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Ice Hot Epilogue


By Gundam Girl

"Well… That's a grand story if I ever heard one," Duo commented idly, accepting the beer Heero gave him. Thank God Lent was over. Those chocolate bunnies from Easter had been some freaking good stuff. And the celebratory martini he'd had that evening had been heaven on earth. "So it was Peter Martinez? And Relena's secretary? That musta sucked." He was currently in Heero's apartment helping to get out all of his buddy's furniture and other things Heero didn't want so he could sell it on L2.

"She wasn't pleased," Heero replied, popping the top off his own beer. "It was a good way she handled it however. Sexy, too."

Duo grinned at him. "I'll bet it was. So seriously, man. What's the deal? With you and Relena. Do I hear church bells?"

"She's still debating over satin and silk."

"Oh, come on, Heero. You could at least tell me… Hell WHAT?!" Duo nearly fell out of Heero's armchair and had to clutch the armrest for balance. "You asked her to marry you and you didn't say anything?!" His lower lip protruded in a bad pout. "Ouch. Ouch, Heero!"

"The topic just came up now," Heero said. "I'm not the best of conversation starters."

"Wait, so you mean she popped the question?!"

"Oh. No, I did that just fine."

"Well, I guess so if she said yes… Jeez!" Duo scratched his head. "So you…aren't gonna be single. Freaky as hell, man. But we were all kinda expecting it when she first came up here. Anyway, what's up with Trowa? Heard he went to L4 to visit Quatre. I knew he had something going on for Relena, he totally—" He paused when his cell phone rang.

"Yo? Hey, Q-man!" the braided one exclaimed. "Check it, we were just talkin' about ya. Sec, I'll hook you up to Heero's vid-phone here." He quickly plugged the cell into the wall-mounted device, and Quatre's blond head appeared on the screen. "How's it hanging?" Duo asked.

"We're all fine here. Trowa stopped by, as you probably know. He felt he needed a break from Earth, so Une sent him on vacation for a while."

"How's he doing?" asked Heero. Quatre shrugged.

"Well, he was honestly quite a bit hurt at losing to you, Heero. Although, granted, he didn't really try that hard. Would you believe he was shy? He has gone on a few dates here, though."

"Cool," Duo supplied. "What happened to that smart redhead you took to Trieste's fun little function?" Heero nearly rolled his eyes, remembering it, as Quatre answered.

"Actually, that's who Trowa's been seeing." He laughed at the two brown-haired men's faces. "Easy, guys. It doesn't bother me at all. Rosanna's a good friend now. Miss Relena should get her mobile suit blueprints later on this week."

"Ooh, have her fax me some!" Duo shouted.

"I'll mention it," Quatre promised. "Heero, have you and Relena set a date yet?"

"You tell blondie and not me!" started Duo, and Heero shrugged.

"Relena did. I thought she told Hilde, too."

"And Hil didn't tell me? Aw, fuck." Duo drained his beer with a rather loud bout of gulping. "You kids suck. Never tell me a damn thing. Jesus, Yuy." Standing up, he grinned. "At least let me know when."

"November. She wants a fall wedding." Heero leaned against the nearest wall. "I wasn't about to disagree."

Quatre chuckled. "Just keep us informed."

"Yeah, like when she gets pregnant! Damn, if someone leaves me out of that circle, people will die on my watch."

Heero laughed shortly. "We haven't gotten there yet."

"Although there's no real reason why…" Duo yawned. "Anyway, thanks for callin,' Quat. Gotta get home to Hilde. Maybe we'll make some babies."

"Are you marrying her?" Quatre asked incredulously.

"Sure, why not? And because I'm a good friend, I'll call when she says yes. Later."

"Bye, Duo." Quatre nodded. "Bye, Heero."

"Regards to Trowa," Heero replied.

Duo ejected his cell phone and smiled at Heero. "I really do gotta go, buddy. I'll get this chair; you grab the fridge and I'll hit the space."

"You really don't mind selling this for me, do you?"

"Nah. Hopefully it'll attract a few more customers." He winked as he hefted the armchair. "I'll send your cash to your palace. Ooh, la, la."

Wufei was outside on the sidewalk with Relena beside Duo's car, which would be shipped to L2 on a shuttle ahead of Duo. Wufei had come with them as both extra guard for Relena and as extra muscle for appliance-towing. "Is this crap going to make any actual money, Maxwell?"

"A few hundred," Duo said, "or I'll cut my hair."

Wufei smirked wickedly. "If that's the case, I hope it doesn't sell at all."

"Grow up, boys," Relena admonished with a laugh. "If Duo cut his hair, Hilde would spear him."

"Or castrate him," Heero offered.

Duo's paled. "Ah, well – I should be going. Got a ride, Wufei?"

"I'm acting driver today," Wufei said with a half-grumble. "Relena and I are somewhat friends, I suppose. Friends only drive for you once."

"Don't gag at the lovebirds," Duo advised. "In fact, you might as well put up the screen thing and let them make out in privacy."

The glare that had made Heero Yuy famous among the Gundam pilots came out and hit Duo directly. "You can do the same."

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, congrats, Relena!" Duo called. "You finally snagged him!"

On the way to the shuttleport, Heero let his arm fall around her shoulders. "Who snagged who?"

"Snagged you first," Relena laughed.

"Uh-huh." He directed her mouth toward his and nipped her top lip. "Should we put Wufei on the spot?"

Relena grazed her teeth along his cheek to Heero's earlobe. "I rather like the idea."

In response, Heero pushed her down on the seat. "How long do we have before we get to the port, Wufei?"

"Ten minutes," Wufei grunted.

"That's enough time." He laughed a little when Relena pushed him off of her.

"Behave, 01."

"Did you get a new secretary yet?" he asked, keeping his hands to himself as they approached the port.

"No, but India is supposed to be sending me one in a week. I think it's a man." She sighed exaggeratedly. "Those beautiful accents."

"That you can't understand on the phone," Wufei supplied from the front.

"Hm, true. Heero, maybe you should be my secretary," Relena suggested. "I'll bet you can take notes really well."

She couldn't have any idea how much it pleased him that she was back to her warm, joking self. That ice-encased Relena Darlian (soon to be Relena Darlian-Yuy) had gnashed him to pieces. "That depends," he told her, sliding out of the limo and extending his hand. She didn't need any help getting out, he just wanted to hold her fingers in his, to feel that connection he'd been deprived of for most of his life. "Do I have to work hard?"

"Very hard. People always underestimate secretaries, but many could never get along without them. Like me. But think of it this way." She stopped him and locked her fingers together behind his neck. Leaning up, she whispered something in his ear that both stunned and excited him at the same time.

Then she slipped away toward the shuttleport entrance to go get their tickets.

"What was that about?" asked Wufei, crossing his arms after handing the limo's key to a valet.

Heero shrugged, shaking his head, and smiling softly as they followed.

"Apparently, desks get fairly comfortable if you lay on them the right way."

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