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Chapter 3 – Connection

"Damn it!"

Hiei's fist went smashing through the palace wall. Some of the Reikai workers stared at him in fright. When Hiei turned to look at them, his famous death glare already sent the ogres and ferry girls running away, minding their own businesses. None of them dared to approach near the angry koorime to examine the damage he had caused, lest to be killed.

"Whom does that idiot infant take me for?!"

After exiting Koenma's office, Hiei continued marching down the hall of the palace. His toleration had gone off the limits. A thousand thoughts are rushing through his mind until one image became visible in his head. He halted.


He muttered and gazed down in guilt.

'Who are you?'

Hiei closed his crimson-colored eyes and concentrated on his telepathic communication with his target.

Botan sat on the roof of Yusuke's school, Sarayashiki High, waiting for her partner to finish his detention. She sighed as she watched the setting sun. "How long will it take him?" The cool breeze blew over her, making her bang covering her eyes. She tugged a strand of hair behind her ears.

'Hn. You are the detective's assistant, am I correct?"

Startled by the voice in her head, Botan almost went off-balance with her footings.

'Who are you?'

'Let's just say that if you still want to see his girlfriend, you might as well bring the artifacts to the abandoned warehouse on the western port of the city.'

'You are Hiei, the one who stole the Shadow Sword! What did you do with Keiko?!'

'She is in... safe hands with me, that is, if you bring the rest of the artifacts.'

'You can't do that... you'll be punished dearly for kidnapping Keiko and stealing the artifacts. But if you turn yourself in, your punishment won't be harsh.'

'Turn myself in? Ha, what a laugh! I'll pass however. You only have less than half an hour to bring the artifacts, or else...'


"What a stupid girl... Doesn't she know that she'll die if she keeps compressing the third eye from opening with her own spirit energy?"

The confused half-koorime watched as Botan fought back the evil energy that is dispersing from the third eye on Keiko's forehead. She flinched when her hand was cut by the evil aura. But she didn't budge to move away. Hiei knows that the process will drain the ferry girl's own spirit in the end.

"Why would she bother to save her? It doesn't even benefit her."

"Hn. Such a simpleton."

"Why don't you want to tell Yukina that you're her brother?"

Botan and Hiei walked in the Spirit World, preparing to give Koenma a report on the case about Tarukane.

"It's none of your concern."

"Of course it is! Yukina has every right to know the truth! She got kidnapped in the first place because she was searching for you."

"I wouldn't want to waste my breath explaining it to you."

"But don't you want her to be happy? So what if you are a criminal? Do you honestly think she'll reject you because of that? If I were her, I'd be happy to know that I have a brother to care for no matter who he is..."

"What are you blabbering about?"

"You wouldn't understand anyway... All I'm saying is that you should tell Yukina the truth."


Botan bit her lip as she sprinted ahead, leaving Hiei behind. Hiei stared at her back quizzically. "Why would she care?"


Botan chirped happily under the tree Hiei was in. Hiei pretended not to hear her and continued his nap.


The deity's smile faded. A streak of tear escaped from her eye. Sensing Botan's sadness, Hiei opened an eye, only to find her crying. He quickly jumped from the tree branch and landed in front of Botan.

"What's wrong?"

Botan eyed the half-koorime for a while, and in a blink her crying broke into a soft giggle.

"What the-?!"

"Aha! I knew this would get you your attention!"

Hiei's eyebrow twitched in the most upsetting way as Botan held her stomach laughing hard. He cursed and receded back to the tree he was lying in.

"Hey, wait! I'm not finished! We're having a celebration over at Yusuke's apartment. Aren't you going to come?"

"Buzz off."

"Hmnph! Fine!"


Hiei frowned at the wounded ferry girl in Yusuke's arms. He was disturbed. They had just rescued Botan from Yakumo's atrocious grasp. Her desperate attempt to try to protect the Reikai sphere was no avail. She was injured badly.

"Yusuke, Reikai..."

"Botan, don't worry. You're going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine now."

Botan smiled faintly after she had heard the tantei's reassurance. Her tightened grip on Yusuke's arms loosened.

"Let's get you back to Genkai's."

