Chapter 26

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Madam Pomfrey let out a gasp as she watched the Weasley twins stumble into the hospital ward with an injured Bill and Remus, immediately she ran forward and directed the twins to put the two into empty beds.

"What happened?"

"Bill was hit by a powerful stunner and sent flying into a wall. Remus was attacked by a weapon of some sort, he said silver." It was a tired looking Fred who answered staring at the two worriedly, noticing the state the twins were in she barked out quick orders to some of the medics who had come from St Mungo's to take care of them.

Fred and George were soon given healing potions and told to report to the main hall by Madam Pomfrey, Moody had apparently fire called the hospital wing and asked her to send down anyone who wasn't too badly injured for a de-briefing.

"Reckon they'll be okay, Fred?"

Fred stared at his twin. "They will be. Bill was simply knocked out, it was a bad knock to the head but nothing Pomfrey can't handle as for Remus the cuts were bad but I thinks he's had worse in the past, he'll make it."

"I just hope everyone made it, at least this time round we were better prepared for the attacks."

There wasn't much more time for talk as by now the twins had made it to the hall. Walking in they noticed just how many Aurors and order members were injured the only good thing they could see was that there only seemed to be small numbers of people missing. That meant they were either too injured to come down or had been killed. The twins walked towards a tired looking Tonks and Shacklebolt.

"Boy's how did the raid go?"

Fred sighed as George stayed silent. His twin was uncharacteristically silent tonight so he decided to answer Shacklebolt. "It went well, the orphanage we were sent to protect is safe. We didn't capture any death eaters though but did kill two of them, however Bill and Remus are hurt."

"Are they going to be okay?"

Tonks asked worryingly, she cared for both of them but all knew her concern was mostly for Remus; Fred was about to answer but was beaten to it.

"They're both fine."

It was Narcissa who answered she had just walked into the hall and overheard Tonks question. Noticing how tired and pale she looked, Tonks quickly conjured a chair and a grateful Narcissa sat down.

"You were saying Narcissa?"

"I just came from the hospital wing Kinglsey. Poppy sent me down to give an update on the injured. Bill has a severe concussion but nothing a few potions and some rest can't handle. Remus was a little bit more serious but thanks to Hermione and Draco he'll make a good recovery but will be out of fighting action until fully healed which will take some time."

"Hermione and Draco? What did they do?"

Narcissa smiled as she looked at her niece. "It appeared that Hermione and Draco had been looking at ways to help Remus during the full moon. One of those were better healing potions designed for werewolves with Sev's help they had made some improvements and it was those potions that allowed us to stabilize Remus quickly once we extracted the traces of Silver in his blood stream."

Shacklebolt nodded. "It seems Remus was lucky."

"He was…Has Harry returned yet?"

"They will be here soon Narcissa. Moody wouldn't have called us all here if Albus weren't about to make an appearance."

Shacklebolt was indeed correct as a few minutes later Dumbledore, Severus and Harry turned up in the hall. There was an immediate rush as several people went to talk to Dumbledore. Narcissa let out a sigh of relief as she noticed that Severus and Harry both seemed to be fine, tired and dirty but otherwise okay.

Moody quickly limped his way over to the Dumbledore and sent the order members who were talking to Dumbledore back, he was anxious to get the de-briefing over quickly and allow the Aurors and order members some much needed rest.

"Did all the teams make it back Alastor?"

"Everyone's accounted for Albus in one way or another."

Dumbledore sighed and shut his eyes for a second understanding what Alastor had meant. It was wishful thinking but he had hoped they wouldn't have any losses tonight. As if he knew what Dumbledore thinking Moody decided to answer the question Dumbledore was about to ask. "We lost about a dozen Aurors and have several injured including many order members all of the order have made it alive. But I think we should get on with the de-briefing Albus."

"You're right Alastor. Thank you all for coming here, I understand that you all need rest and I will keep this brief. From what I have been informed and what I heard before leaving it seems that we should call this night a success for that I and the Ministry thank you all. You risked your lives and also caught several death eaters which will provide us with several answers, however we have also had some losses too."

