Chapter Twenty One: Farewell

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Chapter Twenty One: Farewell

Kurama sighed as he watched Yami shuffle through his deck, hoping to find an appropriate monster to finish off the shadow on the wall. Dark Magician Girl eyed Atokata warily, gripping her staff tightly. She would love to take a try and attack it, but after seeing what happened to the Blue Eyes White Dragons, she had decided to wait for her master's orders.

Seto looked up at Priest Seto, raising eyebrow.

"What did he do to the dragons?" he inquired, the ancient priest's spirit shrugged, biting his lip in concern.

"I don't know," Priest Seto admitted with a sigh as White Dragon and the Blue Eyes Seto had summoned vanished, both owners knowing that allowing them to retreat was probably the best option. "But we'll have to plan our next moves very carefully."

Yusuke clenched his fist, getting sick of watching Atokata's shadowy self flicker around on the wall like a dying flame.

"This is stupid!" The black-haired teen declared, glaring up at the shadow demon. "You're going down in one big blow out!" he yelled, pointing his index finger at the wall, it lighting up brightly as his spirit energy flowed toward it.

Kurama's eyes lit up as Bakura leaned against the back wall, clutching the Millennium Eye tightly in his hands. Holding the powerful item didn't scare him anymore, now that he knew there was no evil spirit inside him that could take control and use the item for evil at any moment.

"One big shot..." Kurama murmured, looking up at Yusuke, who was ready to fire on Atokata. "Yusuke, that's it!" he yelled, hoping he could stop his friend before it was too late. "Don't fire at him just yet!"

Yusuke blinked, looking over at Kurama as if he were insane.

"What do you mean ,"Don't fire at him just yet?" Yusuke yelled back, narrowing his eyes. "If we don't attack him then he'll just get away!"

Atokata grinned, seizing the moment of unbalance and firing a shadowy beam directly at the Spirit Detective. Amber's eyes widened, as did Keiko's.

"Yusuke! Get out of the way!" Keiko screamed, her eyes filled with horror as the blast came near the teen, who wasn't paying a bit of attention.

There was a flash of gray light as something pink and blue flashed by Yusuke. The attack collided with the ground, causing a good deal of the surrounding pavement to explode, dust and smoke filling the air in the shadow-dome. Amber coughed, Yami having paused on one of his cards.

"One big shot..." he murmured, repeating what Kurama had just said. "I understand."

"Yusuke!!" Keiko screamed, looking frantically around as the dust cleared, the wispy laugh of Atokata ringing through the Shadow Dome. "Did he get hit??" The brown-haired girl asked Tea, who was standing beside her, looking equally horrified.

"I...I couldn't tell..." Tea admitted truthfully, scanning the area, hoping very much that somehow, someway, Yusuke had been knocked out of the path of the blast.

"Up there!" Mokuba suddenly shouted, pointing up toward the ceiling of the Shadow Dome.

Everyone followed his gaze to see the Dark Magician Girl floating in mid air, clutching her swirly-tipped staff in one hand and holding Yusuke by the collar of his shirt with the other. Yami smiled, glad he'd chosen to summon Dark Magician Girl.

"Whoa, now that was close," Yusuke muttered, looking at the large hole in the cement that the attack had made.

Kuwabara snorted.

"Hey Urameshi!" he called up to Yusuke, who looked down at his friend. "You had to be saved by a girl!"

Yusuke gritted his teeth, waving a fist at Kuwabara.

"Hey! Shut up!" he yelled down at him, all his rocking around causing Dark Magician Girl to lose her grip on his shirt.

"Stop that!" The apprentice magician yelled angrily, her staff slipping slightly and shooting out a Dark Magic Attack right near Kuwabara and Mokuba.

"Whoa!" Kuwabara cried, backing up into Mokuba as the attack demolished a large portion of the wall behind him. "Okay...I take back what I said before," he muttered, looking rather awkward.

Mokuba crossed his arms over his chest.

"You can't underestimate ANY Duel Monsters," he declared proudly. "Even the girls."

Kuwabra gulped and nodded.

"I guess you were right," he muttered, looking back over at Kurama, who seemed to be formulating a plan.

"We need to attack him with everything we've got in one blast," Kurama muttered to himself, Yami overhearing the red-haired demon's plans.

"Yes," The spiky-haired Pharaoh agreed, pulling a card out of his deck. "I have my weapons. Now we need everyone else to get theirs."

Atokata narrowed his eyes, blasting out another shadow beam at the group below, but the Giant Soldier of stone stepped into its firing path, taking the hit for everyone, its massive stone body only just enough to keep the magic from hitting the group.

"Hiei!" Kurama called over the black-haired demon, who looked quizzically over at him. "You need to use your Darkness technique."

