" turning his body halfway, so he didn't have his back to Freak of the other party, the skull face turned towards the assembled Titans. Although seeing Terra and someone looking like a miniature Flash made the masked figure blink for a moment. "Well, this isn't what I was expecting…"

The faces on the group of heroes seemed to be in the same state as they all had their eyes on Red X, instead of the villain they had apparently been expecting to face. "We could say the same thing…" Robin said with a surprised look. "So wanna tell us exactly who you are?"

"Like I told chubby, you can call me Red X." The figure said with a small bow, deciding it was easier sticking to the identity of the mask then the one he went back in his world. "But since you're here, you can take the uber dork into the police."

Red slipped the remote into the back of his belt, giving a flippant salute. "Until next time, Titans." A small beep went off as the other hand tapped the belt buckle, turning the black figure invisible.

The Titans gave a group blink as the figure of Red X disappeared from sight. "Tell me I didn't just see that…" Beast Boy groaned, as his body shifted into a monkey for a moment, scratching at his still human head.

"Well, you did." Raven said she walked over the destruction that had been caused before the team's arrival. "And this is certainly fits into what Star talked about before…"

Cyborg nodded in agreement as he sat down on the front counter, grabbing one of the candy bars and chewing on it. "The only time I remember seeing the Red X suit was the episode where Robin was wearing it. But if someone else has it… Wait, Shaun talked about what?"

"That canon may be slipping out the window…" Terra stated plainly as Robin stood over the grumbling Control Freak, slipping a pair of cuffs around his wrists. "While we've had small differences in what's been going on, not counting me and Impulse being involved, this is definitely something that's bridged off the episodes completely."

"Which means, our knowing the series is slowly equally squat..." Robin added in, as he crossed his arms, standing over the pouting villain.

Starfire floated over to the door, knocking softly. "Hello! You're welcome to come out now, the baddy's been bagged!" She called out, watching the door crack, before the brown haired attendant slipped out to see the situation was under control. "Sorry we're a little late, but our alarm's volume got turned down…" The green eyed alien shot a glance back at Cyborg, who was happily munching on another candy bar.

Opening an eye, as he noticed the looked were coming his way, Cyborg shook his hands in front of him. "Hey, it wasn't me! I'm still not even one hundred percent with my weapons, let alone the tower's systems!"

Star floated back and up to Cyborg's height, arching a brow. "Well, if you didn't, then who did?"

"OOOH, 'When Tern's Attack'! Now this is my kind of video! Now, where is BB's card…."

A collective sigh came at the statement, as Raven collected up Control Freak in a large, black band around his body. Lifting the villain, the collection of heroes started filing out of the video store, as Beast Boy ran up to the rental girl with the video. "Can I get a rent without my card?" The green boy asked, his arms changing into octopus tentacles for a moment, before Starfire grabbed him by the back of the shirt, carrying him out with the tape in hands.