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Chapter20: Eternal Bliss


Pure bright sunlight streamed in through the curtains of Sakura and Kaiba's bedroom. Sakura slowly opened her eyelids to a shuffling sound that awoke her. She looked around the room, until her eyes fixed upon her husband, who was now in black dress pants and buttoning up a blue dress shirt. A few moments later, Kaiba noticed that his wife had awoken.

"Sorry, did I awake you?" Kaiba asked in a soft low tone, as he came over to the side of their bed, brushing away a few strands of her cinnamon brown hair.

"No Seto," Sakura replied with a smile, "Where are you going so early on a Saturday?" she asked.

"To work," Kaiba replied as he went to grab his sapphire blue tie, "I have an important meeting today, but I'll be back soon," he said as he began fumbling with how to tie his tie. Sakura smiled amusingly at the sight of Kaiba trying to put on a tie, so she got up to help.

"Seto give me that," Sakura said as she grabbed his tie from him, "I can't believe that for so many years you've been working and you don't know how to tie a tie," she said adjusting the tie properly before tying it.

"Well I don't wear ties often, except at meetings and stuff like that," Kaiba replied. Sakura sighed nodding her head.

"Sakura you're not doing it right," Kaiba said with a slight frown.

"Then how Mr. Know-It-All?" Sakura asked looking up at him.

"Like..." Kaiba smirked as he put his muscular arms around her slender waist, "This," he said pulling her closer towards his body.

"Ok...but I don't see how this-" Sakura began but stopped mid way through her sentence as she felt Kaiba's lips on the skin of her neck, showering her neck with gentle butterfly kisses.

"Seto keep this up and you'll be late for your meeting," Sakura said as she playfully pushed him away and began to knot his tie correctly.

"Sakura, everything can wait when I'm with you," Kaiba responded, putting a few strands of her hair behind her ear. Sakura looked up into his soft blue eyes with a smile after tying his tie.

"After all," Kaiba started saying as he gently lifted Sakura's tank top and placed his hand on her abdomen, "I'll be spending even more time with you before our new guest arrives," he said smiling. Sakura smiled as she placed her hand over his. "Seto..." she said softly.

"I await that day," Kaiba replied as he gently kissed her forehead, "I'll be right back," he said as he left the room leaving Sakura standing there alone.

"Happy Valentine's Day Sakura," Kaiba smiled as he came back standing there with a bunch of pure red, long stem roses in his arms.

"'s February the fourteenth?" Sakura asked in shock.

"Yes, fortunately I remembered," Kaiba smirked.

"Wow, thanks Seto," Sakura replied as she accepted the roses and gave him a hug.

"Don't thank me yet, we're going out tonight," Kaiba said.

"Out? Where?" Sakura asked.

"It's a surprise, you'll see, so be ready and look your best," Kaiba replied.

"Don't I always?" Sakura questioned with a smirk.

"Of course you do," Kaiba said softly as he placed a quick kiss on her lips and took his coat and briefcase to leave.


Sakura looked back at herself in her thin body-length mirror. She was wearing a pair of dark jeans, a black t-shirt with a pink-netted poncho on top, and her hair tied back. She didn't notice Mokuba, who had just slipped into the room.

"Where are you going Sakura," asked Mokuba.

"Oh, I'm going out to the mall with Mai, Tea and the other girls," Sakura replied.

"Oh," Mokuba said, "Are you and Seto going out for dinner tonight?"

"Yeah, for Valentine's Day," Sakura said, "Sorry you have to be alone tonight Moki."

"I'm not going to be," Mokuba replied.

"You're not?" Sakura questioned.

"No, I'm taking Rebecca out for Valentine's as well," Mokuba responded.

"That's great," Sakura replied, "Ok I have to go now, I'll be back soon, if Seto calls then tell him to call me on my cell."

"Ok, have a great time," Mokuba replied leaving the room as Sakura went to grab her purse.


"Hey Sakura, nice to hear that there's going to be a little Kaibarunning around here soon," Mai said with a wink.

"I suppose you've all heard the news from Serena," Sakura said eyeing her best friend beside her.

"Of course, who doesn't know," Tea replied with a chuckle.

"So how are you feeling about being a mom?" Serenity asked.

"I feel happy but its only been a month and like two weeks," Sakura replied.

"So how'd this all happen in this first place?" Charlie asked with a wink.

"That's my personal experience..." Sakura timidly responded.

"So how's that wedding of yours coming along Mai?" asked Serena, changing the subject, "You and Joey have been planning this for months already."

