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It's been a busy year for Kim Possible. She's now a senior at Middleton High, captain of the varsity cheer squad, and one of the most popular girls in school. Oh, and after a nasty break-up with Josh, Kim has a new boyfriend. One her father is even unhappier about than he was with Josh.

Ron is also having a good year. After spending some time with Yori in Japan, he has honed his skills and is now Kim's partner, not sidekick. He's also got a spot on the Middleton baseball team and a brand new ride. Oh, and Ron's also got himself a girlfriend.

Life is good for our teen heroes until a break-in at a relatively obscure holographics plant comes to the attention of Team Possible. Suddenly, Kim and Ron are thrown into a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of law enforcement. And one of their own will be at the center of it.

Now, Kim and Ron are on the other side of the law. Not sure who is behind it or what their real motives are, they must piece together the plot against them before its too late. And, in the process, stop the most nefarious criminal they have ever faced.

Part I: Wrongfully Accused

Chapter 1: Good Morning Middleton

Chapter 2: Of Mondays, Mankeys, and Missions

Chapter 3: Mirage

Chapter 4: Decisions, Decision

Chapter 5: Every Dog Has His Day

Chapter 6: Damage Control

Chapter 7: The Best Laid Plans

Chapter 8: And the Cradle Will Fall

Chapter 9: Questions and Answers

Chapter 10: The Unusual Suspects

Chapter 11: Capture

Part II: On the Run

Chapter 12: Fallout

Chapter 13: Jail Break

Chapter 14: Infamous

Chapter 15: The Games Afoot

Chapter 16: Out of the Shadows

Chapter 17: The Bug and the Mole Rat

Chapter 18: Breadcrumbs

Chapter 19: Planning, Plotting, and Scheming

Chapter 20: A Piece of the Puzzle

Chapter 21: Course of Action

Part III: Redemption

Chapter 22: Settling Up

Chapter 23: Intelligence

Chapter 24: The Voice of Reason

Chapter 25: Laying In Wait

Chapter 26: Mousetrap

Chapter 27: The Man Behind the Curtain

Chapter 28: Operation 'Anything Is Possible'

Chapter 29: Clearing Their Good Name

Chapter 30: Aftermath