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Part 1: Apart?

"Well, I can be just as good as you, Kim!" Ron shouted.

Classmates began to stare, but neither of them cared.

"Sure, Ron! Sure, you can. Of course," she said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes.

"You're always taking the glory you know that? It's always 'Kim did that' or 'Kim did this.' It's never Ron. It's always Kim. I'm there too! I help you! So, why don't I get any glory!"

"Because you're not good enough! Face it. I'm the best and you're not! Get over it! You don't even have many friends!"

"What does that have to do with anything?!" he asked narrowing his eyes. She rolled her eyes again and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yeah!" came Rufus's little voice as he poked his head from Ron's pant pocket.

"Just get over it, Ron. Please," she pleaded apologetically. "Let's just get something to eat. Its lunch time and I'm hungry. Come on," she said as she pulled him along with her. He pulled away from her.

"No, Kim! I will not get over it!" Kim was taken aback by this. Was Ron serious? "I'm tired of being singled out all the time! I'm always hidden behind you! It's not fair and I won't take it anymore! Our 'friendship' is over! I'm going solo!" Kim's eyes widened. Ron then turned around and stormed away. Kim tried to call him back, but he only turned around to give her a death stare.

"Fine! Have it your way! I have other friends!" Maybe that wasn't such a good thing to say. She was soon apologizing. Ron stopped for a long while, but then walked on not turning around once.

Kim finally noticed the students staring. They whispered amongst themselves.

"Isn't that Kim Possible?" Kim heard one girl ask another.

"Yeah," the other girl replied.

"Why was she just with that other kid? Ron Stoppable, right?"

"Go figure." The two girls walked away. Kim realized what had happed. Ron was angry with her and all she could do was make things worse, but it wasn't like this hadn't happened before. This wasn't the first time. But it was the first time at school.

' . . . It's always Kim. It's never Ron . . . ' he had said.

'Because you're not good enough!' she had said and now Kim fought back tears. She was on the brink of crying. She couldn't go to lunch now. Everyone would see her, so she ran to the bathroom. No one really went in there during class. She'd be fine there for a while.

When she got to the bathroom, the tears had come out freely and she allowed them. They seemed to comfort her. Then suddenly, her communicator buzzed. She took it out from her pocket and watched Wade in the screen, waiting for him to give her the next assignment.

"Are you all right, Kim?" he asked. She nodded.

"So, what's the next assignment?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Well, I've just discovered that Dr. Killingsworth has gone insane!" he announced.

"Who?" Kim asked. She was at a total lost.

"Oh, well, Dr. Killingsworth is a very respected scientist. Well, he was before he had purposely created a horrible chemical that can kill any person in under an hour. The person to take it dies a horrific death. Very painful and very unpleasant. He also discovered the only known cure which the person infected needs to take within exactly thirty-five minutes before it's too late. He's obsessed with death. And he already killed an entire small village of people in Mexico in less than one day! He will go to any extreme to get rid of anyone who challenges him," Wade warned.

Kim looked a little worried. This guy truly was insane. She knew she was going to need help. But she didn't have her partner anymore. Or did she?

"Kim?" Wade asked. She looked up. "Did something happen between you and Ron?" She nodded. "I thought so. Listen. Ron cares for you. A lot. More than you'd ever know and he wouldn't be able to stay mad at you for very long. Just talk to him and apologize and he will too. Don't worry too much about it." Kim only nodded. Yeah, maybe Wade was right. Ron was a good pal and he wouldn't stay mad at her for very long.

Kim walked to the cafeteria where she knew Ron would be. When she spotted him sitting alone, eating some of the school food, she walked to him. Cautiously, she sat down in front of him. It was silent between them. Neither of them spoke. But then Ron spoke as he looked up, acknowledging her for the first time.

"I thought I told you to leave me alone." His voice was serious and low.

"You did, but we have a mission. We have to work together."

"Oh, so now you want to work 'together.'"

"Ron, we've always worked together. Listen. I don't want to fight anymore. We need to work together to beat this guy so, you with me?"

"No, I said I was going solo and I am. I'll do this on my own. You just watch. We'll see who the real hero is!" Ron shouted. He picked up his lunch tray and walked away. Kim was just speechless. He was still mad. She really shouldn't have said what she said. It wasn't right and it wasn't fair. She was about to get up and go after him when her communicator went off. She pulled it out from her pant pocket.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Kim, Dr. Killingsworth has struck again. This time he's it was in Houston, Texas and those who've seen him say they had seen him head to the next state. Go now! There's a helicopter waiting for you on the school's roof. Go!"

"I'm on my way!"