Hiei raised an eyebrow, but didn't reply. After all, he had been thinking along similar lines, Hiei reminded himself, pulling off his black robe again and unraveling the bandages that he'd wrapped around his right arm.

Seto looked down at his deck, rummaging through it.

"The Blue Eyes White Dragon would be too injured to fight again," Seto thought to himself, stumbling upon another card. "But I have other beasts that could contribute a good amount of attack power in a group attack," he added, pulling out another dragon card.

Priest Seto looked down at Bakura, who had made his way back over to Yami and the others. Kurama had pulled out a small, round object, and was holding it in his hands as Atokata shot yet another beam at the Giant Soldier, this time cracking his stone body and destroying him.

"We're running out of time, Yugi!" Tea cried, clutching his arm.

Yami narrowed his eyes, holding up several cards.

"Black Luster Soldier!" he cried, sacrificing two of his monsters to summon the ritual monster to the area around them. "Dark Magician Girl, get ready!"

The blue and pink clad magician nodded, her green eyes sparkling.

"Go, Dark Necrofear!" Bakura declared, Yami blinking, turning around to see the white-haired boy clutching the Millennium Eye in his hands, it glowing brightly as the dark, fiend monster appeared in front of him.

"I never thought Bakura would use the powers of a Millennium Item again after the incident with the Millennium Ring," Yami thought to himself, narrowing his eyes. "Perhaps I've underestimated his will...or it possible that...?"

Yami's thoughts were cut off, however, as a huge green dragon appeared in front of Seto, its skin shinning brightly in the light from the street lamps. A dark aura of some sort had surrounded Hiei, like black and purple flames rising up around the demon. Yusuke grinned as Dark Magician Girl set him down on the ground.

"With our combined powers," Yami declared, Pearl standing up, her eyes turning slightly white as her pearl lit up brilliantly as well. "We will surely be able to defeat this monster, whoever he may be."

Tea backed up, her lip quivering.

"I hope this works," she thought desperately to herself.

"Die!" Atokata yelled, a huge shadow beam bursting from his shadowy body and heading straight toward to the group.

"Spirit Gun!" Yusuke declared, narrowing his eyes as he shot out a powerful beam of spirit energy.

"Dark Magic Attack!" Dark Magician Girl yelled, she and Black Luster Soldier adding their attacks to the spirit energy blast, causing the three attacks to collide with the shadow beam.

"Emerald Blast!" Seto declared, his Emerald Dragon shooting a green and white attack into the others.

Priest Seto watched, his eyes wide, hoping that the combined forces would be enough. So far, the four attacks were only just keeping the shadow beam from hitting the streets and incinerating them all in one puff of smoke.

Dark Necrofear attack its attack to the mix as well, red beams shooting from its eyes. Kurama looked worriedly up at the mix, realizing his plant attack would not be very useful in this situation. Stepping back, Pearl clenched her fists and shot icy blue beams up into the already rapidly growing attacks.

Atokata narrowed his yellow eyes, straining to keep up with the force of energy that the group below was emitting.

Their combined power is much stronger than I thought! The demon thought to himself, growling as he emitted more energy. I have to give everything I've got just to keep them from destroying my shadow beams and destroying me!

Kuwabara grinned, thrusting out his fist and letting small, jagged shards of spirit energy loose, like miniatures of his Spirit Sword attack. Hiei closed his eyes, purple flames shooting out from his arm, forming themselves into a huge, purple and black dragon.

"Just a bit more," Yami thought to himself, watching the energy bursts collide, one trying to overtake the other time and time again, and then receding back to the original point.

"Dragon of the Darkness Flame!" Hiei yelled, his third eye burning away the white headband that he'd tied around his forehead as the dragon of the underworld lunged into the growing attacks.

There was a horrible crackling sound as all the attacks merged. There was a shriek from Atokata as the shadows started to crumble beneath the attacks.

Priest Seto narrowed his eyes, the White Dragon appearing once more at his side.

"I know you're tired," The high priest said seriously to his loyal dragon. "But we need your help. Attack, now! White Lightning!"

The White Dragon nodded solemnly, letting lose a giant attack of white energy that soared into the attacks. A bright flash of white and dark light suddenly covered the entire area as Atokata let out an unmistakable yell of agony as his shadow barrier was destroyed, and all of the attacks collided with him head-on.

For several minutes, a huge flash of light and wind covered all of the area around them, and everyone took cover, Dark Necrofear and the other Duel Monsters disappeared. White Dragon roared before vanishing back to the priest's soul room.

As the light and wind cleared, Keiko blinked, squinting around as the dust and debris that was falling from the totaled wall. Atokata and his shadow were nowhere in sight, and everyone else was still ducking for cover. Slowly, she stood up, shaking.

