That evening Damien and Kimmy strolled in the courtyard talking and
laughing. They spent all afternoon there. Kimmy showed in the rose maze.
"It reminds me of a farm field." Damien said.
"What?" Asked Elizabeth.
"A farm field." Damien repeated. "You know, where they plant corn in rows
and in the summer when the corn grow high, you run through it and no one
can find you!"
Damien laughed. Kimmy watched his eyes as he told these stories. She wanted
to be there at witness the sight seeing he did.
They sat down in the grass. Kimmy leaned in.
"Tell me more stories about places." She whispered.
"Well," he began. "In the country, I'd get furious at my father, and I
would run to the forest. Beyond the forest where meadows and I would sit
in the soft green grass and stare up at these snow covered mountains. If
that doesn't make you smile I don't know what would!"
He laughed. Kimmy was in a trance. She could see the meadow, the forest,
and the mountains.
She turned to him. "Will you take me there someday?" she asked.
Damien smiled. "Someday." He said and turned to a rose a picked it and
placed it in her hand and gently kissed her hand. "Someday." He repeated.
He got up and she followed.
"Why don't you like looking people in the eyes?" She asked.
"I don't trust a lot of people." He said.
"Why?" she asked.
He turned to her.
"Why do you ask questions?" he asked lifting one eyebrow.
"To get answers." She retorted with an ornery smile.
"You're a difficult women." He said.
"All the more exciting!" she smiled.
He laughed.
"And you trust me. Why? You hardly no me!"
She walked infront of him.
"Well," she started. "Why shouldn't I?"
"Uh because I'm a part of the counrty your country is battling right now.
How do you know I wont try to kill you right now?"
"I don't know that. I don't know that at all." She stepped closer to him.
"Well," she said. "We are alone. Are you going to kill me?" she asked
Damien stepped away.
"Ah!" she said playfully. "See? I trust you. Something about you just
makes me trust you. Its like you think like me and we just connect!"
"Alright!" Damien said. "I could never kill you nor would I ever want to
think about it."
Kimmy leaned in close to face.
"Trust me." She said.
"I cant Kimmy." He said sorrowfully.
Her breath was now on his face. He closed his eyes. She was so beautiful.
"Learn to trust me." She whipsered.
"I'll teach you."
"Im beginning to trust you already."
Kimmy stepped back.
"Why all of a sudden?" she asked.
Now he stepped in close to her. Her heart raced.
He whispered softly, "That fact that you would take the time to teach me
to trust you makes me realize how special and rare you are."
The bell rang signaling all prisoners and their watchers back to the cells.
Kimmy and Damien quickly looked down at the floor. They retrieved there
stuff and retreted to the castle.