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Chapter 4 of 5

" Smiley Disaster "


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Here we go...

Gojyo carefully pushed the door open, making sure that a certain brunette wouldn't appear out of nowhere to beat the crap out of him. Surprisingly, despite his spending years in front of the computer, the boy could move very fast and was pretty strong. Gojyo still remembered the day Goku had accidentally broken his arm in the middle of their sumo match Of course it hadn't been a real Sumo match XD. He winced slightly; he could still feel the pain in his elbow when he thought about it. Hell, he was never going to let Goku break another precious bone of his.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, Gojyo entered and surveyed the silent flat.

Where the hell is the saru? He scanned the living room as best he could, the room being unusually dark.

Trying to rid himself of all his paranoid thoughts, he cautiously switched the lamps on. Nothing happened.

"Oi! Goku! Where are you?" he yelled as he walked into the young professor's room. The room was nearly as dark as the living room had been. The curtains were all closed and the lights were off.

"Strange," he muttered as he switched the lights on. "Where the hell could he be?" Goku couldn't have gone too far away without him. After all, he was a runaway.

Just when Gojyo was about to grab the phone and call Hakkai, he noticed a small note on the table. He recognized Goku's usual terrible scribble, and read:

I'm with Sanzou, THANKS TO YOU. Go and prepare your own dinner.


Gojyo made a face and hoped that there was some instant-ramen in the kitchen.


"Good. That's the way you should have properly written your own name, saru." Sanzou pushed his glasses up as he handed the paper back to the grinning brunette. "I can't believe someone with such horrible handwriting exists."

"Sorry...." Goku pouted. Son Goku, the 18 years old genius, had been raised in Western way since the age of seven. He had been taught how to write the Western alphabet properly (only enough to be legible, however. Now that we have computers with Times New Roman, why write manually? XD), but he really lacked the ability to write Japanese characters, especially Katakana and Kanji. Up to now, Gojyo had been the one—the ONLY one—who could read his kanji without any difficulties, simply because the redhead had learnt from experience. And you can also read it because I've nicely translated it into the Western alphabet. fox laughter

"Hmph. You really are an idiot. I shouldn't have expected more from you." Sanzou sighed as he folded his arms. "Where's the letter? Should I teach you how to write it properly? No one would be happy to receive an illegible letter, you know."

"Ah... uh... no! I don't want to bother you! I'll rewrite it later! It's not really that important. He he he...." Goku nervously crumpled the paper in his hand before carefully slipping it into his pocket. "N—Nee! Sanzou! I'm hungry! Are we going to have dinner soon?"

"Oh, it's gotten quite late." Sanzou blinked in surprise at the clock. "Wait there. I'll cook something."

"Yay! OK!" Goku cheered as the blonde stood up and started making his way to the kitchen.

...Fuh... That was close Goku sighed in relief as he carefully pulled the crumpled paper out, put it on the carpeted floor and ironed it flat with his palm. ...I feel bad for not being honest... but I've got no choice. Sanzou must not be involved. I might put him in danger if he knows about my true identity...

As the paper started to lose its creases, he began to smile. ...Maybe I can rewrite it and send it to him... later.

With that thought and another smile, he gently folded the paper and slipped it back into his jeans' pocket.


"Tadaima, Sanzou!" Hakkai entered the room cheerfully.

"Okaeri, Hakkai!" Goku sat up to welcome the happy lawyer.

"Ara! Goku? You're here...?" Hakkai gasped. "Masaka... Sanzou! You have finally made your move! I'm so impressed! I haven't even gotten that far yet!"

"Don't jump to conclusion!" Sanzou, still wearing an orange apron after the 'underwear accident' orange has officially become his favorite color XD and holding a spatula, appeared at the kitchen door. "I took him in to teach him how to write properly. You've got to see his handwriting. It's terrible."

"Ah, is that so? Goku-kun, you can also count on me. If you want, I'll teach you how to write kanji properly." Hakkai smiled sincerely.

"Uhn! Thanks, Hakkai!"

"Hmm, by the way, the food smells good." Hakkai walked into the kitchen, looking at the omelet rice. "Omelet rice! Isn't it your favorite food, Goku? Sanzou must care a lot about you. He normally doesn't really like to eat eggs."

"...Fuck off and let me finish my work, Hakkai." # # #

"Oh, come on. It's just about ready for one last touch, right? Leave it to me." The emerald-eyed brunette snatched the tomato ketchup away from the twitching blonde and poured some of it on the omelet, drawing a heart with the red liquid. "See? This is art!"