There was some several second of silence as everyone digested this news. Harry could see an Auror quietly crying in a corner of the dark hall as a few others comforted her it seemed she had lost someone close to her. Worried he looked around hoping to see his loved ones. He noticed the twins, Charlie and Tonks together but couldn't see Bill or Remus anywhere. The only thing that kept him from panicking was that Tonks seemed calm. Harry knew if anything terrible had happened to Remus, Tonks face would have told him. He turned his attention back towards Dumbledore as he started to speak again.

"Before you all leave, Alastor and I wanted you to know off the success and losses of this night first before the Prophet reported it. As such I will have each team leader and if they are unable the next suitable person to come up and update us all. I will start off with myself."

Harry noticed that several Aurors had leaned forward to hear how the three of them had fared.

"As you are all aware myself, Severus and Harry were sent to Hogsmeade to assist Team 3. To summarise three Aurors lost their lives there as well as two injured. There was also up to 10 civilian deaths, partygoers who had ignored the warnings and came out. As for the death eaters 8 were killed and 5 were brought in for questioning as well as one death eater who managed to escape seriously injured. That death eater was Bellatrix LeStrange who cut her own left foot off. Thankfully, due to the Weasley twin's invention, the vine ball worked at more than just trapping death eaters. The vines are coated with a special poison which prevents limbs from being reattached to the body as well as preventing any artificial limbs from taking their place."

Harry looked around as several Aurors started to talk amongst themselves at hearing this news; the twins he noticed were getting several looks. He turned towards Severus.

"So that's why you both looked pleased."

"Yes, Albus and I were aware that if a death eater wished to escape from the veins they would simply cut off what ever was attached if possible knowing that it could be reattached or simply have another limb take place similar to that rats hand. Bellatrix especially would have been guaranteed a new limb. It was my idea to coat the vines with that poison."

"But couldn't the poison be recognised and the death eaters given a cure for it?"

"They can however the antidote can take several hours to make and by that time the poison would have entered the blood stream effectively stopping those type of spells from working, it causes the body to reject the limbs if any healer tried to reattached it. Most importantly Bellatrix is almost useless to Voldemort now."

Dumbledore allowed the Aurors to talk amongst themselves he gathered from their reactions that quite a few of the death eaters had resorted to those tactics once they found that ordinary spells wouldn't allow them to be freed. He was amazed at the thought that those death eaters believed that they would be healed or gifted like Peter was, apparently they still failed to recognise Tom for what he really was.

"Now will the rest of the team leaders come forward."

Harry listened as the team leaders walked forward one by one and gave their announcements. So far they had lost around 16 Aurors and had almost 30 injured, as far as civilian casualties 20 people from the magical community and 50 Muggles had been killed and almost 75 were injured and one supposed kidnapping.

"It's not as bad as it sounds Harry." Harry turned towards Severus.

"86 people were killed tonight Sev, how is that not bad?"

Severus sighed as he tried to word this the best possible way. "You were just a child Harry when the last two great Wizarding wars happened. At the time of Grindlewald, Harry there used to be hundreds killed during a raid Muggles and magical folk alike. Of course most of the Muggle deaths were blamed on the Muggle war that was occurring at the time. When Voldemort used to have huge simultaneous attacks like this Harry it was much the same. To have only lost a few and yes Harry 86 compared to what it could have been is a low number. Aside from that Harry we have captured several death eaters from whom we can gather more evidence."

"What will happen to the death eaters?"

"Each one will be tested to ensure they were acting of their own free will. Voldemort has used Imperious in the past to cause innocent people to be used as cannon fodder. Once tested they will be trailed and dealt with accordingly."

Harry sighed and nodded he was still upset about the number killed but understood that there wasn't much he could do now. He looked up at Dumbledore again as Narcissa walked toward the front to give her report Harry noticed that she seemed pale and shaky. In fact Harry wasn't they only one who noticed Narcissa's condition, Dumbledore looked at her in concern.

"My dear are you okay?"

"I'm okay Albus just a little tired that's all besides I know everyone here is anxious to get news about all the injured still in the hospital wing and in Saint Mungos'."

