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Tracking a Fox: Prologue

Through his window the soft, pale light of the moon spun its white web, dipping across the floor and reaching up towards the walls. Toys, books, games, and items of every kind were scattered across the floor; each fairly new but twisted or misshapen in different ways. In a corner away from all the destruction was a neatly made bed. It was there that the ruler of the room's chaos resided in the form of a six year old boy.

Huddled under a worn brown blanket that was slumped over his head, the boy wouldn't even have been seen if it wasn't for the small streaks of rusty hair that spilled out like tiny vines. He watched the room with an unwavering gaze, simply staring ahead with piercing jade rimmed in black.

Already he had sat there for an uncountable amount of time and he would continue to do so until the sun replaced the moon. Not once did he blink, simply waiting patiently for the time to pass. When the other awoke it meant that he could once more join the living and the masses. Even if they did despise him.

He did not know what time it was when he heard the voices, but it was about the time the moon had reached its peak. Words floated up through his window like the soft sound of a butterfly's wings, seeming to drift on the air until they reached his ears.

"What are you talking about? Why wasn't I informed earlier?"

"We only just received the information, sir."

The boy recognized the first voice; it was that of his father, the Kazekage. The second was a man that he did not know, probably one of the village's shinobi.

"Damn. No doubt we gave them the inspiration."

"Sir? What shall we do?"

He wondered for a moment why they were up. Shouldn't they have been asleep too? Should he get up to see?

"There's nothing we can do now. If the brat's anything like Gaara, it'll be a waste to send assassins. We've already lost enough men as it is."

Picking up his name in the conversation, the boy held still and listened closely.

"I see, sir. Are you sure that you don't want to send any shinobi to watch over him?"

"No, we can't afford to do that either. No doubt he's under surveillance already. It won't be easy to hide in that city, even if we send Anbu. There are just too many people. Damn it, one demon on our hands was enough, now we have to contend with the Leaf's as well." Demon? Another demon? The rest of their conversation washed away into the night as the boy comprehended what he heard. Did this mean that he wasn't alone? That there was someone...someone out there that...that was just like him? Surely if there was...then they would understand what it was like for him. They would know...know how it felt, right?

The blanket slid from his shoulders as his legs tumbled over the edge of the bed. His sandals landed with a dull tap on the wooden floor as he jumped down. From there his body slipped into the shadows and proceeded to the nearby door.

He would find this other 'demon'. He would find them and then...

"Gaara, where are you going?"

The stern voice of his father collided with his thoughts as he passed through the cloth hanging over his doorway. Looking up, he could make out the scowl aimed for him. Each year the look became uglier and uglier. He didn't dare glance up again, instead sweeping his gaze to the floor.

"I want to meet them." He replied quietly.

The boy could feel his father's gaze penetrate him as silence reigned in the hallway. Somewhere farther off, he could hear Kankurou snoring.

"Meet who?" His father finally asked with suspicion clearly marked in his tone. "...The other one, the other demon."

He waited, fearing and eagerly anticipating his father's decision. A few moments passed before his father once again spoke.

"All right. But there are conditions that will be placed on both of us. It is up to each person to hold to their agreements; otherwise you will not see this other demon."

He could feel the low thrum of anger and annoyance course through him. He did not like this concept. He had never had to bargain before.

"What do I have to do?"

The eyebrows on his father arched in surprise for a moment, before quickly returning to the solemn mask. He responded quickly and naturally, even though it was clear he was thrown off by his son's response.

"You will wait and become an official member of the Sand Village."

He raised a hairless eyebrow at his father, before realizing the situation at hand. Obviously he did not know where this other demon resided or who they were. In order to gain this information he would have to rely on those who knew, namely his father. Besides, being an 'official member of the Sand Village' meant only one thing; becoming a shinobi. If he became one, it would only mean that he could find this demon-person that much sooner.

Looking up at the towering man before him, he contemplated the path he was being lead on.

He admitted to himself that there were times when he became impatient with people or annoyed and ended up killing them, especially since the death of Yashamaru. But this was different. This was like waiting for the sun to rise, for everyone to wake up. It was waiting to no longer be completely alone. For that, he would always be patient.