Midnight with the Royals

Warning: Lemony content ahead, watch for tasteful smut.

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The night air felt cool on her skin as she leaned against the balcony railing gazing up looking at the stars trying to find that one pinpoint of light thousands of light years away where her precious daughters resided. A playful breeze stirred her slight shift around her lean toned legs and ruffled her long blue hair which fell freely down her back free of it's usual ponytail. A sigh escaped her as her heart went out to her two lost children so far away. Knowing they were safe in the hands of her stepson and grandson did little to assuage her worry. They seemed so vulnerable out there away from the palace, the fleet, and her own royal bodyguards. Never mind the fact the Tenchi could utilize the Lighthawk Wings and Tsunami watched over them. A mother was allowed to worry, especially when she knew at least one of her daughters was head over heels in love. Misaki let out another sigh and looked longingly into the heavens.

"Come sister-wife, the evening is chill and it has been a long day with another on the marrow," the melodious voice belonged to a tall willowy woman standing in the shadow of the balcony door way. Wearing a pale pink, satin robe Funaho was graceful and slender where Misaki curvaceous and toned. Like all Jurian nobility Funaho's lustrous black hair reached nearly to her knees, tonight it lacked the adornments and styling that designated her station. When Misaki did not respond Funaho placed a soft hand on her mates' shoulder.

Misaki turned and offered a weak smile to the woman facing her but it didn't last long. Funaho leaned in and pressed her forehead to Misaki's symbols touching the combination of the three dots sent a feeling of warmth and love through both women. They held this pose for several moments before Misaki buried her face into Funahos shoulder and held on to the dark haired woman tightly. Funaho understood her companion's feelings of loss and wrapped her arms around the taller woman's shoulders. Seven hundred years and still both of them had bouts of empty nest syndrome.

"There, there sister," Funaho consoled stroking Misaki's blue tresses gently, "We know they are quite safe and in good hands."

"I know," the other queen sighed, "But, I still can't help worrying about my darlings. Maybe if they had true Guardians I wouldn't worry so."

"Don't say that Misaki," Funaho said alarmed, "Let us hope none of our children ever come in contact with one of them."

"I realize that," the blue haired woman returned, "I just thinking if the Guardians still served us."

"That'd be the day," Funaho snorted contemptuously.

"You never know sister," Misaki shrugged walking past Funaho into their shared bedroom, "Maybe they've changed after all this time."

On Earth, thousands of miles from Japan, a tall young man going through a series of sword strokes under the desert sun sneezed loudly. When his aged master berated him for breaking stance he apologized and went back to his practice, but not before taking a long look into the clear blue sky and wondering about his unknown past. Shrugging off the strange sensation her focused on his training. Focus was the key to mastery.

Back on Jurai the two queens moved through their lavish and dimly lit bedroom towards the massive bed that dominated one wall. Shaped in a half oval it was low to the floor (Misaki had a habit of rolling out of bed) and covered in a mass of pillows, silk sheets, and down comforters. Some would question the need for so large a sleeping area until one considered the family involved. Three adults normally slept here one of which tended to toss and turn while another was prone to sudden shifts while sleeping. Added to this through the years the various royal children had often graced the bed on stormy nights or after being woken by bad dreams. Sasami particularly was prone to nightmares and had often snuggled in between her parents after being soothed.

Misaki almost missed those times, except for one embarrassing night when Sasami had come in crying at exactly the wrong time. Grinning ruefully at the memory Misaki pulled back the soft mass of covers and slipped into the smooth warmness of the extravagant silk sheets. She turned and looked across the expanse of blankets where Funaho was getting ready for bed. Misaki could never understand how her fellow wife could sleep naked as she watched the human woman slip her silken robe off and hang it on a nearby peg. Not that Funaho had anything to be ashamed of, she exasperatingly perfect in face and form, Misaki just couldn't imagine it being a comfortable way to sleep. With a shrug the ruby eyed queen chalked it up to being an Earthling thing.

Muttering to himself about the inadequacies of his council Azusa walked into his bedroom just as Funaho was depositing her robe on the hook next to their bed and stopped dead in his tracks. Several millennium of marriage and still the mere sight of her graceful, slender form sent his heart racing dangerously and his breath to quicken. Their tumultuous affair had spanned time and space and still managed to continue to this day. He doubted her could ever stop loving her, even if Her son was a complete disappointment. He let his eyes wander up her long sensual legs to her slender hips and dark patch of hair nestled between her soft thighs. Her stomach was smooth still after al this time and a child, perhaps a side effect of the longevity bestowed on her by the Space Trees. Her pert breasts were perfectly placed on her creamy chest and were of a perfect size to suit her slender form. He was transfixed watching her run those graceful hands through those long black tresses. He watched the slender curve of her neck as the hair was lifted away and his eyes slid up to her round face with it's perfect meld of features. She was the subject of poetry in motion, and only he would ever be able to appreciate her true beauty.

Still unnoticed by his two spouses the Emperor of Jurai wrested his gaze from one wife to the other. Misaki was arranging her pillows to her liking blankets pushed back to mid thigh as she sat upright in bed. Enjoying the life of her ruby eyes that had yet to dim even after several millennium together and two children Azusa let his gaze follow the flow of her oceanic hair that swirled into her ample cleavage. Where Funaho was slender and graceful his other wife was toned and possessed of generous proportions. As leader of the Royal Bodyguards she was possibly the strongest person on the planet and her constant training left her body firm and muscled, yet her femininity showed through lending her a palpable air of sexuality. He was lost the curves of her body so nicely enhanced by her white nightgown he failed to notice that both his wives were now aware of his presence.

