Sakazuki: so here i am again. it's been a long time coming but at last i've decided to start another fanfic. to tell you the truth i really don't have anything planned out for this, so i can't make any promises. i started this at 2am in the morning. it shows too. so, please excuse the somewhat-sloppy-ness of this first chapter.

you'll notice, if any of you have read my first fic "true love never dies," this takes quite the change of perspective. i do believe i've grown more in both writing and maturity, so this fanfic will manifest into a story as far away from a cliche teenage drama soap opera as humanly possible.

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[A Small Dose of Fantasy] What is Love But a Mere Illusion?

I don't believe in love.

It's as simple as that. Love is bullshit to me. I see those emo's crying their eyes out for a guy or girl they're crushing over, claiming they're "in love." And those other kids, awaiting their "true love" to come running up to them in slow motion and sweeping them in their arms while sweet music erupts from the sky as they kiss passionately on a beach with sparkling waves and a beautiful sunset.


You wanna know what love is?

"Illusions," I said, "Vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of the feeble human intellect desperately trying to justify the existence that is without meaning or purpose. Only minds such as ours can invent something as insipid as what you call love."

The brown haired goggle boy who I sometimes wondered why the hell I called my best friend stared at me from across the table. "Dude," he said, "You realize you just jacked that from The Matrix, right?"

"Yeah, yeah." I mumbled, taking a bite out of my sandwich.

Valentines day was coming up. And you know what that means. Valentines day equals tons of lovey dovey shit along with a great handful of emo kids crying because they're single. I hate it. Why does there have to be one specific day to celebrate your "love" for your significant other? Geez, if you really love this person then why not celebrate your love everyday?

Not that I believe in love, or anything.

"Whatever, Neo. But listen. You're 18. You're graduating next year. All the girls ranging from freshmans to seniors are in love with you. Valentines is coming up. And you don't have a girlfriend!"

I chuckled at that last line, nearly choking on a piece of sandwich half down my throat. I took another bite. "Man, waf you talfin' afout?" I said with my mouth half stuffed with bread. I gulped and took a swig of my soda. "Ack, brain freeze."

"Dude be serious!"


"Valentines Day! It's next week! You seriously need a girlfriend or something, Keru. Or at least a date to the dance. You haven't gone to that in...what? 4 years?"


"And? And!? It's your last year here! You've gotta go to at least one dance!"

"You kidding? All that trashy music and crap punch," I slammed my soda can down on the table and crouched over to him in a hush-hush way, giving him a serious look, "WHICH, might I add, has NEVER been spiked!" I sat upright again and crossed my arms matter-of-factly, "It's an outrage, really!"

Perhaps it was my long-lasting belief that there's no such thing as love that made me act like a sarcastic dumbass. I dunno. Maybe I just liked to piss Daisuke off.

"Man, shut up! C'mon, seriously! Valentines Day is coming and YOU need a girlfriend."

I rolled my eyes. "Valentines Day. Pfft. Fucking commercial holiday," I stood up and trashed my lunch, then turned to look back at Daisuke, "Look you fool, I already bought my mom a necklace. Valentines Day can go suck on it. I worked hard this semester, I'm broke, I'm tired, I get to be selfish."

Daisuke dragged himself up and trashed his own lunch. "But that's your mom Takeru! I know you're a momma's boy and proud, but still! One day your mom isn't gonna be here anymore."

I froze and shot him a deathglare that could intimidate a viper. "What'chu you say 'bout my momma?"

He sweatdropped and held up his hands in defense, "Erm – nothing man! Nothing." Smart move. Knowing me, you never say something that does not relate to a compliment about my mom or you best hightail it to the next country to avoid getting your ass whooped so hard you'll end up in another country anyway.

"Good." I gathered up my stuff and strolled out of the cafeteria. All smooth and cool. I saw some heads turn. Oh God. I hate to be egotistical put...damn I can be so hot sometimes. I saw Daisuke scramble up from our table and jog to catch up with me.

"Consider this, Takeru." he slowed to my pace, "It's your last year. Might as well make it memorable, no?"

"Shove it, Daisuke."

Halfway across the quad area, Daisuke grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to a stop. I rolled my eyes annoyingly. "What do you care, anyway? Man, it's my life. Why do you care so much if I go out or not?"

Daisuke beamed, "Because you're my friend."

"Don't give me that shit."

"Oh, come on! It's true! I've seen how people like you turn out, man. Countless one night stands, countless hearts broken...hell, in fact, it's happening right now! You're practically sleeping around, dude!"

"Am NOT. I'm still a virgin you moron."

"Your eyes sure aren't."

I had a quick flashback to a huge alcohol-filled party with tons of girls and tons of fun. Couples making out, giggly girls leading drunk men to private rooms by their hands...and while all this was occurring, apparently I was in one of those rooms myself with a cute freshman girl who was more than willing to strip –


Daisuke threw his hands in the air. "See!? Takeru, c'mon, haven't you ever been in love?"

I fell into a solemn silence. My eyes darted across the quad area, observing happy couples holding each other in their arms and laughing giddily as they teased each other. I focused my attention on one couple especially, sitting under a shady tree, kissing and teasing each other with their lips. As though they were the only two people in the world and time meant nothing.

