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Chapter One:

"talking" 'thinking'...easy enough?

"That binky sucking...little..." Yusuke mumbled as he let out a string of curses and

promises for when they got back to the Reikai. He wiped a piece of slimy, green flesh from his

face as his eye began to twitch.

"Koenma could have at least warned us..." Kuwabara stated, sitting up. The youkai the

Reikai Tantai had been tracking had been found...and dealt with as Hiei saw fit, which also

sprayed the entire team with the twenty foot tall demon's innards, mostly on Hiei and Kurama,

both of which weren't complaining, just picking a few organs out of their hair.

'At least we can go home now,' Kurama though to himself as he examined the only

wound he had received, a small gash in his upper arm from the youkai's claw. He sighed,

wondering momentarily why he was the one put out for bait as he rearranged the piece of material

so that it was, once again, covering his entire lower body. He then went in search of the rest of

his clothes, that Yusuke and Kuwabara made him take off before they set him in their 'trap.'

He glanced over at Hiei, noticing immediately that the fire demon had been wounded, but

Hiei was either ignoring the wound, or didn't notice it was there. He finally found his clothing

and put it on as quickly as he could, then went to examine Hiei.

Hiei glared at him momentarily as Kurama stared at the bloody wound in his upper thigh,

then collapsed into Kurama's warm embrace, no longer able to hold onto consciousness.

Kurama, almost falling over in surprise, lowered Hiei to the ground as he continued to inspect

Hiei's leg, trying to forget about the warming feeling in his lower body as he sat uncomfortably

close to the half Koorime.

"Is the shrimp going to be okay?" Kuwabara asked, glancing over at Kurama, who was

wrapping up his friend's leg carefully. 'Kurama really likes Hiei...but Shorty doesn't seem to

notice...Everyone can see how much Kurama cares for him...except Hiei...' Kuwabara thought to

himself, kneeling down next to Kurama. "I didn't even see him get hit..."

"Hiei'll be fine..." Kurama replied, lifting Hiei into his arms, then slinging the small

youkai over his shoulder. 'Hiei's just tired...between Murkro's training and his Reikai Tantai job,

he doesn't get much rest...' His golden eyes shifted towards Yusuke, who was screaming at Botan

through a communicator.


NOT!!!!!" Yusuke snorted, glaring at the blue haired woman on the communicator. "And I'd

rather get the hell out of the Makai sometime in the near FUTURE!!!!"

"Okay, Yusuke, no need to yell...and Keiko's been getting annoyed with your

disappearances lately..." Botan commented, turning off her communicator before she heard

Yusuke's reply.



Yusuke crumpled the communicator into his hand as he went in search of the portal back to the

Reikai, Kuwabara and Kurama following him, keeping their distance from their angry leader.

"I know I've been working all of you hard, but the rest of the spirit detectives have been

wiped out, so I have no other choice...and once Hiei leaves, it'll only get worse..." Koenma

sighed, wondering where he could find more spirit detectives before his father noticed youkai

were running around the Nigenkai and only a few, the most powerful of them, were being caught

by Reikai Tantai.

"Hiei's leaving?" Kuwabara asked, lifting his head from the pillow he had found

somewhere in Koenma's office that, as usual, was piled with papers, most of which hadn't been

looked at yet.

"Hai...his first loyalty is to Murkro...and she's been hounding at me to let Hiei return..."

Koenma commented. "She keeps saying that I have enough spirit detectives...but she has only

one high and mighty...thinks she can order me around...grrrr." Koenma continued

growling until Yusuke hit him in the head with a stack of papers. "NANI!!!"

"Don't worry, Kuwabara, Kurama and I can take any youkai on!" Yusuke said

optimistically, grinning. "Who needs Hiei here?!"

"Talking about Hiei...where is he...and Kurama?" Koenma asked, glancing around his

office, not finding either the redhead or the fire demon.

"Kurama took Hiei back home with him...Hiei was injured...not badly though..."

"...Does anyone else notice?" Kuwabara asked, glancing from Koenma to Yusuke. The

two furrowed their eyebrows, not understanding what Kuwabara meant. "Kurama...likes Hiei?"

"Oh, yeah...who hasn't!?" Yusuke replied, snickering.

"Hiei..." Kuwabara mumbled as he stood up. "I'll be at Genkai's temple..." 'Yukina, here

I come!' Kuwabara thought as he left the room, grinning.

"You're finally awake," Kurama said as he sat down on the bed, glancing down at Hiei,

who had finally woken up. '*sigh* if only...' Kurama thought to himself, forcing his eyes not to

roam across Hiei's bare chest.

"Hn," Hiei replied. Kurama wished, for once, that he could know exactly what the

Koorime meant by 'hn' all the time. He had begun to understand Hiei, read his eyes, his few

facial expressions, and even a few 'hns.'

Kurama moved closer to Hiei and, for the first time in something other than his dreams, he

touched Hiei. He slid his fingers along Hiei's ribs, tracing his muscles out as he moved

downwards. Kurama touched Hiei's muscular chest while his other hand gently stroked Hiei's

cheek. Kurama brushed his lips against the fire demon's, finding Hiei opened his mouth

immediately. He slowly kissed Hiei, lightly sucking on the Koorime's lower lip, then deepening

the kiss as he let his hands roam across Hiei's upper body, marveling at Hiei's small, yet muscular,

and absolutely beautiful form. Kurama felt the fire youkai shiver as his lips left Hiei's and he

began trailing soft kisses down the Koorime's neck and shoulders. Hiei remained still as Kurama

moved even closer, so there was no longer any space between them. Kurama ran his fingers

though Hiei's soft hair as he pushed the Koorime down on to the bed and laid on top of Hiei,

pressing his arousal against the small demon.

Kurama then felt Hiei's hands touch his chest, making him smirk inwardly, glad that he

had finally read the Koorime correctly, but he found out that he didn't when Hiei pushed him

back, making Kurama fall to the floor. Kurama sat up, and the first thing he noticed was that Hiei

was gone.

'Kami-sama, what have I done?' Kurama asked himself as he stared at his hands, his eyes

beginning to water. Kurama wiped away his tears as he relived the past few moments over and

over in his mind, realizing not once did Hiei respond to his touches or his kisses, not even the

smallest protest, except for the one that left Kurama on the floor, and Hiei...gone. 'I've scared

away one of the few friends I have...'

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