By: Ami

Beta Reader: kitsune-oni

-- The Flying Love-Letter --

Chapter 1/5 – Anonymous Beauty

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Here we go…

Sanzou couldn't believe that it had happened.

He sighed in relief before getting a can of beer from the fridge.

//I'm finally here…// He sipped his beer, relaxed. //Here… maybe I can find the peace I really need…//

Genjo Sanzou, 23 years old, had decided to get as far away as possible from his parents in Tokyo. Ever since he had decided to become a novelist, his parents had openly shown their disappointment towards him, their only son, and how he had chosen another career to support him instead of taking over his father's business. And Sanzou definitely didn't have any interest in sitting on the Director's seat, smoking cigars, while signing a pile of papers on his desk. Oh no. Somehow his sixth sense told him that he had had ENOUGH of paperwork—despite him never doing that job before. Strange, ne? That's life. XP

And so, he had moved in to a new apartment here, in Kyoto, where everything had been less annoying than Tokyo.

Sanzou opened his window, letting the early summer wind blow inside. Sigh… it felt so damn good. He should have done this a long time ago, so that his brain cells wouldn't have had to suffer …

Sanzou closed his eyes, feeling really relax, inhaling the fresh air and—


Sanzou jerked as he felt a garment blown on to his face, making the world around him  turn blackboard-black. Reflexively, he grabbed the garment off of him and saw it—

And he widened his eyes as he realized that it was… orange boxers with nikuman designs. O.O

"Ah! You! Over there!"

Sanzou looked over to spot a young guy standing on the balcony of the flat across to his, waving his hands at him energetically.

"Mister! Mister! That's mine!"

Sanzou twitched.

How could someone look so innocent after what had been just done to him?! That guy's fucking underwear had flown and hit him right in his face, damn it! He could apologize or WHATEVER to show that he was sorry rather than proclaiming out aloud that the 'thing' was HIS! #

Sanzou glanced at the boxers for a while before smirking wickedly.

Without a word, he went back inside, closing his window before pulling the curtain.

Actually… the boy was VERY cute in his taste…


Like what Sanzou had predicted, in less than 10 minutes, someone knocked on his door.

With hands inside his jeans' pockets, he casually walked to the door and opened it, expecting that something he had expected would really happen. But his cool attitude disappeared as soon as the image of a sexily panting brunette with a white T-shirt and blue shorts struck his eyes.

Oh My Goddess!

He looked even hotter at this VERY close distance!

"A—Ano—" The boy panted slowly before lifting his head up, giving Sanzou a full view to his glittering golden eyes. "Err—Are you a newcomer here? Umm—I'm your neighbor—I'm living in the flat across to yours—and—err---I---came to—"

"To take this?" Sanzou enjoyed the pink flush on the pretty boy's cheeks as he showed the 'nikuman' boxers in front of his neighbor's nose.

"Y—yeah." The boy bowed his head down in shame. "I apologize!"

"There's no reason for you to apologize… the wind can blow wherever it wants…" Sanzou smirked. "And it can take whatever it wants too."

"Uhn! Right!" The boy smiled sheepishly. "So—can I—"

"Not so fast, boy."

With that statement, Sanzou grabbed the boy's wrist, pulling him inside his room before pushing him on to the wall.

"Do you think you can escape easily after getting this 'thing' in my face?" He hissed in the boy's ear, loving the feel of the boy shivering against him.


"Don't you think that you should have done something to apologize?" Sanzou's hands were now roaming under the boy's shirt, caressing the surprisingly soft skin underneath. "Let's see… what can you do to apologize to me?"

The boy had turned in to rainbow colors. Sanzou didn't have to see his face to know it. His shivering and hot body had signaled it. Sanzou smirked on the slender neck, pressing his lips on to the tender skin sensually. "…Have you ever done this with a MAN?"

"Y—You—" The boy gritted his teeth, face flushed heavily. "Get off—you—perverted—"

"Are you serious? Do you really want me to stop?" Sanzou looked at the golden pool with a confident smile. "Or are you already excited now?"


Sanzou enjoyed every expression he could find on the beautiful boyish face. The brunette was as transparent as a plastic bag; everything he thought would be straight on his face. He had nothing to hide. And that had added more reasons for Sanzou to like the boy even more…

Sanzou ran a hand on the chocolate locks, feeling its softness against his pale skin. He smelled like summer, like a bundle of energy. His hair felt so good, so soft.

Sanzou moved downward, pressing his lips on his forehead, kissing him with a tenderness he hadn't known existed in him before. Although the boy looked very strong and energetic, something inside him urged him to be careful in his every touch—as if one wrong movement could break him. His hands were now caressing his soft cheeks tenderly, then down on his neck. He felt too damn good…

Sanzou stopped as a sob escaped from the trembling lips, right before his lips arrived on a luscious spot.

Fighting the urge to smile in amusement, he put a hand under the boy's chin before lifting his face up. "What's wrong?"

"I—N—nothing—that's—" The boy refused to meet his eyes. "—That'll be my first kiss—so—I—I'm confused if I should give it to you or not--"

"Hmph…" Sanzou could no longer suppress his laughter cells. Getting off the boy, he quickly bit down his lower lip, bringing one hand to cover his grin, trying really hard not to laugh his head off. He had a trademark to protect you know.

The boy was now looking at him with a boiled crab color, from head to toe, pouting at him cutely. "What are you laughing for?!"

