Random hobbity thing I randomly wrote for a random reason. It's pre-Quest

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Pippin sat perfectly still on the floor with his eyes closed. He sat in complete silence. Nothing anywhere near him moved or made a sound. In other words, a very unusual circumstance.

Merry had been watching this behaviour for several minutes, and was decidedly puzzled. He strode over to his cousin and tapped him on the shoulder, saying, "Pip, what in heaven's name are you doing?"

An irate green eye snapped open. "Merry, if you don't mind, I'm trying not to think! Now please leave me alone!" With that, Pippin re-assumed his peaceful contemplative air.

Merry stepped back and considered the evidence he'd just been presented with. He shook his head and tried again. "Pip, you've been sat there for ages. Are you sure you don't want to raid the pantry or disrupt some elderly hobbit's daily routine?"

"No. I am trying not to think. Now go away!"

Merry's brow furrowed. "You're trying NOT to think?"

Pippin sighed in exasperation and opened both his eyes to glare at his cousin. "How many times to I have to say it? I am sitting here, quietly and peacefully, trying not to think! Please will you have the common courtesy to allow me to do that!"

Merry was somewhat taken aback, and with good reason. "Pip, what's brought this on? You're not ill are you?" he added, reaching forwards to touch Pippin's brow.

Pippin swatted his hand away and stood up. "There is nothing wrong with me Mer! And I don't see why a chap has to go through such rigorous questioning in order to be left alone to not to some thinking!"

Merry thought for a moment, his natural suspicion of anything out of the ordinary that Pippin did coming to the fore. "Alright Pippin, whose anniversary did you ruin this time?"

"No-one's! I didn't do anything Merry, honest!"

Merry raised an eyebrow and folded his arms. "So where has this 'not thinking' notion come from?"

Pippin took a deep breath, as if to launch in to a complex and long-winded argument, then seemed to deflate. "Oh, alright, alright. I was not sitting here quietly and trying not to think. It was all just a ruse to keep you distracted."

"Keep me distracted from what?" Merry asked, a terrible sense of dread growing in the pit of his stomach.

Pippin grinned and beckoned Merry to follow him through the twisty, complicated passages of Brandy Hall to the main reception room. He gestured to the door and Merry hesitantly reached out to open it.


The great bellow met him as he entered the room. To his enormous astonishment, hundreds of family members were packed into the huge room, all dressed in their finery. There were huge tables laid out, groaning under the weight of the huge amount of food on them.

Merry turned in wonder to Pippin who grinned sheepishly. "Happy Birthday Mer."

Merry grabbed him in a loving hug, then, arm around his favourite cousin, stepped into one of the best birthday parties ever.


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