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Chapter one

Back to England

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"It's not fair!" Ryou complained, pacing his room. He had to move back to England to live with his Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins. And his Dad wasn't even coming with him, not to mention there is no reason at all. Ryou finally thought he had found a place that he liked, where he was wanted, then he had to move! To make him even more angry, Ryou just found this out last night, and he leaves tomorrow!

"During summer vacation too," Seto added. Ryou and Seto had become really good friends after battle city. After being defeated by Yugi, again, Seto finally gave up on ever winning back his 'World Duel Monsters Champion' title back. But he still ran his company, played the game, and was still obsessed with the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Not that he'll ever admit that. Hanging around with Ryou also caused Seto to lighten up a little, he started to act more his age now.

Bakura had been banished to the farthest reaches of the shadow realm. But somehow twisted the penalty game to banishing him deep inside the ring, which Ryou still had. Ryou could still hear his insults, but could now block them easily. But unfortunately, if Bakura gave enough effort, he could stretch out to take over Ryou for no more than a few seconds. His record so far has been 37 seconds. (Which shows he is getting closer to Ryou, if he ever gets close enough, he'll be right back to where he use to be, and things would remain the same as they use to be.) Actually, Bakura couldn't hurt Ryou unless he was very close to him, so he dearly missed hurting people. So, last week, Bakura took on a few bullies that decided to bother Ryou. He knocked out every single one. Though afterwards, Ryou didn't hear from him for two weeks. Apparently, taking over Ryou's body took a lot of energy. As I mentioned before, Bakura couldn't hurt Ryou anymore, so Ryou was aloud to have friends in the house again.

Seto sat cross-legged on Ryou's bed nervously, watching his friends pace the room, who was still fuming with anger. Seto had claimed to come over to 'help' Ryou pack. But would probably just end up watching.

Ryou sighed, stopped pacing, and disappeared into his closet. Coming out with a large duffle bag, and dropping it on the bed next to Seto, who cocked an eyebrow at this.

"Your brining everything you own with you in a duffle bag?"

"I don't own much anyway. I sold most of my yami's leather clothes."

"Except for the ones you liked and kept for yourself." Seto added mockingly. Ryou scowled, stuck his tongue out at his friend, and went to raid his closet. Seto smiled at his friends childish behavior, reminding him of his little brother, Mokuba. Even though Ryou was 17.

"Hey, do you still have you yami's possessed cloak?" Seto asked, stretching out on the bed. Ryou laughed from inside the closet. Sometimes you could find Bakura wearing this long black cloak that flowed in the back, like the wind was blowing or, as Seto would put it, it was possessed by something.

"Do you still have yours?" Ryou mocked, stuffing some clothes into his bag. Kaiba kicked his bag so it fell on the floor and smirked. During battle city Seto wore something similar to Bakura's cloak, only his has white.

"Is that suppose to answer my question?"

"Yes." Ryou came out with the cloak folded and put it in the duffel bag, finally finished packing his clothes. He zipped up the bag and threw it on the floor. Then started packing his few positions. Ryou grabbed his backpack and filled it with the rest of his things: His CD Player, all of his CD's, his favorite books (he couldn't bring them all, he had too many), his sketch book, drawing pencils, notebook, and his laptop Seto had given him for his birthday.

"You'll I.M. me everyday right? It's going to be boring without you here." Seto asked, Ryou sighed.

"I already told you, YES!" Ryou said sternly, Seto had asked him this about 50 times sense he found out this morning. "I don't know what I'll do there anyway, my cousins probably won't want to hang around me." Ryou sighed, remembering how shy he was around new people. Seto sighed as well, sitting up on the bed.

"You know why? It's because you're so damn quiet, and your so polite it's creepy." Ryou blushed at Seto's comment, he couldn't help how he acted to way he did around new people, he was just brought up that way. Suddenly a large smirk made it's way onto Seto's face before he added to his comment. "Of course, they would probably regret it if they ever got you talking. 'Cause once you start, you never shut up." Ryou smiled and hit Seto hard with one of the pillows on the bed.

Ryou looked over at his bags, disgusted. "I'll finish packing later, let's go to the arcade or something." Seto nodded, before smiling widely. Ryou had a feeling he just got one of his ideas to annoy him.

"So your not done packing?" Ryou shook his head. "I thought so, cause you didn't seem to pack your hair-dryer, that I know you can't live without." He pushed Ryou a little too far that time.

"I'd run if I were you," Ryou said dangerously. Seto bolted out the door with Ryou on his heels, and chased him all the way to the arcade.

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"Thanks again for taking Ryou, I hate to leave him by himself," Mr. Bakura said again.

"Oh it's no trouble at all," said Petunia Dursley sweetly. Harry Potter, who was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, stared at her in disbelief. Sense when does Aunt Petunia welcome a guest she has never met before. Mr. Bakura sat in the living room, talking with Harry's Aunt and Uncle, mostly about Harry's cousin, Ryou.