"Well first of all, I'm doing most of the planning for this wedding like the shopping and stuff, Joey's no help at that," Mai responded.

"Well have you figured a date yet?" Selina asked.

"Yeah, its going to be two weeks from now, but the exact date I'm still working out," Mai answered.

"Have you done any shopping?" Sakura asked.

"Well I'm hoping to finish all that by the end of this week or early next week and the wedding cards are ready to distribute to people, hopefully Joey will do that for me," Mai replied.

"Has Joey done anything at all yet Mai?" Charlie asked with a chuckle.

"Well you know Joey, lazy as lazy could get," Mai sighed, "All he keeps thinking about is our honeymoon and the sex!"

"Well that's very typical of my brother," Serenity laughed.

"At least it's coming along," Serena laughed.

"Yeah I guess so," Mai smiled.

"So anybody have any Valentine's plans today?" Tea asked.

"Of course," Selina answered, "Who wouldn't?" Then everybody looked at Serena.

"Oh I'm so sorry Serena, I forgot that you and Darrin..." Selina apologized.

"Its ok," Serena replied.

"Don't worry Serena, you'll find someone new eventually," Sakura replied, "And I'll make sure of that."


"Sakura, what's taking so long?" Kaiba shouted impatiently, "I've been waiting out here for two hours!" Kaiba was waiting for Sakura below the staircase of the mansion, looking at his watch every few minutes.

"I'll be right there Seto," Sakura shouted back from their room. She was getting dressed and ready for their first Valentine's night out together.

"There...all done," Sakura said to herself after a few minutes later, "I'm surely going to knock Seto out of himself tonight after he sees me..." she said looking back in her full length mirror.

"Women..." Kaiba muttered under his breath, "No sense of punctuality..." he thought as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs and looked up. All Kaiba did was let his jaw drop open in awe; he couldn't take his eyes off Sakura as she slowly walked down the stairs. Kaiba was just mesmerized at her gorgeousness! Sakura was wearing a bright ruby red tank-top dress with dark silhouettes of roses blooming on the red material. The back of the dress went into a deep, low-cut V-shape and the bottom of the dress had different layers that fell down at different lengths, a bit below her knee. Of course there was matching jewelry to the dress Sakura was wearing, and they were a necklace that had a ruby heart-shaped pendant with silver stones surrounding it and red, crystal chandelier earrings. Sakura's hair also had that sexy wet look, which she did by applying hair mousse and she was also wearing matching red-laced strap high heels.

Sakura chuckled to herself as she noticed Kaiba's reaction at her. She slowly glided in front of Kaiba and waited for him to say something.

"I'm ready...shall we leave now?" Sakura asked smiling.

" mean..." as words tried to struggle out of Kaiba's mouth, "I...don't know what to say..." he finally said.

"You don't have to Seto," Sakura said smiling softly. Actually Kaiba really wanted to say something about Sakura, but it didn't sound right because it would be coming out of his mouth. But he wasn't afraid to say it, he just didn't know how to compliment a woman; but Sakura was his wife so he just decided to say it for her.

" look...very...very..." Kaiba wasn't able to say it. 'Damn it!' he thought, 'Why does this have to be so complicated?'

"Sexy?" Sakura whispered softly, so it was able to reach his ears. Kaiba was silent for a few moments, he was surprised at how Sakura guessed the word he tried so hard to get out of his mouth.

"Yes," Kaiba finally managed to say.

"Seto, its not like a bad word or something; I'm your wife after all," Sakura said as she adjusted the collar of his shirt. Kaiba quickly pulled her in his arms and looked into her hazel eyes. She looked so desiring at this moment, he just couldn't resist any longer, as he slowly moved his lips towards hers.

"Not yet Seto," Sakura whispered softly as she stopped his lips from kissing her by putting a finger on his lips. Kaiba looked back at her with a puzzled look.

"How about we get into the mood after dinner, we are getting late," Sakura said.

"Then, shall we make a leave now?" Kaiba asked, offering his arm.

"Yes, we shall," Sakura smiled, taking his arm as they proceeded out of the mansion.


The night sky was dark yet had a soft romantic atmosphere to it. The stars glittered in the sky like little diamonds, and the full moon was peeking out of the clouds. Fresh soft snow was covering the park like a thick, fluffy blanket and also sparkling at times when caught by the moonlight. Sakura and Kaiba were taking a stroll in the park after their dinner. Kaiba had taken Sakura to the most fantastic and exquisite restaurant she had ever been to. It was like a perfect Valentine's dream dinner out for Sakura. She couldn't believe that she had just spent this dream like dinner with someone like Kaiba. A cold winter wind blew past them, making Sakura wrap her coat around her body tighter.

