Number One Priority

Chapter 15


Miroku gently eased the pistol out of Kagome's hands and pushed her behind him. Kagome slipped away and pulled a throw blanket from the back of his desk chair and reached around Miroku's lean form and secured it around his waist.

The idea of him standing so exposed before Mitsurugi was too much for her. She placed her face against the smooth contours of Miroku's well-muscled back, the beads of sweat gathering along his spine not bothering her in the least. She hoped to hide from the man that plagued her nightmares and Miroku was her shield.

Mitsurugi leaned against the door and smirked at his son while he crossed his arms over his chest. "So does this mean you are going to shoot your old man now?"

The gun lowered as Miroku frowned at his old man. He reached around with his free hand and placed his arm around Kagome, pulling her more firmly against the security he offered. "No," Miroku declared, amethyst eyes flashing. "I don't need to resort to violence. Now, get out of my apartment."

Mirsurugi stood straight and took a couple of menacing steps away from the doorframe. "I don't think so, you're going to get dressed and meet my new wife." He leered behind Miroku and grinned slyly at the shivering young woman trying to make herself smaller by standing as close to Miroku as humanly possible. "Don't worry, I'll watch little Kagome-chan."

The gun began to rise and a look of absolute loathing and hatred darkened Miroku's features. He released the safety switch, that thankfully Kagome had been unaware of and aimed the pistol at the man that caused him to lose the most precious person in his miserable, lonely life.

Mitsurugi sneered at his son. "Big man now, aren't you?" He jeered, but he stood still as a statue and remained near the door with a wary eye.

Then he was on the floor.

Inuyasha stood at the door, hand on the doorknob, and a confused expression as he looked down at Miroku's dad on the floor at his feet. He raised his golden irises and did a double take when he saw the gun in Miroku's hand. His heart almost jumped up his throat in surprise when he noticed Kagome standing behind him in the bedroom with not much clothes on.

"Did I miss something?" Inuyasha questioned, gaze shifting between the three odd visuals.

Miroku lowered the gun and smiled at Inuyasha tiredly. "No, you were just in time Yash." Kagome smiled against the center of Miroku's back, sending shivers to the root of his soul.

"Okay," Inuyasha answered as he brought his cell phone back to his ear and continued whatever conversation he was having prior to his little interruption. He laughed a bit then flipped the phone closed and slipped it in his pocket. He arched a brow at the groaning man on the floor and locked gazes with Miroku again. "Shall we take out the garbage?"

"Lets," Miroku agreed.

After Mitsurigu had been escorted kindly out of the apartment complex Miroku and Inuyasha returned. Each sported satisfied, smug expressions on his face.

Inuyasha smirked at Kagome, who was fully dressed by now. "So, did you show Miroku that banana trick?" Her cheeks burned scarlet in embarrassment.

"Banana trick?" Miroku looked instantly interested and smiled seductively at Kagome as he stalked towards her. "Kagome dear, is there something you wanted to… me?"

"I have no idea what you two are talking about," Kagome stuttered, as her cheeks began to burn even brighter.

Inuyasha scratched the back of his head and looked apologetically at Miroku. "Well, must have been my lack of medication. Must have imagined she possessed such a …..talent," he replied winking at Kagome.

Miroku slipped his arms around Kagome and pulled her to him. "Perhaps this requires further investigation. I don't have a banana, but I'm sure we can work something out dearest," he whispered into her ear in a deep, resonate voice that sent shivers down her spine and caused Inuyasha to laugh before going into his room and shutting his door behind him before turning on his stereo and listening to music at such a volume that no noise would disturb him.

Kagome reached her hand tentatively for Miroku's waist line. She slipped her fingertips into the slight space between the jeans and his abdomen. "Hmmm….what about a banana split?" She asked with a mischievous twinkle in her light colored eyes.

"You mean with a cherry on top?" Miroku asked, barely concealing the mounting excitement for what lay ahead of him.

"Exactly," Kagome whispered huskily. "With lots of cream," she could feel his muscles jumping where she lightly touched his skin. This was too cruel, but she couldn't help it. "And chocolate syrup, I must have that." She pulled her fingers from under his shirt and took his hand and led him to the front door.

Miroku was confused as Kagome began to lead him out of the apartment. "What are you doing?" He asked, voice somewhat strained from all the innuendos and the visions forming in his mind's eye.

Kagome looked at him with the most innocent expression possible. "You're taking me to get a sundae." She allowed her lips to quiver adorably and eyes to become liquid pools. "Did you not mean it?"

He was at a loss. "I didn't think you meant a real sundae," he hastily explained as he took a deep swallow and tried to control the raging hormones she just let run rampant within. 'She did this on purpose!'

She cocked her head to the side and tried to look like she was confused. "Why Miroku dear, whatever did you think I meant?"

The rising blush in his cheeks was enough satisfaction for now. Kagome tugged on his hand and he followed reluctantly. As they took the elevator down Kagome raised her free hand to his cheek, gaining his attention. His amethyst eyes were still slightly glassy from the state she so mercilessly placed him within. She reached on tip toes and kissed his lips softly as he leaned into her palm.

"Perhaps we can try another type of sundae later tonight, but for now you have ravaged me and I am hungry beyond all belief!" Kagome declared, heart leaping for joy at the look of contentment that danced across his face.

"You are too kind and too cruel all at the same time, making you my perfect match." Miroku said as he extracted his hand from hers and placed it upon the small on her back while the other cradled her head so he could claim her lips with his until his lungs forced him to break the contact.

Dizzy with love, he smiled at her. "What are you thinking about?" Kagome asked curiously as the elevator doors opened and the two walked out of the lobby into the early morning, glad to see that Mitsurugi was no where to be seen.

Miroku lifted her to him and twirled in a childish circle before kissing her briefly on the forehead. "I'm just glad that I finally have my priorities straight."

Kagome frowned with a serious expression ruining the blissful feeling the two had previously been experiencing. "You realize we still have to deal with Hojo, Sango, Hotohori, and your father."

Miroku shrugged. "I'm sure we'll have more to deal with Tasuki and Naraku too, but that doesn't matter right now. Because you are my number one priority.