"Tell me," Uncle Vernon asked. "What does your son look like?"

"Like his mother."

"I remember going to see Daisy one day," Aunt Petunia remarked. "The boy does look an awful lot like her. Does he still have her hair?"

"Yes, and I've been bugging him to get it cut for years." Mr. Bakura sighed. He looked at his watch and stood. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to leave if I'm to make my flight back to Egypt." Mr. Bakura grabbed his coat and walked out into the front hall.

"Harry dear," Aunt Petunia called. "Come tell your Uncle good-bye." His Aunt was really starting to scare Harry. Sense his 'Uncle' had come for a visit a couple of hours ago; the Dursley's had treated Harry like a part of the family. Usually they snapped at him or kept him out of sight when someone came over. Harry guessed that Mr. Bakura knew that he lived here with the Dursley's, and so his only living relatives, wait. Mr. Bakura was really Harry's Uncle, so why didn't he go to live with them? He could ask this Ryou kid that when he came in a few days. But if Aunt Petunia called him 'dear' one more time, Harry swore he'd curse her.

Apparently Aunt Petunia wasn't the youngest sibling on her side of the family, there was another daughter, Daisy. Harry hadn't seen a picture of her anywhere in the house. But the way Aunt Petunia went on (even when Mr. Bakura wasn't there), she must have really adored her little sister.

'Probably because she wasn't a witch,' Harry thought bitterly. This Ryou kid was probably as spoiled and stuck-up as the rest of the Dursley's. Harry walked into the front hall to see his Uncle almost out the door.

"It was very nice to meet you Harry," he said with a smile. Extending his hand, which Harry shook, but something was already in it. It was a scrap piece of paper. Harry quickly pocketed this and nodded to his Uncle. And with that Mr. Bakura walked out the door of number four Privet Drive.

"Boy!" Uncle Vernon snapped as soon as Mr. Bakura's taxi was out of sight. "Make some tea and bring it to the parlor, then go find Dudley, he's probably out somewhere." So much for being nice. While letting the water boil Harry read the small note:

Ryou will be going with you to the Weasley's and on to Hogwarts. Dumbledore will send more details before he arrives.

It was written very fast. So, Ryou would be going with him to Hogwarts. Harry smiled at the thought of the look on Aunt Petunia's face when she found out. Harry slipped the note back into his pocket before fixing the tea, and then heading down to the park where Dudley was probably mugging some Elementary kid.

Ryou stood by his kitchen counter, carving an apple with his pocketknife. Suddenly there was a great force against his chest, and then he was surrounded by swirling colors of black, blue, and purple. It took him a moment to realize it was his soul-room. Bakura had gotten out. Before he could shout at his Yami Ryou was forced back into his body, only to meet pain.

It was unbearable, his right arm cut up very bad, but missing the main vain. He was on the floor, blood was pooled around him and written on one of the walls, in his blood, was a message:

I'm coming . . .

**************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** ********************************************

Ryou awoke the next morning to his buzzing alarm clock. It read 5:00 A.M. About an hour later Ryou was putting on his shoes, waiting for the Taxi that would pick him up. He wore tan cargo pants and a blue and white striped shirt with his jean-jacket. (Battle city outfit) The ring hung around his neck. Ryou carried his duffel bag over his left shoulder, and his backpack slung over the other.

Ryou stood in his apartment, staring down at the house key. His dad actually bought the apartment, and he would need it for when he came back for Christmas. The sudden car horn of the Taxi driver made Ryou jump. He shoved the key into his pocket and ran down the three flights of stairs to the front of the apartment building.

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~Later that afternoon~

Ryou sat in the Taxi, watching the rolling green hills go by. But they slowly flattened out and houses started to litter the landscape. The few houses turned into clusters, then into neighborhoods. Ryou was glad to be back in England. 'It feels good to be home,' he thought to himself happily. The wind blew through the open window, blowing through his silver-white hair.

The Taxi passed towns and soon turned into a large neighbor hood just outside of London. They passed streets until the taxi turned onto a street called Privet Drive, at least that's what the sign said.

'I'm glad I can still read English.' All of the houses looked the same except for different large brass numbers. The taxi stopped outside of number 4. Ryou picked up his bags and paid the taxi driver.

He stood there for a moment, looking up at his new home. It looked really boring. Ryou sighed, then started up the long drive.

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Dumbledore's note had said that Ryou didn't know that he was a wizard yet, 'this is going to be fun,' thought Harry. He stood by the window, waiting for Ryou to get there. There was still a possibility to him that Ryou was as spoiled and stuck-up as every other muggle he knew. But Harry was hoping for the best.

There was a sound of a car door slamming outside, soon followed by a knock on the door.

He's here.

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