Yusuke carried the deity on his back as he retrieved back to the temple with the rest of his company.

Fragments of the moments he and the bubbly deity had shared together played before Hiei's eyes. His fiery orbs softened in such way that he looked... kind.

Botan was always there when the team was down. The last person she would be worried about was herself. She had been a big help to everybody even when the time she was being neglected, and yet she covered the slightest trace of her unhappiness so that nobody would be concerned for her sake.

Hiei once again bought his head up. The kindness wore on his face drained as fast as it had come. He laughed at himself mockingly. "What is wrong with me?" He would never come to care for a person other than his own sister. What was so special about the blue-haired big mouth? She is no different than all other women: loud and annoying.

Clenching his right fist in a tight squeeze, Hiei shook his head. He has decided:

He will let go of this scanty amount of feeling he had ever possessed...

His legs reluctantly carried him down to the hall. Hiei was determined never wanting to set another step on this place again.

"Wait..." a melodic voice danced into Hiei's consciousness.

"You are Hiei, am I right?"

A refined young woman gently touched Hiei by his shoulder. The fire demon growled. Nobody can ever get this close to him. He tore himself out of the woman's touch and faced her. The woman wasn't affected by his poor manners. She assembled her hands together between her laps. She had long rave-colored hair tied in a bun. The ocean blue whirlpool in her eyes reflected tranquility and serenity.

"What do you want?"

Hiei questioned the stranger. He was sure that he had seen her somewhere. That's right, she is one of Koenma's minions. The woman didn't respond, instead she reached down in the sleeve of her kimono and took out a piece of ruffled paper. Holding it up to Hiei's sight, she began her sentence:

"Here, this is the address. You can find her with this."

Gradually becoming more curious, Hiei eyed the woman cautiously. His mind battled for a while until he finally resolved to take up the information. After reading the writings in the paper, Hiei twisted a sadistic smirk upon his sulky face.

"What makes you think that I'll go to the place?"

The woman examined him sharply but was bent to give her standpoint.

"I don't think. It's up to you whether you want to or not. I know you won't give a care on my advice."


She submitted her unquestionably clever answer as Hiei agreed to the opinion. Nothing more was said between the two, the woman withdrew. But before turning away, she left her last words, which intrigued Hiei and made him couldn't help but ponder more:

"Trust me, Hiei. Botan needs you..."

His resolution on going back to Makai submerged...

"So you told him, Ayame-san?"

The red-haired ferry girl popped up behind the taller one as she guided some ogres under her command to clean up the mess that was left in the waiting room of the Reikai Palace.

"Yes, I did."

"Do you think it'll be okay? Do you think he'll go?"

"I don't know." Said Ayame, picking up some unorganized files.

"But what if Koenma finds out? I mean..."

The speaker came on booming again, cutting Hinageshi's question to short. Ayame slowly stood up, biting her lower lip as her eyebrows wrinkled.

"Ayame, please report to Koenma's office immediately."

Hinageshi looked at her older companion worriedly. She pressed on the papers in her hand as Ayame putting down the rest of the files on the table.

"Ayame-san, do you think he knows?"

"I suppose we'll know soon."

"So what else did Kurama say?"

"Nothing much except for the usual greetings and all."

Keiko peeled off the coat of an apple and handed to Yusuke as he rocked back and forth in his chair boringly. He grabbed the fruit without saying a 'thank you' at least and bit hungrily into the juicy meat. The brunette washed off her hands and sat by him in her parents' ramen shop. She watched more and more of the customers coming in as noon approaches.

"I was thinking, Yusuke. We should throw a reunion party when Kurama comes back."

"Another one?" mumbled Yusuke, trying his best not to spit out the chewed up mince inside his mouth.

"What do you mean 'another one'? You don't like my idea?"

"No, no, of course not!" protested Yusuke when he saw his girlfriend giving him a killer look.

"Right. We should plan a little. What do you think?"

"I don't know about Hiei though..."

"Good question... I hope he shows up. Yusuke, if you see him, tell him, okay?"


