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Part 5: We Work Together

Kim sprawled on the floor in her house. Her feet touched the "Welcome" rug outside as the man who called himself a doctor rushed inside to collect his the antidote. In moments the mad man stood over her, a wild grin on his face with a frightening psychotic gleam in his evil eyes. She was afraid for herself, but even more afraid for Ron. She now knew exactly how he felt. She knew what he was going through and he was out there alone, with only Rufus at his side. He'd die a lonely death if Kim didn't come up with a way to help him. She would be the fortunate of the two, she thought. At least she would die by her family. With her family. If she were to die. But if Ron were to die. . .he'd go alone.

She began to cry as she thought of him. Her heart felt heavy with something. The cause was a blur. She couldn't tell if it was an affect of the poison or if it was guilt, but what ever it was it was hurting her. She tried to let out cry, a plea, anything that would get someone to help her, but it came out in a soft whisper that could barley be heard. She was running out of time and she needed to figure out something. She needed to get that antidote. She began to pray for a miracle. It was what she needed.

Help me. . .Help. . .me. . .

And for a moment she thought she would die and the thought made her cry. If she was dying then she had failed Ron. She had been his only hope for survival and she had let him down. The tears traveled down her cheeks as she closed her eyes. I'm sorry, Ron.

The doctor laughed at her expense, loving the entire scene unfold before him. Watching this girl agonize over her failures and her life, made it all worth while for him. And now with her out of the way, he could go on to other towns and cities, plaguing them with this "cure for the world" as he liked to call it. People wanted war to stop, right? They wanted peace, didn't they? Well, what better peace than the moments before death when you see your life flash before your eyes and you figure that you've done some good (or some bad) for the world? There was no peace like the calm, serenity of the long sleep which came after life. The deep slumber that comes soon after the heart stops. There is nothing more peaceful than death. The way he figured, he was doing the world a favor. He was doing something for them that they've been trying to achieve for eons. And what about disease? They wanted a cure for cancer, AIDs, HIV, etc., right? What better cure, than the death of the human race? They would eventually die out, if not naturally, through war, disease, every problem that suffocated them today.

His thoughts suddenly vanished as the light began to dull. Soon he saw nothing but black and his body began to fall.

Kim opened her eyes when she heard the doctor grunt and then fall. In moments Wade was over the doctor and removing the antidote from his pocket. He waved it in the air uncertainty in his eyes and face as he looked down at Kim. She was stunned that he was there in person. She looked down and found a laptop under his arm and she figured that he had hit the mad man over the head with it, knocking him out cold.

He made his way to her. Opening the box, he found a needle and a few antidote bottles. He took the needle and removed it's cap. Soon with the antidote consumed in the needle, Wade injected it into Kim's skin. The antidote didn't work as fast as the poison had, but in no time she was on her feet, weak, but strong enough to fix what the doctor had done.

"Wade, how. . ." her voice drifted a bit.

He shook his head. "Don't worry about it," he said. "This was something I needed to do in person and now you have to got o Ron. I'll take care of things here. You just come back as soon as Ron is good to go."

She nodded as Wade handed her another needle and a small bottle of the antidote. She made her way out the door.

"Kim," Wade called and she turned. "Take that." He pointed to a helicopter. The man inside, sitting in the cockpit looked familiar and she waved.

They had made their way to Ron as fast as they possibly could and as Kim descended the helicopter, she thanked the man and ran off in the direction where she had last seen Ron. She hoped it wasn't too late and as she moved aside the plants and shrubs she came to Ron. Rufus sat beside him, tears in his eyes shoving his little paws into Ron's shoulder, frantically trying to revive him. Kim ran to them and slowly made it to her knees.

"Ron?" she whispered, but he didn't open his eyes to look at her.

Rufus mumbled something inaudible to Kim. Her heart was pounding. She could hear nothing else except for her heavy breathing. She leaned forward and called to him this time a little louder. "Ron." She swallowed hard and tried to keep herself from crying. "Ron, please, answer me."

"K-Kim. . ." he said breathlessly.

Rufus looked at him immediately and Kim smiled as her tears escaped her eyes. "I have the antidote for you," she said as she removed the cap from the needle and reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the small bottle. With the needle she removed the liquid from it's bottle and slowly moved it towards Ron. "Hang in there." She counted 1, counted 2, counted 3, and. . .

The needle entered Ron's body, it seemed to sting him and for a second Kim thought he wouldn't be able to handle it. His body had been poisoned longer than anyone else's and he looked fatigued and feverish. He was too weak and maybe the antidote was just too much for his body to handle, but he gave her a smile. A half, weak smile that caused her heart to flutter. Soon after he closed his eyes. "Ron," she called. But he didn't answer. Her heart raced again. "Ron," she called a little louder. But he still would not answer. Rufus became frantic again and Kim could feel the doubt begin to rise. "Ron!


Ron awoke hours later, lying in bed surrounded in miles and miles of. . .white. It seemed to burn his eyes as he opened them. He squinted, trying to keep most of the light from further burning his eyes.

"He's awake!" he heard someone shout.

The sudden sound made him flinch. Too loud. He slowly opened his eyes again to see his mother sitting beside him, tears in her eyes with his father standing behind her, a hand on her shoulder. Kim rushed in with her family right behind her.

"That was a close one," Kim said, clearly trying to hold back her tears.

"How close?" he asked, a little out of breath.

"Too close," she replied as she made her way to his bed. She sat down and his parents backed away. They moved toward the door as well as Kim's parents.

"Whoa!" Jim and Tim echoed each other.

"Come on," Dr. Possible said sweetly as she pulled them away and out the door. She looked inside and smiled to herself before closing the door behind her.

"You really scared me out there," Kim confessed.

"You don't ever have to worry about me, K.P.," he said. "I can handle myself."

Kim scoffed. "Right," she said sarcastically. "That's why you got yourself injected with Dr. Killingsworth's 'cure for the world'."

Ron rolled his eyes as he shook his head. "You just don't get it, do you?"

Kim frowned. "Then tell me."

"Just forget it."

"No, I want to know."

"Well, I always hear about you saving people, you saving the day, but what about me? I'm there too. I contribute." He looked out the window. "I was just tired of you getting all the credit. I wanted people to notice me for a change. I wanted. . .you to notice me for a change." He turned to look at her, his eyes sad.

Kim was taken aback by his words, but she soon smiled with a blush on her cheeks. "I've always noticed you, Ron," she said.

Ron looked at her, his eyes grew wide with disbelief.

"I know the things you do on our missions and you're very important to out success on every mission. Didn't we learn about this already?" Kim smiled.

"I guess," he replied.

Kim nodded with a smile. She leaned forward and paused for a moment as she looked into his eyes, placing a hand on his. Ron could feel his heart race as she looked at him. In seconds her lips were on his. One sweet kiss and she pulled away to look at him again. "We work together, Ron," she said with a smile. "And it will always be that way."