Mokuba was just awakening from a good night sleep as his alarm clock was ringing. He placed his hand on the snooze button as he got out of bed. It was 6:00 in the morning as he knew he had to get ready for school.

After brushing his teeth, washing his face, and getting dressed, Mokuba went downstairs for his daily breakfast. As he walked into the kitchen, he was in for a big suprised.

"Oh, good morning Moki!" Kaiba greeted his brother as he poured freshly squeezed orange juice into a glass. Two plates filled with bacon, toast, and eggs were already at the table, save for a small cup of jam.

"Good morning, Seto..." Mokuba responded, then blinks. "What did you just called me?"

"Moki, little brother!" Kaiba responded. "Or do you not like me calling you that?"

", it's fine, Seto..." Mokuba sat down in a chair at the table, abit uneasy. "Seto's hasn't called me that since we arrived at the orphanage long ago..." He thought. "Umm...Seto?" Mokuba asked.

"Yes, Moki?" He responded. He was wearing an apron over his school uniform.

"Why are you making breakfast? I mean, doesn't the cook usually do that for us?"

"Oh that." Kaiba chuckled. "I just wanted to do something different for a change. Now go on, eat! Your eggs are getting cold."

"Oh okay!" Mokuba grabbed a fork and began to eat the eggs as Kaiba sat down to eat. However, he wondered about the sudden change of attitude from his brother. Usually, Seto Kaiba was hardly, if ever happy, let alone to make breakfast. But it didn't mean that Mokuba had any complaints.

"Oh Mokuba..." Kaiba said.

"Yes, Seto?" He responded, having finished his breakfast already.

"Tonight I'm planning on having a party, tonight. You know, a chance to get know everyone better?"

"A party?" Mokuba replied, shocked at his brother's plans for the evening. Aside from potential buisness associates, Kaiba would never have guests over, let alone throw a party. "Umm...okay, I guess..."

"Splendid!" Kaiba checked his watch. "It's time to go!" He got up from his chair as he walked towards the door.

"Okay!" Mokuba smiled as he followed. He didn't know what happened to his brother, but whatever it was, he was happy it occurred. He felt that he had the old Seto back, before they were adopted.

At Domino High, Yugi and co. have arrived at school and were now in the middle of a conversation.

"So what are you guys doin' after school?" Joey asked.

"Well, I've promised to help Grandpa out at the shop." Yugi explained.

"Well, Tristan and I are working on a dance routine for the talent show." Tea explained.

"We are?" Tristan responded, Apparently he had no intrest in dancing. However, Serenity gave him the puppy dog eyes.

"Please Tristan...for me?" She asked.

Tristan sighed, "Alright Serenity." He liked Serenity so much, that he'd almost do anything for her.

Serenity smiled, as well did Tea. "Remember, practice is right after school, Tristan." Tea reminded him.

"Okay..." Tristan sighed

Duke and Joey snickered at Tristan. Knowing Tea, she would plan on doing a ballet, which would involve tights and classical dancing. However, Joey's mood went south after who he noticed. "Oh great..."

Kaiba walked by with a smile on his face. "Oh hello, Joey!"

"Fuck off, Money-" Joey's eyes went wide. "Huh? No dog jokes?"

"Hey, Kaiba!" Yugi greeted him. "What's up?"

"Nothing really...except wondering what you guys are all doing later tonight?"

"Umm...Kaiba are you feeling okay?" Yugi asked. Kaiba was never this nice to them before, especially to Joey. Usually he'd insult him with a dog or monkey joke which usually lead to a fight which usually sent them to the principal's office. But that wasn't going to happen...

"I'm fine, Yugi." Kaiba assured. "Anyway, I would be happy if you guys came over. I'm throwing a little party!

"Kaiba, are you serious?" Bakura replied. Just having a friendly conversation with Kaiba was shocking enough without the invitation. "A your house?"

Kaiba nodded with a smile as he then walked away. "It starts at 8! Be there..."

Joey looked on suspiciously. "I don' trust him. It must be some sick joke. It ain't like him ta be nice."

"I'm with you, Joey." Yugi nodded in agreement. "Something's fishy with Kaiba..."

"Guys, maybe Kaiba's coming around." Serenity suggests. "Maybe he really wants to get to know us better, maybe even want to become friends with us."

Tea narrowed her eyes. "Maybe, you're abit naïve." It was obvious to her, or practically everyone, that Serenity didn't know about everything Kaiba has done in the past.