"Seto I still can't believe you took me to a restaurant that wouldn't even be in my dreams," Sakura said as Kaiba wrapped his arm around her tighter to give her more warmth.

"Well it was Valentine's, and I wanted our first one together to be special," Kaiba said softly.

"That's really very nice of you, thank you," Sakura replied.

"My pleasure," Kaiba responded.

"Seto, have you ever had a snowball fight?" Sakura asked randomly.

"No...well...once with Mokuba when we were kids, why?" Kaiba asked.

"Well we I use to have snowball fights all the time with my friends, we always had so much fun," Sakura said, "Just looking at this snow here made me remember."

"You want to have one here and now? With me?" Kaiba asked with a smirk.

"What? Now? But Seto...I'm wearing a dress and high heels! How can I possibly snowball fight?" Sakura asked.

"Your wearing a coat over your dress and if you fall...I'll catch you, but if you want to miss the fun, then that's fine with me," Kaiba replied as he started walking ahead further.

'I'll show him what a snowball fight is' Sakura thought as she bend down towards the ground and grabbed a handful of snow, turning it into a ball. The snowball was freezing her hands but she didn't care and aimed for her target.


The snowball flew out of Sakura's hand and hit the back of Kaiba's head. Kaiba stood there as the snow slowly fell from the back of his head and down towards his neck. He slowly turned around to face Sakura, as Sakura burst out into pure laughter and almost turned red.

"Very funny Sakura..." Kaiba said frowning, "Now get ready for this," he said as he gathered some snow in his hand and turned it into a ball. He quickly flung it at Sakura's face but she dodged right away as the snowball missed her and fell somewhere else.

"Sorry darling...but you missed me," Sakura laughed as she quickly put together a snowball and threw it right into Kaiba's face. Kaiba was unable to dodge therefore it hit him directly in the face. Sakura began to burst into hysterics again just by looking at him.

"You are so going to get it now!" Kaiba said as he started running towards her.

"Oh my God!" Sakura said as she started running as best she could in her high heels, "Stop Seto, its not fair, you know I'm wearing heels!" Sakura said trying to run away from him.

But she failed as Kaiba caught up to her and grabbed her arm, which caused Sakura to slip in her heels as she slowly fell towards the snow covered ground, bringing Kaiba down with her. They had a rough landing on the ground but the snow helped by softening it, as Sakura landed on the bottom with Kaiba on top of her in an awkward position. Kaiba looked down at Sakura with a smirk as Sakura tried to catch her breath.

"That...wasn't...fair," Sakura asked as she breathed heavily for air, "I'm...wearing...high heels..."

"I made it fair for the two snowball attacks you threw at me," Kaiba replied, still lying on top of her.

"Would you mind getting up now please?" Sakura asked.

"Not so fast, " Kaiba responded, "You still owe me that kiss you stopped me from at the mansion," he smirked.

"But Seto..." Sakura started but her lips were claimed by Kaiba's in a kiss, stopping her from saying anything further.

"Sakura I have something to say..." Kaiba said after they broke their kiss.

"What is it?" Sakura asked, noticing they still haven't left the ground.

"I know I should have said this a long time ago but I just couldn't do it," Kaiba continued, "No woman has ever made me feel the way I feel right now, but I guess you were the exception, I kept denying this feeling until I couldn't anymore."

"Seto...stop stalling already and tell me," Sakura said.

"," Kaiba finally spilled out. Sakura looked at Kaiba directly as she blinked for a few moments, and burst out into laughter.

"What so funny? You don't believe me do you?" Kaiba asked surprised at her reaction.

"Took you long enough Seto," Sakura laughed, "I already knew what you were going to say but I was waiting to hear it from you," as she tried to control her laughter.

"So you believe me?" Kaiba asked.

"Of course Seto, I know you mean it," Sakura replied with a smile as her hand ruffled his hair.

"And... you?" Kaiba asked as he caressed her red cheeks from the cold and laughter she went through.

"I love you too," Sakura replied.

"Then I guess I proved you wrong Sakura," Kaiba said.

"Huh? What do you mean? Proved me wrong of what?" Sakura asked confused.

"When we first met, you said love can't be arranged, but in our case love did get arranged," Kaiba responded.

"Yes...I guess you did prove me wrong..." Sakura chuckled softly. Still lying on the soft snow covered ground, their lips met again into a warm and passionate kiss under the moonlit sky.