No More Words

By Shizuka

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Boku wa kimi ni nani o tsutaerareru darou

What can I tell you?

Konna chippoke de chisana boku de shika nai

Only being such a small self

Ima wa kore ijou hanasu no wa yametoku yo

I won't tell you more now

Kotoba wa sou amari ni mo

Because the words are so

Toki ni muryoku dakara

Weak against time

Chapter 1 – Return

Do you regret?


Hiei paced back and forth in front of the portal that is connected to the Human World - Ningenkai. It had been there ever since the Makai Tournament ended. In times, ignorant humans have wondered this far to Makai through the portal, unaware about the dangers that are lurking in this world unknown to most ordinary beings.

Did I regret? Of course not.

Time had allowed itself slipping away from one's grasp without noticing. Six years have passed since the Yakumo incident. That night at Genkai's temple after the triumphal victory, as Hiei recalls, was unforgettable. He enjoyed every moment of it, Botan, under his own touch. Maybe it was the lust and desire he longed for a woman caused him to fail resisting the temptation.

She was frail. Her magenta colored eyes were weary, gazing down at her bandaged arms. Strands of her azure hair entwined and fell loosely on her shoulder. Her slender form appeared to be ravishing under the moonlight's reflection. She dazed. She was hurt. It somehow pained him sufficiently to see her suffers. He kneeled down beside her where her body was leaned and examined her.

"What happened?"

Botan turned to face Hiei. He caught glimpses of sadness showing inside her eyes as tears started to flow down to her cheek. He didn't know why just one simple question like that can make her cry, out of grief, out of sorrow, and most of all, out of anger.

But he made no effort to repeat. His pride kept him from doing so. He lived known for his pride. He lived for his pride. Hiei made a gesture, ready to walk away. But the soft sound of her voice stopped him.

"I didn't know you cared."

She questioned him in such a declarative way that he was at loss of words. Did he really care? He waited for a short while before replying with whatever best answer he could come up with.

"Who said I cared?"

A small smiled tucked on Botan's lip. She struggled sitting up straight to meet his eye level to get a good look of him. Her smile was so warm, so entrancing. He could no longer withstand the heat that's building up inside of his body. He extended out his arms and wrapped around her instantly. She was startled.



He hushed her and tightened his grip around her. His head leaned forward to smell her sweet scent. Botan winced in pain as he started kissing down her neck roughly. It was hard to believe. For years Botan had spent as the ferry girl of Reikai and assistant of the Spirit Detectives, she had known Hiei to be a ruthless person who had threaten her numerous times though she was very fond of him when times come like protecting Yukina. But right now, it seemed wrong. The bond between them, it was never this intimate. But due to her needs, she finally gave in as she sobbed continually against his chest.


"Do you regret?"

"The only thing I regret is that why I haven't done this earlier."



"Please stay, don't leave me..."

Botan lightly whispered before drifting into a deep slumber.

Those images kept flashing through his mind oftentimes. He frowned. Those words, they were the last things she spoke before he left. Hiei never went back to see Botan except the occasional visiting to Kurama, or Yukina (even though he only watched her from the dark, trying everything possible to keep her away from any peril and a certain buffoon.) Through the years, he avoided from getting in touch with anybody. He avoided seeing Yusuke and his company whenever he visits Ningenkai. Just about a year ago, Kurama left Japan to America for college. So now, he is completely off - connected to the Living World. Sometimes he wondered what had become of Botan after his rude departure. He didn't even know why he tried to prevent seeing Botan, perhaps it's the reason that he is afraid, afraid of facing the reality. He also remembered what Kurama said to him before he went to the states, concerning a specific deity:

"It's been years. Ne?"

"So you're leaving?"


"Will you come back? You're the last one here I could at least talk with."

"I suppose. While I'm gone, why don't you pay a little visit to Yusuke? He and the others have missed you greatly."

"Hn. Who would want to get in a senseless conversation with those fools?!"

"Mmm...I failed to notice before, but...Was there something going on between you and Botan?"


"Hiei, you're a terrible liar. Anyway, I suggest you go and see her. I haven't heard from her for a long time."

"A liar? Was I lying? Should I go back?"

Hiei lifted up his head to see the gloom sky. Makai was a never a pleasant place to be, for it is dark, lonesome, and filled with hundreds of appalling demons. His thoughts were disturbed by a sudden familiar presence he felt from somebody. He shifted his focus to the bush behind him. A blurry figure emerged from the darkness that engulfed the whole cursed forest.

"Mukuro, what are you doing here?"

Mukuro was the one of the three most powerful lords who ruled Makai. The one who challenged Hiei in the Makai tournament and held responsible for his death and resurrection. And also, she was a victim who had experienced the brutal childhood abuse. The chilling wind blew past her, making her apricot colored hair swiftly moving in the air.

"How is the portal patrol?"

"Same as it had been years ago."

"It bores you?"

"Oh, yes. Guarding a portal sure seems fun to me."

He answered with a considerable amount of sarcasm in his tone. Mukuro scowled and eyed her successor carefully.

"You look troubled."

"What makes you think that way?"

"Trust me, I can tell."

"No, I'm not troubled."

"You are a terrible lair."

The same thing Kurama said...I'm I really a terrible lair? Hiei looked away with a sullen expression wore on his face. Mukuro said nothing. It seemed as if she could read his mind. She shook her head and prepared to leave.

"Leaving so soon?"

Hiei cocked his head toward Mukuro. He could never comprehend what is going on in her mind. She seemed like a puzzle, isn't mean to be solved. Knowing Mukuro's past, Hiei assured himself that at least he wasn't the only one with a haunted, terrible memory.