" it...dead?" she asked, almost too hopefully.

Tea stood up as well, Yami retreating to the puzzle and letting his aibou take over once more. Yugi blinked, rubbing dust out of his eyes as he got to his feet.

"I...think so," Tea murmured, looking down at the normal Yugi, whose Millennium Puzzle glinted in the moonlight that was now pouring down on them, the shadow barrier having dissolved.

Yugi nodded as he watched his friends, both old and new, get to their feet, all looking very tired.

"Whatever that thing was," The spiky-haired boy declared. "It's dead now. Thanks to the Duel Monsters...and those other guy's powers."

Pearl puffed up her chest, looking irritated, her face streaked with dust and dirt from the asphalt and the crumbling wall.

"And me!" she declared, pointing to the pearl she wore around her neck. "I used my pearl's magic to add to those attacks!"

Yugi giggled as Amber rolled her eyes, putting a hand on her cousin's shoulder.

"We know you did," The brown-haired girl replied calmly. "Good job."

Duke nodded with a wink, his black ponytail bobbing from side to side.

"Yeah," he agreed. "Couldn't have done it without you."

Pearl blushed, not expecting everyone to compliment her so. Yukina smiled, pulling herself to her feet, glad no one had been seriously injured in the attack. She was even more glad that the shadow demon had been destroyed, along with his evil minions.

Yusuke punched a fist into the air.

"All right!" he shouted, grinning proudly. "That's mission accomplished, right?"

Kurama chuckled, his red hair flowing back in the evening breeze.

"Yes, that's one way to put it," he agreed, looking over at Yugi and his friends.

Yugi smiled.

"Thanks for all your help," he said gratefully, walking over to Yusuke and extending a hand to the taller boy. "We really appreciate it."

Yusuke blinked, not expecting Yugi, the one who had just summoned several monsters from another dimension, to be so friendly. A second later, however, he got over the shock and shook the boy's hand.

"Anytime," he replied casually. "Cool monsters."

Yugi chuckled, blushing slightly and rubbing his neck with his left hand.

"Blasting things with your finger is pretty cool, too," he replied, chuckling.

Meanwhile, Keiko sighed with relief, looking around at the others and the destruction everything had caused.

"I swear," she muttered, brushing a lock of her thick brown hair behind her. "One of these days, we're not all going to come out of these little "cases" in tact."

Tea sighed, shaking her head and smiling as she walked up to the girl.

"That's what I keep telling myself, too," she replied. "But so far, we all have. Somehow."

Hiei sighed, his eyes growing heavy as all traces of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame vanished. He'd absorbed it during a battle in the Dark Tournament, giving him control over it, but he still couldn't avoid the side-effect of summoning it.

Yawning, the black-haired demon fell backwards, asleep, onto the sidewalk behind him. Kurama chuckled, shaking his head. Bakura sighed heavily, walking over to Yugi, the Millennium Eye in his hand. He extended his hand to Yugi, the troublesome Millennium Item in his palm.

"Here you go, Yugi," he replied solemnly. "I'm sorry...for all the trouble I caused."

Yugi smiled.

"It's okay, Bakura," he replied with a smile. "Don't worry about it."

Bakura gave a weak smile back, and looked around at the others. Everyone looked tired and drained, but also victorious.

"I suppose," Bakura thought to himself, Kurama giving him a smile. "If one good thing came out of all this, we met some new people...and, in a way, made some new friends."

Keiko walked briskly over to Yusuke, sighing.

"Can we please go home now?" she asked pleadingly, her eyes tired.

Yusuke grinned in embarrassment.

"Yeah, yeah, we can go home," he replied, looking at Yugi and his friends.

Seto tucked the Millennium Rod back into his briefcase, Mokuba running up to him and giving him a quick hug, and then letting go.

"I'm glad everyone's okay," Mokuba muttered, looking around at everyone. "Hey, what happened to the little guy with the eyes?" he asked, looking up at Kurama.

Kurama chuckled.

"After-effect of an attack," he replied with a smile, walking over to the black-haired demon.

Yugi smiled at Yusuke.

"Well, guess we'll see you around," he said with a smile, Yami, in spirit form beside him, smiling as well.

Yusuke nodded, giving Yugi a thumbs-up as he turned around, ready to go back home.

"Yeah...we'll be sure to drop by next time we're in town," he replied with a grin.

The two teams bid each other farewell and went their separate ways: Yusuke and his friends back to their city and Yugi and the others to their homes in Domino. Yugi now possessed four of the seven Millennium Items, and had (hopefully) freed Bakura from the enslavement the evil spirit had held him in. But even with Atokata defeated, someone still lurked in the shadows, waiting to take their revenge...

End of Story

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