My eyes then traveled to a nearby group of guys where one particular boy was staring at them longingly. I knew, just by his look, that he wished he could be in the place of that other guy, holding that girl in his arms and kissing her tenderly.

"Well, haven't you?"

My eyes found there way back to Daisuke. The silence still hung in the air as my expression turned pained. That boy in that crew reminded me a lot of myself...when I was in 7th grade.


Daisuke did an anime-style fall.

"Seriously Daisuke. There's no such thing as love. At least in the world of Takaishi Takeru." I turned around and dragged myself towards my own crew hanging out at our usual spot. Dealing with Daisuke's blabbering about "love" and Valentines for the past 3 days straight was becoming tedious.

I reached the guys, high-fived some, and leaned my back against the wall. Ichijoji Ken chuckled.

"Daisuke still at it?"




Daisuke then appeared at my side. "Ken! C'mon man help me out. Takeru still won't say yes!"

Ken shrugged as the rest of the guys snickered. "Keep trying, Dai'."

I sighed, "What's the big deal, Daisuke? Why do you want me to go to that stupid dance so bad anyway?"

Cody, a junior, cleared his throat. "I heard he hooked up with this hot chick from room 2A. He's too wimped to go alone with her, so he needs someone to double date with him so he won't choke."

As hard as I tried, I couldn't hold it in. I cracked up so bad, everyone within a 15 yard distance stopped and stared at me. After a good 5 minutes, I worked up a few words through the fit of giggles.

"Dai! Dude! You should've just said so!" I started, grabbing his shoulder for support. I wiped the tears from my eyes.

Daisuke's eyes widened. "You mean you'll do it!?"

"Of course! Of course!" I swung my arm around his neck and turned him to face the group of students in the area. I gestured towards the girls, "Just pick which one I should take. I can't choose. I'm bad at choosing. But just a word of advice, don't pick one hotter than your girl. Never do that."

The goggle head suddenly pulled away from under my arm and looked sternly at me. "No! Takeru, not everything I told you in the cafeteria today was a lie! Pick someone that actually means something to you. A nice girl you think would be right for you."

I outstretched my arms and brought them to the back of my head. I sighed heavily. "Not more of this..."

"Really, Takeru."

Suddenly, an idea struck my mind. "But...hey." I stuck my hands in my pockets, "I don't exactly know any girl I think would be 'right' for me at the moment. And...we only got a week. I can't...fall in love in just one week." I cringed inwardly. In love. Yech.

For once, Daisuke considered what I said. "You got a point..." After a moment, he sighed in defeat. I chuckled with victory. "Alright, alright. That's true."

"Okay so, pick one."

Ken suddenly threw his arm around my shoulder and pointed at one almost-too-innocent-looking girl walking down a hall, "That one. She's purrrfect for you."

Suddenly, Cody threw his arm around my other shoulder. "Hell no. How about that one." He pointed at another one. Before I knew it, a bunch of guys were surrounding me, pointing at random girls coming from all directions. All of which I had never considered in my entire four years at this hell-hole of a school.

"No." Daisuke suddenly said. The force of his voice shut everyone up. Then, almost dramatically, he pointed at a single girl walking with a few friends. "Her." Everyone's eyes followed his finger and gasped. I raised an eyebrow.


"Damn...I heard she was hard to get."

"Yeah. Almost every guy that's asked her out has been rejected."

"Yeah, and every guy she has said yes to got dumped a day later."

"Hey Willis, didn't you get rejected?"

"Hell yeah. It's impossible to hook up with that girl."

They were all pathetic. What was so damn hard about hitching that girl? I could do it. Hell yes I can. As the guys animatedly gossiped I pulled Daisuke away from the group.

"You mean her, right?" I asked, pointing.

"Yeah. You know her, don't you? Childhood friends...or some shit like that?"

"Yeah..." I trailed off as my eyes fixated on her. Somehow I portrayed her as a ditzy prep cheerleader considering her mini entourage following her around virtually everywhere. If it weren't for her straight A's she would be a ditzy prep with a mini entourage following her around virtually everywhere. We were close ass friends back in elementary days. As we entered high school, however, it all seemed to disappear.

Our eyes met for a moment and I felt the intensity in them. It intrigued me. We locked eyes until hers broke away. I always liked those eyes. Ruby, beautiful...and sexy. As I perceived these appalling thoughts I instantly tore my eyes away and blinked promptly, realizing I had forgotten to blink in the past minute. Not good. The last thing I wanted was to be ogling over some babe like a naive football player to a slutty cheerleader.

Then again, I heard this girl was the most sought-after chick at Odaiba high.

Heh, I never really thought of her as something special. In fact I never really thought of anyone as something special. I've gone out with a few girls a few times. None of which impacted me in any way. I bet this girl wouldn't be any different.

She'd just be the same as anyone else.

All the same, I could've so easily said no. Besides, I didn't wanna get her thinking it was anything serious. At the same time I didn't want her to think I was playing her as a ho. I shook those thoughts away. There was no need to think of that. I don't know what possessed me at the moment, but I wasn't going to say no. There was something in her eyes that...tantalized me.

I let my eyes drift carelessly back on her just in time to see her coolly glide down the hall with friends surrounding her like paparazzi. Daisuke attached his eyes on her, "Damn, she's pretty hot." he looked at me, "What was her name again?"

"Yagami," I answered, never taking my eyes off of her, "Yagami Hikari."