# # # "...Whatever. I'm going to tidy the dining table now. You'd better not screw it up."

"Don't worry!" the smiling brunette replied cheerfully. After making sure that his friend had left the room, Hakkai slipped one hand into his pocket to retrieve a bottle that was filled with a mysterious liquid.

Well, Sanzou. Don't blame me for this. I was hoping that you would develop your romantic relationship yourself. But it seems that you still need me.Hakkai the Evil Witch grinned wickedly as he poured a dose of the liquid on to one of the omelets on the plate, before adding more ketchup to cover up the liquid's color and taste.

Whoever gets it... You're going to enjoy your night, Sanzou. Ku ku ku...

"OK then Sanzou, I'm leaving now so I won't disturb your dinner."

"...Just go." # # #

"What??? Why??? Won't you have dinner with us, Hakkai???"

"Maa maa, Goku. I'm going to keep Gojyo company. He must be very lonely now." Hakkai gave the smaller brunette a peck on the cheek before turning his head and smiling victoriously at the furious blonde. "See you later, Sanzou, Goku. Tonight is a beautiful night. Make proper use of it."

After closing the door behind him, Hakkai stopped and pulled the mysterious bottle out of his pocket. He glanced at the piece of paper stuck on the front side of the semi-transparent chocolate-colored glass.


"...I was thinking to use it with Gojyo, but I guess I'm in the mood to try it now." He chuckled as he put the small bottle back into his pocket.


-munch- -gulp- "..........................."

"-munch- What's wrong, -munch- Sanzou? You're not -munch- eating?" O.o

"...Don't you think that it tastes... a little bit... strange?"

"??????? What's so strange about it? It's delicious!"

"...Maybe it's just my imagination." --;;


And so, feeling happy after doing his 'good deed', Cho Hakkai dreamily stepped into the elevator, holding a bag of ingredients in his left hand, a recipe book in right hand, and imagining his dear darling redhead's happy face when he arrived.

"...You're going up too?" a fine-suited gentleman asked him.

"Yes. To the—eeh? Aren't you...." Hakkai widened his eyes in surprise when he looked at the guy beside him. "Homura, isn't it?"

"Affirmative." The man nodded politely. "It's been a long time, Hakkai-san."

"It sure has. How have you been?"

"Well, I've been working for the government. It's not really pleasant, but I make a lot of money, which helps me pursue my dream." The raven-haired man leaned back against the cold wall, seeming tired.

"Your dream?" Hakkai chuckled as he pushed the button, making the elevator's doors close. "To conquer the world?"

"...Close enough." Homura smiled. "By the way, why are you here? You're still busy baby-sitting the cranky blonde, aren't you?"

"You could say that. His personality isn't going to improve for another 100 years or so." Hakkai smiled politely. "You know that Sanzou lives here now?"

"To tell you the truth, I met him this afternoon. But he seemed to be too angry to say hello," Homura muttered, thinking back to the cracked elevator button and the trembling bellboy. "I doubt that he remembers me, anyway."

"And so... what are you doing here? Do you live here now?" Hakkai asked.

Homura smirked mysteriously as he put both of his hands into his trousers' pockets. Although the raven-haired man was smiling, Hakkai felt uncomfortable under the gaze of those beautiful mismatched eyes. "I'm a little bit luckier than you; the one I have to baby-sit is pretty cute."

Hakkai was about to ask more, when the elevator 'ding'-ed and the door opened.

The man in black waved a hand as he left the elevator. "See you later."






"Juliana! I must go now!"

"Ooh, no Adrian! Don't leave me! You're the center of my universe!"

"I can't, Juliana, my love, my most beautiful flower." pose "I'm needed."

"But, Adrian darling, I can't live without you! You're everything to me! I—I love you!"

"It's too late to say that now." another dramatic pose "But don't worry, dear. I won't forget you. I'll always love you, even if the sun rises from the west, the oceans dry up, and all the volcanoes erupt!"

"Adrian... you're so cruel! You're breaking my fragile heart! How can you... how can you leave me like this? You're taking half of my soul away!" dramatic pose "Ah... I know... you have chosen Soledad, right? You'll dump me because of her, right? That $& bitch!"

"Ooh no! Don't talk like that! You're the one, the only one I will ever love, Juliana! I swear by the moon, by the sun, by the chirping birds in the beautiful morning sky--!"

"But why? Why did you have to leave me, Adrian, my love?"



"Argh! I can stand this anymore!" Gojyo moaned as he turned the TV off, slamming his noodle cup down and spilling the remaining soup on to the table. "Why am I here eating instant-ramen and watching a soap opera alone while the stupid monkey is doing beep beep and beeeeeeeeep with the grumpy blonde??? The world is so unfair!"