"I'll leave matters to your own."

That was all she said before turning back.

"Please stay, don't leave me..."

"Hiei, you're a terrible liar. Anyway, I suggest you to go and see her. I haven't heard from her for a long time."

It had been a long time indeed. Hiei made up his mind. He took one last glance at the dreaded place before stepping through the portal himself.

Walking down aimlessly on the street of modern Japan, Hiei observed every portion of the city. Nothing has changed much. The bright rays of sunlight deflected on Hiei's skin, he could the feel its warmth. He disliked it, supposedly due to the fact that he is still half ice demon. Ningenkai is a more enjoyable place to be compared to Makai. No wonder why many demons had tried to take complete control of it before. But Hiei still despised all those Ningens. He was disgusted because of them. In his perspective, humans are the lowest of the low, without any power or great strength at all. And all that emotions humans seemed to emit are nothing but a bunch of lies and craps as Hiei puts it. They are all selfish and worthless creatures with the exception of an atypical partner he had grown to be very fond of during the years he worked under the Prince of Reikai.

Urameshi Yusuke, the bloodline of his old ancestor, Raizen, the lord of Makai. Hiei recollected the first time he met Yusuke. That brat easily beat him in a battle and caused him to be sentenced in an alliance he did not relish. He vowed to take revenge on him. During the mission in Maze Castle, he could have succeeded on avenging for his humiliation at the Gate of Betrayal. But he didn't. Hiei had seen how Yusuke fought in the Ankoku Bujutsukai. He fought for the people he cared for, not for his own sake. He would even sacrifice himself for his so-called friends if their lives were on the threat. Hiei learned to "never judge a book by its cover" from Yusuke's case. Hiei had thought about his not yet accomplished vengeance every now and often. He knew, that he couldn't do it. He wouldn't do it.

Brushing off his thoughts, Hiei had reached the location of his destination, the ramen shop of the Yukinmura's. That was the only frequent place Yusuke would be. In spite of the strange looks he's receiving from the Ningen customers, he made his way to the counter after scouring the entire restaurant and found no traces of the ex-Reikai Detective or any of his companions. Hiei would have find it repulsive talking to humans. But this is for his own personal purposes, so he had to deal with it.

"May I help you?" The middle-aged man at the counter asked.

"Yusuke Uramshi. Tell me where he is."

"I d-don't know."

Clearly, the man did not trust Hiei, he could tell. He was somewhat annoyed by this Ningen. The man presumptively considered Hiei to be an indecent person by his clothing and the way he talked as if demanding an inferior.

"Don't lie to me."

"What?! Are you that thug from the street? If you want to pick fights with Yusuke. Then I'm sorry, I don't know where he is! And if you don't leave this place immediately, young man, I'll call the police."

Hiei was ticked. He restrained his anger within him. It would not be wise if he causes a rebellion in Ningenkai. Then he doubtlessly would become the most wanted criminal in Reikai for killing innocents. Besides, the pathetic man isn't well worth the troubles he had to put through with Reikai.

"Just tell me where Yusuke is."

"You have listening problems? Mister? What part of 'leaving this place immediately' don't you understand? Or perhaps I should show you where the exit is."

That was it. Hiei clenched his fists. The loud conversation between them appeared to be attracting the customers as well. Hiei glowered. His toleration was limited after all. But violence is not the best way out. Hiei assumed the man is one of the Yukimura's, well in other words, Yusuke's future father-in-law. It would be very ill - advised to kill the poor fellow. Not to mention the agitation from Reikai, also he will need to be watching out his back for Yusuke... Screw it.


Hiei decided to put aside his temper. There are many other ways to find the ex-detective. He reasoned himself why he had been so foolish to go ahead asking a Ningen about Yusuke's whereabouts. He could always use his Jagan. But then again, exposing his third eye in public especially in front of the simple-minded humans would be witless. Without any further meaningless discussion, he stepped out of the diner. The man smirked at his accomplishment and went back to his work.

"What was all that racket about?"

A young brunette made her way through the crowd to the counter. Her auburn eyes gleamed with great interest.

"Just some street thug wanting to find Yusuke. He left anyway. You should warn Yusuke more often that he should stop picking fights with those kinds of people."

"Really? What did he look like?"

"Not very tall... had spiky black hair, and wore a black cloak. Just by the look of him, you can tell that he is one of those bad guys."

The man placed one of his hands against his chin and rubbed it softly. The brunette brooded. She thought about every possibility in her mind to the identity of the person. Not very tall, spiky black hair, wore a black cloak... His descriptions are very similar to someone she knows. An image abruptly interpreted in her head. The brunette gasped. I think I might just know who that person is!

"Where are you going?! Keiko?!" The man at the counter called out as the girl moved hastily through the busily eating customers toward the exit.

Keiko tapped her foot on the concrete sidewalk as she narrowed her vision to her surroundings. He couldn't have gone for far...Hiei... She does not know him too well. Hiei was more like an acquaintance to her rather than a friend. He did take her as hostage to lure Yusuke to one of his traps after all. Other besides that point is that they never even talked to each other. Politely speaking, she held a small hope that this old acquaintance of hers would return someday. She held a small hope that every each one of her friends will return even if some had long gone on their separate ways. Aha! There! I found him! The young brunette clapped her hands together in delight. It was not difficult to spot him because his way of dressing is really outstanding in the whole starburst crowds of passengers.

"Hiei! Wait!"

To be continued...


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