Simply This, Simply That

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Harry :: Simply This


It means so many different things. It can mean everything, yet nothing at the same time. It makes people do strange things, or so I've heard. I guess those people are right. If someone had told me seven years ago, that'd I'd fall in love with my best friend, I would've laughed.

As children, we see the world as the most innocent thing, where people can do no wrong. Yet, that's so far from the truth. As children, we aren't sure what love is, or hate, or really any other emotion other than happiness and sadness. We view the world through innocent, naïve eyes.

I don't even know how to start. It so strange to me to have those words finally come out into the open, I'm in love my best friend. She was this overachieving, bossy little bookworm of an eleven-year-old when I first met her, and now she grown into a lovely, overachieving, a bit on the bossy side, bookworm, of a seventeen-year-old.

I've never been able to express my feelings for her, plus it doesn't help that my other best friend might have them too. I'm listening to him talk about Quidditch, The Cannons actually. He was my first friend, and if I could change how I felt, I would, so that it wouldn't have to hurt him in the end.

I look up for a moment, just in time to see her walk down the stairs. She smiles at me amusingly. I suppose she's heard our talks about Quidditch so much, that she can just pick up on them now. The three of us walk to the Great Hall, and we sit down.

Suddenly, I feel someone's eyes on me, so I look up. Hermione's staring at me, then she blushes and turns away. She looks cute like that. I gaze at her a little longer, chuckling slightly, then I turned to Ron to continue our conversation.

We are so different now, then when we were eleven. Our lives have changed so much, as have our opinions and dreams. Love just never seems to fit in our schedules. It's always unplanned, and unexpected, and always comes at the wrong time. Yet, when it does, it makes you feel everything at once, the good and the bad. You see, I love her for several reasons, but those are only that, reasons.

The easiest way for me to put it in words is just simply this, I love her.


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