"What else?! It's you, idiot saru!" Sanzou replied as he managed to regain his cool.

"What the—I'm NOT A SARU!" # # #

"Then what? Do you have another animal you can refer yourself to?"

"I'm not an animal~ Meanie meanie meanie meanie meanie meanieeeeeeeeeee~!!!!"

"OK, OK then. Shut up. Don't whine. You're driving me nuts." Sanzou covered his ears with two hands. "Sorry. I was just joking. Don't take it seriously. Here is your--"

Sanzou blinked.

The boy had disappeared.

And he hadn't even gotten to know his name yet…



"You're heartless!"

Sanzou sweat dropped at the finger that was now pointing at him accusingly. "…What the hell?"

"You know, Sanzou. A sexual joke is bad. Really bad." Hakkai put down his finger, now sipping his soda with his usual calm face. "…Furthermore, he's still a teenager. That can be considered as an under-aged sexual abuse."

"You don't have to make such a big fuss over it." Sanzou glared at his best friend.

"I'm talking here as a lawyer, Sanzou. Don't worry. If he sues you, I'll be your prosecutor," he spoke, still with an innocent smile.

"That's not funny," Sanzou grunted before getting back to his computer, returning to working on his new novel.

"I'm not trying to be funny. And I think you're the funny one." Hakkai took a novel from a shelf and flipped through it, smiling at its content. "…Nobody realizes that that famous roman novelist is you."

"Go straight to the point, mind you." Sanzou brought a cigarette to his lips. "My parents sent you here, right?"

The brunette remained calm. "Ping pong!"

"It's not freakin' time for some quiz jokes, damn it!" Sanzou glared at the smiling guy. "Just tell me, what do they want?"

"Ooh, Sanzou. That's harsh. It's not like you have time for jokes—well—of course the earlier little 'accident' with the pretty fella is another story…" Hakkai chuckled. "Of course you know what they want."

Sanzou sighed. Hakkai always made sense.

"But to remind you, I'll repeat it." Hakkai coughed. "They want you to go back to Tokyo and start taking over your father's company."

Sanzou gave him a dirty look. "Make me."

"Don't look at me like that. I understand what you feel. I'm just doing this to respect your parents, my parents' best friends, okay?" Hakkai held up his hands. "And I can always go back home and shake my head with a modest face. I'm sure they'll understand."

"You'd better do that." Sanzou turned back to the monitor and continued typing. "Hakkai, open the window."

"Oh, the window? This one?" Hakkai approached a big glass window near him and opened the curtain. "Wow." He narrowed his eyes at the sudden bright sunlight before opening the window. "The breeze feels great. Is this why you didn't turn on the air conditioning, Sanzou?"

"Hn." Sanzou shut his computer down before walking over to the window, sitting down beside Hakkai.

"Is that his flat?" Hakkai pointed to the flat that was located right across Sanzou's.

"Hn." Sanzou inhaled his cigarette slowly. "Almost all of the time, it's closed."

"Aa… so… you have been watching," Hakkai spoke modestly.

"…Urusai." Sanzou flushed red. Yeah. Who wouldn't have? Ever since the time he had first met the boy, he had been feeling addicted. He always wanted to meet him, to see the glimmer in his golden eyes, to hear his childish voice, to touch the slender tanned skin, to kiss the luscious lips he had failed to kiss last time…

Sanzou shook his head in disbelief.

What the HELL was he thinking?!

"OK Hakkai, quit looking at it so desperately. If you don't have anything else to say, you may leave now." Sanzou spoke to cover his embarrassment.




"Hakkai!" Sanzou could no longer suppress his curiosity. What in the HELL was Hakkai gazing at?! Oo… last time, the boy had blown his boxers to him… and now… masaka…

"What the hell!" Sanzou looked out the window—only to witness the most disgusting scene he had ever seen in all of his 23 years of life… [OK, Gojyo's fans. Don't kill me. It's Sanzou's thought, not mine. I personally like (to torture) Gojyo XP]

A redhead was seen on the balcony, lying on the floor, naked.

"What the—" Sanzou's face turned purple. Instantly, he grabbed a random dictionary from his desk and threw it to the pop-out-from-nowhere-maniac with his pop-out-from-nowhere-power. And the dictionary magically crossed the distance between the flats, before powerfully hitting the redhead directly on the face with a loud, nasty "BOOOM".

"What the—" The redhead quickly stood up and glared at Sanzou. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, YOU DAMNED JERK?!!!!" # # # # #




"I CAN DO WHATEVER I FUCKING WANT!!!!!!!!!" # # # # # # # # #


"IT'S NOT LIKE I WANNA SHOW IT TO YOU!!!!!!!" # # # # # # # # # #

"Hey, Gojyo! Whom are you shouting at?!" Suddenly a glimpse of the longed boy appeared from inside the room. His golden eyes narrowed as he caught Sanzou's sight. Flushing instantly, he quickly grabbed the redhead by his arm and pulled him inside before slamming the door shut.

Sanzou frowned. It seemed that he had overdone the joke… oh shit… now the boy hated him for sure…

"Hakkai, you may leave now," he spoke through his clenched teeth. He must seriously do something about this…


"Hakkai?" He narrowed one eye, looking at his stunned best friend in confusion. "What are you looking at again? That freak has gone."


"WHAT?!" #

"That guy with red hair… is cool, don't you think so, Sanzou?" Hakkai's eyes turned in to hearts.

And Sanzou was struck dumb.

Could things get any more complicated here?