"Very well but I insist that you go to rest after this, I know how much healing can take out of you."

Narcissa nodded as she turned towards the rest of the hall and gave her report. Harry smiled as he learnt that Remus although hurt badly was going to be okay. He was relieved about Bill but was saddened when he heard that Mundungus Fletcher had lost his left arm.

"That's a harsh blow to Fletcher but he's tough, he'll survive," Severus whispered to Harry who nodded although he knew this was probably going to put an end to Mundungus dodgy dealing days. Harry looked back at his godmother in concern she seemed to have gone paler than before and then watched in panic, as she seemed to be unsteady on her feet. There was a cry of alarm as Narcissa suddenly fainted and would have hit the floor if it hadn't been for Dumbledore catching her. Within a few second Severus had ran up to them and grabbed Narcissa from Dumbledore's arms. Harry also ran up towards his godmother.

"Severus, she's simply fainted, the healing must have taken more out of then expected take her to Pomfrey to get some rest. Harry go with them and see to your friends no doubt they will be worried."

The two wizards nodded as they quickly walked out of the great hall and towards the infirmary. Dumbledore turned towards he rest of the group.

"No need for alarm it seems Professor Black exhausted herself from healing. I suggest we call it a night from here once again thank you. Kingsley?"

Shacklebolt walked forward and addressed the Aurors. "Team leaders head to the Ministry first where you will receive further instructions."

The Aurors and order members started to apparate out of the hall the Weasley clan headed towards the Infirmary to check on Bill as did Tonks to see Remus. Once everyone that was supposed to have left the great hall gone aside from Dumbledore and Moody, Dumbledore lifted his wand muttering several words in Latin under his breath for a second.

"Raised the wards again?"

"Of course, Alastor, now tell me about this kidnapping?"

"It was from the Patil residence one of the family members heard a commotion outside and went to check a witness claims to have seen him being taken by death eaters."

Dumbledore nodded he already had a good idea as to who this witness probably was but there was something more important that he needed to find out first.

"Who was taken?"

"Already figured out who the witness was, well it was Deepak Patil, a cousin."

"What's special about him?"

"Nothing much he teaches ancient languages mostly from his native country. So the so called dark lord didn't think about a translator when he had his pets take those books."

"Indeed Alastor, Tom can be rather rash at times still, let's be thankful for that, shall we."

By now the two had left the great hall and were heading towards the Infirmary. The corridor was quiet with Moody's wooden leg causing the only sound there.

"How did Potter do?"

Dumbledore chuckled. "He attacked like a true Gryffindor lion."


"He tore a death eater's shoulder off and bit another's arm."

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Madam Pomfrey worked quietly as she cast diagnostic spell after spell at Narcissa Black. She had been concerned when Severus and Harry had first brought in the unconscious woman. To make matters worse she had a panicking over protective Severus to deal with. Matters only become worse when Draco started to also demand answers as to what had happened to his mother. Eventually Hermione and Blaise calmed them both down and allowed Pomfrey to work in peace. At first she thought that Albus was correct and that she was simply magically drained but in all honesty the amount of healing Narcissa had done she should have coped with fine and as a Black she naturally also had larger magical reserves. Still there was one more spell she could try muttering the words quietly she waved her wand and watched as Narcissa stomach seemed to glow a pale yellow.

"Damn it why didn't I think to cast that first," Pomfrey grumbled to herself, it was so obvious as to why the woman was so pale and tired she simply blamed the fact that she was tired as to why she had wasted her time casting all those other spells.

"What's wrong with her Pomfrey and why is her stomach glowing have you found something?" By now Severus had managed to work himself into a state of panic, he had just got Cissa back and wasn't prepared to lose her now. If it wasn't for Harry grabbing his arm Severus knew he would have been shaking the woman by now.

"Relax Severus there is nothing wrong with Narcissa!"

"Then why did she FAINT!"

Pomfrey simply ignored the shout and turned to wake Narcissa up no doubt she would want to hear this first.