When her koibito didn't answer back, Keiko finds out that he was staring some 'hottie' in the restaurant. Anger arising, Keiko smacked the ex-tantei on the back of his head, causing him to choke. Yusuke coughed uncomfortably as the brunette slapped him once more and plodded off to the kitchen to help her father.


"Wait, Keiko! I can explain!"

Yusuke ran after the brunette, trying to make up with her... just like an old married couple.

"Ayame, you told him, didn't you?"

Inside of the Reikai prince's office, Koenma questioned his worker seriously. Ayame hearkened to the every part of his speech with prudence, showing no sign of incivility to her superior.


"How dare you disobey my orders?! I thought I told you not to tell him!"

The unusual calm, which Koenma tried hard to keep on his face, exchanged into a dangerous complexion. Immune to the prince's sudden change of mood, Ayame was emboldened to speak on:

"Hiei has rights to know where Botan is. I don't see why you're so objecting to this. They love each other-"

"Love?! Love!!"

Koenma's facial expression finally lost its placidity and raged with anger. He collided his desk with his hand as Ayame scooped up all her courage to face off his wrath.

"They don't love each other! Ayame! Hiei doesn't deserve her."

"Sir, if Hiei didn't love Botan, he wouldn't even show up here in the first place looking for her..."

"Hiei doesn't love Botan! He raped her!! He doesn't even care about her! Botan was just too foolish to like a heartless-to-core demon like him! And she can only blame herself for ending up in a misery like this!"

"But, sir!"

"No! I don't want to hear another word about this! Go back to your work!"

The tension stretched as the silence draped around them both within and without. As quietly as she had come, Ayame was enabled to comply her boss's further order. She stepped back and glanced the young prince.

"Koenma, you've changed."

"Oh? What do you mean 'changed'?" asked Koenma, becoming more interested in the subject when his employee addressed him by his name opposing to the common courtesy.

"You've become... bitter..."

Frozen into his seat by the unspeakable force, Koenma lingered deeply as Ayame turned her back on him and walked away.

Standing before the wooden door of an apartment room, Hiei wavered uncertainly. Finally, his instincts had taken him to the right place as he was being told on the piece of paper he received. It was a regular, five-story apartment in the eastern part of a city borders Yusuke's hometown. The demon stared blankly at the nonliving object fixed in the front of him. Still, he couldn't believe he is now only a wall away from seeing Botan. Oddly, the little iron mailbox hung on the door read "Imawano Residence." Surely, the directions on the paper couldn't have been wrong. Could it be that she had already married to someone else as the Ningen custom puts it? But who was he to stop her from doing such thing? After all, he did not mark her nor did he claim her as his.

Completely overwhelmed, Hiei had been standing in the same spot for at least five minutes. He couldn't make up his mind though. He could just use his Jagan to see what's inside, and when everything seems fine, he would just shrug it off and leave. But something deep inside asks him why avoiding the inevitable? His curiosity was rattling as he was once again gets the chance to confront her in person. Not knowing what will happen, Hiei was shyly admitting to himself that he was afraid. If he turns back now, all his efforts will be wasted. Gritting his teeth, Hiei's hand eventually came in contact with the wooden material after he concluded not to be a "coward". It took as if almost eternity for his hand to produce a light knocking. And who knows if anyone could hear it?

After it has seemed to be a decade or so, a noise came stumbling its way toward the door from the inside. For some reason, Hiei's heart began to race as cold sweat pasted on his forehead.

"I'll get it!"



"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine!"

Hiei couldn't really make out the sounds because they weren't too clear. He could feel it when someone is heading to the door. The never-losing-his-cool fire demon began to panic ludicrously. Unconsciously, he tried to leap away. But his feet didn't listen to him as if they were super-glued unto the pavement.

With a light turning sound of the doorknob, the door was been pushed open into a small crack. A mute gasp was released from Hiei's mouth, as he was dumbfounded with total astonishment because of what he saw.

A small head peeked out the opening space of the door with a pair of red eyes peered at the surprised koorime. It was a boy, only about to Hiei's waist. He had a head of jet black, spiky hair with a white star burst in the middle just like Hiei. The little Hiei-look-alike grinned at the taller one and asked in a squeal voice:

"Can I help you, mister?"

To be continued...


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