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Author: Me…Kathryn.

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Sydney Bristow couldn't imagine her live any different then it was. She has been the proud wife of Michael Vaughn for more then four years now. And has finally quit her job at the CIA for a mild teaching career at the local high school. Michael remained with the CIA, but doesn't travel much anymore. In addition to their already happy lifestyle, they now have a beautiful son and daughter; Aiden Christopher and Isabella Grace.

Sydney smiles as she remembers the past nine months, even for a former spy, Sydney was extremely moody during her pregnancy. The morning sickness never seemed to end, and the multiple strange food cravings and combinations still scare Michael. He has yet to find out how you could actually digest peanut butter and ham salad at the same time.

When it came time for the babies to be born, it seemed like the last nine months had been paradise. Michael Vaughn had never endured so much pain. Standing in the hospital room with his wife, and his hand in her vise grip clutch, Michael was scared to death. His first child was about to be born, and he didn't know if he was ready.

With a few 'you'll be a great father' comments from Sydney, he was ready to help bring his children into the world. The time in between the entering and exiting of the hospital was stressful, but when he and Sydney were able to bring home Isabella and Aiden for the first time, he couldn't be happier.

Everything has changed so much since the birth of their children, and it has all changed for the better. Being two of the greatest CIA agents was cake compared to being parents. Especially when you have two year old twins.

"Momma!" said Bella cried, obviously because she was cranky and tired.

Sydney picked up her daughter and carried her to her playpen for a quick rest before dinner. After finding Aiden and placing him in the pen with Bella, Sydney went to prepare dinner for her family.

She couldn't help but look at her children. Both green-eyed beauties. Bella with wispy curls of dark brown hair, and Aiden with light brown hair. After all she and Michael had been through, they deserved a perfect life. And that's just what they received.

Sydney felt a pair of strong arms reach across her abdomen and felt Michael sit his head on her shoulder.

"Aren't they beautiful Syd?" asked Michael

"Yes, they are." Sydney replied.

After both sitting down on the couch, they cuddled up together and watched the babies sleep. But had a mutual feeling of complete and utter adoration for what they had created. And loved each other even more for it.

Soon, everyone was asleep.