"Well I trust Kaiba." Serenity said, despite what her friends and brother thought.

"Sis, you must be jokin'!" Joey replied, beleving his sister was nuts to even consider trusting Kaiba.

"Well I'm going, Joey." Serenity retorted. "If you don't want to go, I'll go by myself." She walked off, annoyed with her brother and friends.

"What's with her?" Joey asked, confused.

"Maybe Serenity's right." Yugi said. "Maybe Kaiba is trying to change. Perhaps we should trust him."

" much as you can throw him..." Duke muttered. "But maybe it won't be that bad."

"Who knows..." Joey responded to Duke's comments.

Back at Kaiba's mansion, School was over. Catering have already arrived as Kaiba stood near the doorway as he went ove.r what was tiltled "The Ultimate House Party Checklist, Y'all!"(Yes, it said all of that)

"Hmm..." Kaiba pondered. "DJ...Check. Alchohol...Check. Food...Check."

"Seto!" Mokuba ran up to him, seeing the equipment being set up for the DJ.

Kaiba looked down at his little brother. "What's up, Moki?"

"You're really going to go on with this?" He asked, still skeptical of his brother's "plans." Then he noticed the list. "So is everything in order according to the...umm... 'The Ultimate House Party Checklist, Y'all?'" He was abit taken back by the name of his brother's checklist.

"Of course. Like I said, this'll be the perfect opportunity to get to know everyone better." He smiled. "Now if you excuse me, I have to preperations."

"Okay, Big Brother." Mokuba nodded as Kaiba went upstairs. He then approached a door labeled "Security" as he then produced a key. He smiled as he unlocked and then opened the door. "And how are you doing, my friend?" He asked. A figure under a hood was tied up and gaged, only muffled sounds could be heard. "Oh I'm sorry, I can't hear you with that gag in your mouth..." Kaiba removed the gag, and hood to reveal the captured figure to be...Kaiba?"

"What do you plan to do to me?" He narrowed his eyes.

"Oh nothing much, as I'm going to be busy with the party I've...or rather, you planned." The standing Kaiba explained.

"Why are you doing this, Noah?" It was now obvious who was the real Kaiba and who was the imposter.

"Kaiba" pressed a button on his belt buckle as he then began to shrink and his hair became Turquoise, revealing it to indeed be his step-brother, Noah. "I've tried to take Kaiba Corp from you, but that didn't work. I tried to turn your own brother against you, but that didn't work either. So I decided to do one other thing that you'd never thought you'd worry about losing: You're reputation."

"What do you mean..."

"People see you as work-a-holic. Never having any time to have fun. It's always work-work-work with you, as you always have to have things right on schedule. No sooner, no later. But now, thanks to this party which will start in a few hours, that's all going to change. And you know what else?"

"It better not be what I think it is..." Kaiba warned.

"Oh it is!" Noah smiled. "I've invited Yugi. But that's not all. I also invited the whole gang. Tristan, Tea, Devlin, Bakura, Joey and Serenity."

"No...Not Wheeler, too!"

"You should be happy, Seto! You'll finally have friends and people won't think of you as a heartless, teen CEO anymore... Actually this is more of a blessing than a curse, if you think about it. Besides, you need to loosen up. But don't worry, Step-Brother. I'll let you watch." Noah pointed to the monitors which displayed every section of the house. This way, Kaiba could see everything that went on in the house.

"If they break one thing I'll..." Kaiba warned Noah. He knew the real reason Noah was doing this was to spite him. Noah knew that a party like the one he was throwing would result into accidents and valuable broken.

"I'd love to stay and chat but..." Noah presses the button on his belt buckle, transforming back into Kaiba. "I have a party to prepare for..." "Kaiba" walked off as he shut the door and locked it.

Mokuba was sitting on the steps in the house. Wondering what was wrong with him and why was he acting this way. Maybe it was stress that was causing this. As most people who were stressed out became grumpy, it went in reverse for Kaiba as he was next-to-never happy. Perhaps it was because of mind control, but with high security, it was near impossible to intrude unnoticed.

"Hey Moki, ready for the party?" Noah, disguised as Kaiba asked.

"I'm excited, Seto!" He replied. "But I did had my suspicions about you. Since this morining I've been wondering why you've been acting this way. I mean, it's very unlike you. But I guess it's just me."

"Umm...right..." "Kaiba" walked off. "Our guest should be arriving in a couple of hours."

Mokuba nodded in aproval. He didn't know what have gotten into his brother, but his expression on his face showed that he was happy.

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