Title: My Light
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG
Warning: Yaoi
Pairing: NokoruSuoh

Disclaimer: I don't own Clamp Campus Detectives or it's characters. They all belong to CLAMP. Besides, if I did own it, there would be more yaoi moments between Suoh and Nokoru. XD


My Light

He is my sun. He is my light. He's the reason why I haven't given up yet. Just being near him makes me forget. It's like he has some kind of super human powers. He shines every where he goes.

His smile and carefree attitude makes all the people forget their worries. Just by looking in his eyes, I feel like I'm drowning in a lost paradise.

When I get stressed from a bad day, he's always there to make me relax. When I get lonely from life's problems, he's always there lending me an ear and a shoulder as well. Sometimes, I say that I want to be alone, but in truth, I want someone to comfort me. But even when I say that he should just leave me be, he stays, as if knowing what I really want.

"Ne, Kaichou?" Even when he turns to look at me, his smile never faded.

"Nani, Suoh?"

What? What do I want to ask him, anyway? "Who is... your light?" That's right. I want to know. He is my sun. He is my light. I need him, just like how the moons needs the sun.

Nokoru Imonoyama.

But I never expected the next thing he said.

"Ah, Suoh... My light? That's an easy question. Suoh, my light is you."

And he kissed me.

Even in the darkness of the night, he still shines as bright as ever.






Kaichou - President

Nani - what?