Most stories are about true love being only steps away, Or how love is so
easy to get. This however is not one of those stories. Love won't be easy.
Love will be hard work. But in the end, does it all work out? Or will
crumble like Romeo and Juliet?
Princess Kimmy sat by her window in her room. She stared out at the sun
setting over the west. Colors bursted out and painted the morning sky.
Kimmy watched in sorrow. When will this be over? She wondered. When will I
wander free again and the war is over? She sighed. Love would for sure not
come for her in this condition. She was cooped up in a castle all day and
not able to wander the woods. The war was almost over however and once
again she would be able to wander freely. That is, if they won the war.
Kimmy rested her head in her hands.
Just then the door knocked. Kimmy jumped up. The door opened to reveal her
father. "Hello my daughter" the king said. Kimmy smiled. "Were you
daydreaming again?" he asked. "I wouldnt have to dream if I was able to go
outside." She said moving towards him. "Now Kimberly." He said. "I cant
have my princess wandering outside while there is a war going on. You know
that! What would be so important to risk your life?" "Freedom." She said
under her breath. "Don't think because you're the youngest you're the one
getting babied here." The king said softly. Kimmy whipped around. Her white
dress twirled with her. "I don't! But Bradley is able to go outside!"
Kimmy complained. "Bradely is a prince and he carries with him a sword."
The king said anyoyed.
"Just because Bradleys a man..."
"And you are simply a girl!"
"I am sixteen!"
"Merely a child..."
"Bradley is only two years older!" Kimmy protested stomping her foot.
"Bradley is a man."
"What if I was his age?"
"Still no."
"Because you are a girl!"
Kimmy turned to him and looked him straight in the eyes.
"Because I'm a girl." She repeated. She took off her tiara and set it in
his lap. "Maybe if I wasn't a princess..."
"Kimberly!" the king said in shock and quickly picked it up and set it back
on her head. He grabbed her shoulders to turn her towards him. "That would
be suicide! Now would you really want that?" Kimmy stared back up at him.
Then she stared off as if she was thinking about it, then seeing the horror
in her father face by that reaction, she quietly said, "For me to live, I
need freedom." And with that, she left the room.