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A Small Dose of Fantasy: Tutoring Sessions, House Parties, and Hoochie-Mamas

"All right, are you done? Let me see that. Let's see…'I like to play basketball. It is fun. I also like to look at girls and their – '…Takeru!"

I could barely control my laughter as Hikari read my homework, only to crumple it up and throw it at my face within reading one sentence. It bounced off my forehead and landed in the depths of the sea of crumpled-homework collecting on the floor around us. I proceeded to take out yet another piece of paper as Hikari gave another sigh to prepare for yet another scold.

"Christ, is that all you can think about?" Hikari huffed, rearranging her papers. "Honestly, Takaishi, you can be such a pig."

Holding my hands up in defense, I grinned sheepishly. "Whoa now, c'mon Hikari! It's all good fun. No need for the formalities." I smirked. "And for your information, I am a very mature and polite gentleman when I want to be."

Hikari ignored me and I tugged at her sleeves to get her attention. "C'mon Hikari! All right, I promise I won't fool around again. I'll go back to work." She continued to ignore me. I continued to tug. "Hikarriiii…c'mon! Don't be mad. I don't like it when you're mad. Are you just jealous that I look at other girls and not y - "


Before I could finish my sentence, I found myself face down on the table and a big red hand mark on the side of my face.

Yep, it was just a typical Friday in my household.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Hikari would come over to tutor me - sometimes to her complete and utter dismay. Well, I can't say I blame her; I wasn't the best student. Maybe it was the fact that she was my friend that made me want to fool around so much. But regardless, I was pretty sure that I was the reason why Hikari was starting to hate the subject of English. Sometimes I felt sorry for her, but hey, I really needed the help.

Despite all the crap I put her through, though, we did have our good times. Between Daisuke jokes and translation errors such as attempting to write "Daisuke sleeps in Nakasuki's class" and coming out with "Daisuke sleeps with Nakasuki in the class," there were plenty of moments in which we rolled around the floor, clutching at our stomachs and laughing until our eyes watered.

And while we weren't studying, we talked. We would talk about anything and everything. We talked about current events and how stupid the rising gas prices were. We talked about school and which teachers we hated. We talked about our classmates and strangers, friends and enemies.

But mostly, we caught up on all the years we missed out on when we weren't speaking to each other; she told me about all the drama she had gotten into with other cheerleaders and the horrible jock boyfriends she had dated, and I told her about the cynical adventures of Takaishi Takeru and his sidekick, Daisuke, and all our antics as we attempted to cure the horrible disease known as boredom. We talked about our plans for the future, or lack thereof, and the dreams and aspirations we discovered while we were away from each other. Hikari wanted to travel to America and become a Kindergarten teacher. I'm guessing that's why she was such a good tutor. I was probably not much different from a kindergartener myself. It's like she's training with me. Hey – good for her!

We were growing really close. Being alone with each other for two hours, three days a week was a lot, after all.

I groaned as I lifted my head up off the table. Hikari turned around, a sudden change of heart obvious in her eyes. She scooted closer to me, observing my face. She touched my red cheek gently and frowned. I sensed regret. Yay for me!

"Sorry," she muttered in a melancholy sort of way. "I'll go get you some ice."

Before she could get up, however, I grinned and pulled her back down. "No big deal," I said. "Let's study."

We proceeded to get back to work, and I finally wrote something appropriate in English that Hikari didn't crumple up or shred to pieces. It was a proud moment for me, I have to say. But after awhile we drifted away from our work and began to talk again, like we usually did.

"Why did your parents divorce?" Hikari asked, a thoughtful expression on her face.

I shrugged. "My mom said it didn't work out."

"Oh." A pause. "Were they in love?"

"I dunno."


And that was all that was said.

Hikari and I discussed a lot of things when we were together. I guess the only thing we didn't really talk about was love.


"There you are, man! Finally! What is this? Like, your one day free?"

I rolled my eyes as I took a seat next to Daisuke at a noodle cart. "Actually Daisuke," I replied, matter-of-factly, "there are seven days in a week. Three of these seven days are my tutor days, therefore leaving me with approximately four free days to spare. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And coincidentally, today is Saturday." I smirked at him.

Daisuke glared at me. "…Yeah, well." He paused. "If only your math was as good as your English, eh?"

After death-glaring Daisuke down, I ordered a bowl of ramen while my goggle-headed friend ordered the whole damn cart. With a mouth full of noodles, he turned to me. "So wafs gofing on wif you and Hifari?"

Gulping down my own food, I glanced at Daisuke and arched an eyebrow. "She's tutoring me?"

Daisuke swallowed and laughed. "That it?" Cupping his bowl in his hands, he downed the whole bowl of soup in one gulp in that amazing way he does and wiped his mouth sloppily. "Well, that better be it, 'cause Yamato's party starts in an hour."

Ah, Yamato. I guess having the star of a popular rock band as your big brother exposes you to the whole party lifestyle. But hey, I can't say they aren't fun. It was a great way to meet new people, meet new girls, meet new beer brands…And though I lived this life maybe once a month, Yamato lived this life everyday. Maybe he was the one who influenced my affinity for house parties. Must be a genetic thing.

But…"That better be it"? What, did Daisuke think there was something going on between me and Hikari or something?

That's funny.