"I will tell you in a few moments but first I need to inform professor Black." Drowning out the irate potion masters protests she leaned back as she watched Narcissa open her eyes before she could cast the spell. The woman looked around confused for a few seconds before getting up with a gasp. "What happened? Why am I in the hospital wing?"

"You fainted and Madam Pomfrey wanted to tell you first as to why you passed out?"

Pomfrey smiled thankfully at Harry at least he appeared to have a level head at the moment. "If you would follow me Narcissa and…"

"Wait Poppy, I can guess as to what the news is but it's okay just say it with everyone here."

"Are you sure dear?"

"Yes she's sure dammit woman get on with it!"

"Really Severus do calm down as to why Narcissa fainted, it's because of all the magic she was casting as well as the healing and generally running around she was doing. Normally that wouldn't have been a problem but in these circumstances the stress of the baby was what caused her to faint."

There was silence for a few seconds as everyone digested what he or she heard as soon as they understood Draco let out a cheer as he ran to hug his mother he had always wanted a younger sibling. Harry grinned as the two girls hugged each other but it was Severus reaction that Narcissa was looking for, Severus who had now gone pale. "B-Baby?"

"Yes Severus, our baby." Narcissa smiled gently at him knowing that this was a shock to him, oh she knew that Severus wouldn't abandon her or their child but knew that he had never ever considered that he would actually father his own one day despite adopting Draco.

"Baby oh…good…" With that the group watched in shock and then laughter as the normally in control of his emotions Potion Master passed out in shock and just like before it was Dumbledore who had just walked into the infirmary with Moody who had caught him.

"Merlin what happened?" Dumbledore asked as he and Harry manoeuvred the potions master to a bed next to Narcissa. It was Draco who answered, "Mom's pregnant."

Dumbledore smiled and turned towards Narcissa. "In that case dear, please accept my congratulations."

"Thank you Albus, I just hope I can speak to Severus about this as soon as he wakes up, Draco are you alright with this?"

Draco nodded, "I think its great mom, Sev's a great dad and it will be cool to have a younger sibling."

Narcissa smiled as long as Severus and Draco were happy she knew she could face whatever came next.

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"Crucio! Crucio! Avada Kedavra!"

The death eaters shuddered as they watched their enraged master shoot curse after curse. The unlucky recipient of the killing curse was a new recruit who had been unfortunate enough to have gotten caught in one of the vine traps and had cut his own limb off. Believing the dark lord would help him he begged for help only to be killed.

"You fools! How could you have beaten so easily and allowed so many to get caught!?" The dark lord was practically hissing in his anger at the overall failure of the attacks.


"Yes my lord?"

"Did any of the inner circle get caught?"

"No my lord, they were all mostly new recruits nobody who knew anything of value however…"

Here Lucius hesitated and prepared himself to receive the Cruciatus curse, he was not let down. Several second after he was released he got back to his feet to answer his lord

"It was Bellatrix, my lord, it appeared she was also caught in one of those traps and cut her foot off, my lord."

Voldemort growled he personally didn't care if LeStrange lived or died but she was a good witch and not one he could afford to lose at the moment. "Find out who came up with those things, I want answers!"

"If I may speak my lord I believe I know who designed those things."

Voldemort beckoned forwards the death eater who had spoken and motioned him to remove his mask.

"Continue Weasley."

Percy straightened himself as he looked at the dark lord. "Those traps are characteristic of the type of pranks my brothers, the twins, used to pull if anyone in the order is creative enough to have come up with that its them, although they must have had some help. The vines from what I've heard were coated with some sort of poison… that's beyond the twins knowledge."

"Severus," Voldemort practically spat out the ex death eaters name, he then looked at Percy Weasley carefully.

"Where is your brother?"

"At home sir, it was too risky bringing him with mother hovering around."

"Your brother is well aware of his task?"

"Yes, my lord."

"Good. I have another for him. Once he has befriended Potter again, he will kill your brothers, is that understood."

"Yes my lord." Percy bowed again and was about to leave when he was hit with the curse.

"Tut, tut Weasley, I didn't say you could leave yet, Crucio!"

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