"Good evening husband," Funaho said graciously bending forward slightly to pull the covers back and ostensibly giving Azusa an eyeful.

"Honey, are you coming to bed with us now," Misaki spoke with such enthusiasm while leaning forward threatening to spill her ample bosom out of the low cut nightgown. Azusa sometimes wondered if his wife was aware of the double meaning that slipped into her everyday speech.

"Yes, I'll be right there," he managed after clearing his throat and pulling his mind out of the gutter.

He crossed the room under the scrutiny of his two wives before ducking into a nearby changing room red faced and feeling like this mornings fresh meat. Regaining his composure he proceeded to strip off his cumbersome robes of office and donned a far more comfortable pair of silken pants and a loose sleep shirt which he left unbuttoned. He glanced into a nearby mirror and allowed himself a moment of satisfaction. Old he might be but his body was still strong and heavily muscled, if anything his age added maturity to his distinguished looks. Millennium of ruling a galactic empire had not softened him in anyway, he was still fit and able to wield his vast Jurian powers with dispatch. Taking one last look in the mirror he reminded himself he was the Emperor before stepping back into the bedroom before the knowing eyes of his two wives.

With a confident stride he swiftly crossed the room trying to suppress a grin while watching two pairs of eyes devour him. He crawled onto the gigantic bed between his two consorts and slipping under the covers. Yawning he stretched his carved arms above his head before resting them around the shoulders of either woman to his sides. Misaki instantly snuggled up against him, one leg rubbing against his while she rested her head on his shoulder on hand on his broad chest. For her part Funaho put a hand to his cheek and eased him into a sweet, tantalizing kiss.

Deepening the kiss with his ebon haired beauty Azusa pulled her in close, crushing her naked form against his side. Knowing that making love to two women was a balancing act he eased his free right hand down Misaki's silk nightgown to cup one of her large, soft orbs. As his tongue intertwined with Funaho's in a sinuous dance his left hand slid down her bare back to rest on her nicely curved bottom. Squeezing both handfuls of sensuous flesh he solicited gasps of pleasure from the woman on either side of him.

Long time lovers Misaki and Funaho knew how to play this game just as well as their mutual husband did. It hadn't always been so, but after so many years together they had grown to accept one another. Misaki ran a trail of kisses up Azusa's muscled torso and powerful neck before coaxing his lips away from her sister-wife. Funaho relinquished her husbands talented mouth running her tongue across his ear and nibbling lightly on his earlobe causing him to moan deep in his chest. She gasped and bucked against him as his hand found it's way between her slightly spread thighs to that most sensitive of places. She whimpered in his ear for him to continue and felt Misaki jerk against his other side and knew his other hand was giving her companion wife a similar treatment.

Eliciting moans and gasps of pleasure from both females at either side of him Azusa continued his intimate groping and probing, becoming ambidextrous had been a necessity after taking a second wife. He continued this until he felt Funaho pulling him free of his pants and straddle his hips. Both hands free he bared Misaki's buxom breasts from her negligee and squeezed them in his powerful grip before taking one hardened nipple in his mouth. Just as he did he felt Funaho ease herself down onto him, enveloping him with her warmth. He moaned in masculine pleasure and ran his teeth lightly over the hardened nub in his mouth.

Hearing Funaho's gasps of pleasure Misaki wanted a taste of such bliss and guided her husband's talented mouth to the area where it would do the most good. Now she had her thighs clamped down around his head while facing her sister-wife. Misaki was admittedly jealous of the woman across her. Funaho was in a state of bliss, head thrown back, lips parted in an 'O' of pleasure, one hand gripping her own sensitive breast. She was openly envious of Misaki's ample bosom, but what she didn't know was how much more sensitive her own breasts were by comparison. Apparently Misaki did know it however as she leaned in and latched her mouth around one of those bouncing orbs sending Funaho onto a higher plane of existence. Her breath came in ragged gasps as the pressure in her loins grew, she knew her release was near.

Lost in the world between Misaki's thighs Azusa lapped at her moist folds while holding on to her firm hips to keep her from bucking off him as he continued to pleasure her. His groans of excitement were lost as he remained buried under his perfectly delectable wives. Only his beard was visible under Misaki's night gown and would have made for a comical scene if any of the three were in any state to appreciate the humor.

None of them were as they approached climax. Azusa felt Funaho clench tightly around him as she slammed down hard on him one last time before screaming his name and finding that sweet release. Funaho's orgasm drove Azusa to his own and his suddenly frantic tongue work sent Misali over the edge and her desperate moans faded as she fell off of him to the side spent.

Azusa took stock of the moment recovering first, a rarity in their lovemaking. Funaho was sprawled across his chest hugging his sides loosely murmuring softly in her sleep. Misaki was curled up at his side within the protective circle of his right arm a trail of drool ran out of the corner of her mouth and down his muscled flank, Azusa didn't mind. He pulled the silk comforter up over himself and his prone wife sleeping contentedly on is chest before making sure the other love of his life was similarly protected against the cold. With a satisfied grin Azusa lay back against the pillows and allows himself to fall into a fitful slumber. He last thoughts before sleep claimed him were of his hapless grandson. If you were worthy of my daughter boy I might have been inclined to teach you how to deal with the situation of keeping two women happy.

Far, far away a princess, a pirate, and a hapless prince shuddered in their sleep.

Author's Note

This chapter is dedicated to that ultimate of male fantasies. I'd like to thank Alighthawk for the idea that lead to the preceding chapter in his review of chapter 5 in said fic. I'm hoping this is still tasteful, even though this is a lemon I'm trying to stay in that realm and not become overly gratuitous in my descriptions. I guess since the fic is still here I've succeeded.

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