The booming bass of the stereo system rang in my ears as Daisuke and I entered my brother's rather crowded house. It was only nine o'clock, yet the party was already raging. Guys and girls were dancing everywhere, grinding hips and holding red cups. There was barely any walking room to get through.

I spotted Yamato mingling with some friends on a couch and I waved over at him. "Oy, Yamato," I called, squeezing my way through the crowd.

Yamato glanced at me and then grinned, excusing himself from his company and standing up from the couch. "Hey! Baby brother! How d'you like the party?" He said over the booming music, patting my shoulder.

Too lazy to shout over the stereos, I gave him a simple thumbs up.

He laughed. "Hey, that's good. Just enjoy yourself! But don't get too wasted or mom'll kill me. All right? Now go play." With another pat on the back, Yamato grinned and went off to mingle.

I turned to Daisuke and shrugged, and the two of us made our way to through the crowd for some drinks. Within two seconds, however, I lost Daisuke to a pretty blonde and found myself alone in the middle of the dance floor. Sighing, I shrugged and made my way to the drinks – nonalcoholic, mind you. I grabbed a soda and popped the top. I'd pass on the alcohol tonight. I wasn't much of a drinker.

"You aren't much of a drinker, are you?"

I turned around and saw…a girl I didn't know. I arched an eyebrow. "Um, no, I'm not." I scratched the back of my head. "Do I know you?"

She giggled girlishly and I was left standing there confused and wondering what was so funny. I sipped my drink to avoid the option of having to talk.

"I'm Kathy. From your English class?"

"Oh. Hi Kathy." I didn't know what else to say. I brought the can of soda back to my lips and sipped. In the corner of my eye I noticed her skimpily clad outfit and overused make up and figured this girl wanted something from me. Feh.

Suddenly, I felt her tugging on my arm. "Wanna dance?"

My first instinct was to tear my arm away and yell at her for almost spilling my drink, but, knowing better, I just dug my feet into the ground to keep from moving and shook my head. I forced a smile. "Um, maybe later Kathy. I'm not really in the mood."

She gave a small pout that annoyed me and I tried not to roll my eyes. This girl was clearly hoochie-mama status. I didn't like hoochie-mamas.

"Okay, well, let's go sit down, Keru!"

Before I could refuse, she pulled me over to an armchair and practically sat on my lap. "So Takeru, what brings you to the party?"

"The host is my brother."

She seemed to squeal in delight. "Oh! You're Yamato's brother? Oh my," she giggled, "good looks must run in the family."

I nearly died. "Really now."

Kathy smiled coyly and inched closer to me, "Uh huh. I mean, c'mon," she drew her finger down my arm, "every girl is practically in love with you."

"I doubt that."

She then made a little "Oh!" noise that annoyed me again and giggled, still touching my arm. "Oh, that's right," she chirped, "you don't believe in love, right?" I looked at her as she smirked. "That discussion in class, you said you don't believe in love. I remember." She giggled again. "How can you not, Keru?" She put her hand on my chest. "I bet I can make you believe in love…"

Oh geez. She was like Hikari. Except sluttier.

Giving a loud, exasperated sigh, I stood up. Maybe this girl was less annoying when she was dancing. Putting on a coy, fake smile I took her hand and tugged her onto her feet. "Y'know what?" I whispered into her ear flirtatiously, "Let's dance."


"Hee hee, that was really fun, Keru!"

I wiped my forehead with my sleeve and took a few gulps of another soda, my breathing still heavy and my forehead a little sweaty. Apparently, I was right. This girl was less annoying on the dance floor, and she had some good moves too.

She began to ramble on about herself again – something that I managed to learn to tune out – and I looked at her.

I sighed. She was an annoying hoochie-mama, but at least she was a hot annoying hoochie-mama.

"We should go out on Friday! Okay Keru?"

Selective hearing was what made me listen to her again and I shook myself to snap myself out of it. "What – huh?"

"Friday! Let's go out!"

"Oh, uh…" I stared at my drink. "I can't."

In the corner of my eye, I saw that annoying pout again. She squeaked, "Why not?"

"I'm getting tutored." And hey, I wasn't lying. At that particular moment, I loved Hikari. She saved my life. And I had never wanted to go to a tutoring session so badly in my life.

"What! But you're so smart, Keru! What're you getting tutored on? I can tutor you!"

I sighed. "Hikari tutors me in English."

"What? Hikari? Yagami?" Her voice seemed to go up an octave and all I could hear was screeching. Even the loud music couldn't cover it up. "What do you see in that skank bag? What does she have that I don't?"

My headache was beginning to grow. I looked at my watch. "Listen, I have to go. It was fun. Bye."

Before she could say anything, I disappeared into the crowd. I could still hear her screeches behind me. I winced. As much as I wanted to stay and dance with other people, I couldn't stand this girl anymore. She wouldn't leave me alone. In the corner of the room I saw Daisuke getting rejected and I waved him over to leave. He moped across the room.

"Kaori wouldn't like this, would she?" I said, pushing my way through the crowd.

We finally made it out of the house and the cool breeze swept over us. I breathed in deeply as Daisuke stuffed his hands into his pockets and stared at the ground. "Kaori wouldn't care. She dumped me last week." I looked at him as he sighed. "I thought she was The One, man…"

I laughed.