Well, usually the redhead mocked Goku's cooking. It was never perfect for Gojyo's taste. Sometimes it was too salty, and other times it was too spicy. Goku, who had just started to learn how to cook properly, was probably not the best cook in Japan, but at least he could make something tastier than the fucking chicken-flavored instant ramen.

"...Shit. If only I wasn't so damnstarved..." Scrunching his face with disgust, he gulped the remaining soup and noodles.


"...Still hungry." He pitifully touched his slightly bulging stomach, thinking about eating some more.

I've been skipping practice since the beginning of the holiday... and I've got work next month... I can't allow myself to look fat He solemnly thought. ...But...By the way, he's a model who absolutely must keep his body trim XD


...I'm so damn hungry!

And while his 'angel' and 'devil' side were battling fiercely...


The doorbell rang.

"...Huh?" He glanced at the front door with a frown. "...Who's there?"


"Ah I'm full Thanks, Sanzou!"

"...Yeah..." Sanzou silently moaned at the pile of plates in the sink, making a mental note to buy a washing machine for his later days with the gluttonous boy. "...I'll wash. You go and make yourself busy."

"Ok" Goku got up from his seat, making his way towards the living room. "Nee, do you have a PlayStation?"

"...No," The blonde replied as he poured some lemon soap into the washing bowl, hissing a curse when the liquid accidentally spilled on his white shirt.

"Any manga then?" Goku looked at the bookshelf, groaning at the various encyclopedias and thick dictionaries.

"No." Sanzou was still cutely at his bubbly work.

"Okay! What about a DVD?"


"Aah! You're so boring, boring, boring, boooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiing! How could a human being live without a PlayStation, manga and DVDs?!" A/N: Right! They're all primary needs!

"Urusai, saru! You can watch Cartoon Network!" # # #

Goku yelped in pain as the remote control hit his head. Muttering audible curses, the brunette jumped on to the sofa and reluctantly turned the TV on.

"...News Today ...boring." skips

"Cooking Hour ...Well, the beef katsu looks nice, but..." skips

"Crimes and War ...I hate violence." skips

"Infotainment Show... gossip... adultery... bad." skips

"Cartoon Network... Hmph! Sanzou I'm too old to watch Nickelodeon!" skips

"MTV—Classic Music Special? " skips

"Adrian and Juliana? sweat drops Oh Buddha... lemme out of this..." skips

"What are the tests used in the diagnosis of occupational asthma? ...Pulmonary function tests, measurement of the peak expiratory flow rate before and after work, chest X-ray, CBC, bronchial provocation test and blood tests to reveal specific antibodies to suspected offending substances."

Goku sighed. "...Still boring." He lay down on to the couch, dumping the remote control aside as the doctor on the TV began to blabber about the diagnosis of occupational asthma, pulmonary function tests, measurement of the peak of expiratory—whatever!

...It's been almost one year... Goku sighed, his eyes wandering around the pastel-colored ceilings. ...Dad must be worried


"Dad! No! Don't let them take me! Don't let them take me! I don't wanna go!"

"But Goku, you're needed."

"What?! Why?! I don't understand! I can't understand! You said you'd always protect me! You said you'd love me like your own son!"

"Geez, Goku. You ARE my son. My ONLY son. Of course I love you!"

"No you don't! Why can't you come with me? At least you can accompany me there!"

"Hell no. I'd die without my PlayStation 2 and Final Fantasy X."

"Daaaaaad" twitch

"Now, now. Be a good boy and follow them."

"Do you realize what you're doing?! You're giving me away to those scary men!"

"Giving you away?" glare "Listen, I'm sending you to the goddamned laboratory so that you can do a lot—a LOT—of things for the people around you. Now that you're still a brat, you can't understand. But later on... you'll understand..."


Goku clenched his jaw. He still remembered the number of times he'd dreamed about it, dreamed about the time when his foster father had sold him to the Research Center. The time when he had realized that he had been betrayed, he had been cheated, by the one he had believed in the most.

He said I'd understand? I don't understand! I CAN'T understand! Why did I have to leave my life? I don't wanna live like a runaway for the rest of my life! I have lost my freedom, I have lost my life for nothing! And I can't hate you even after all the terrible things you did to me! Damn it!

Goku brought one hand up to cover his eyes, effectively stopping the tears that were threatening to burst through. "What should I do now?"

"...I just told you to watch TV, saru. What are you sulking for?"

"S—Sanzou—?" Goku opened his glassy eyes, only to find that the blonde's face right in front of his, lavender eyes staring down at his golden ones. "W—what are you doing here?"


"I can be wherever I want. This IS my place, saru."

"Itte sorry, Sanzou" Goku got up from his prone position, and the blonde took the given space to sit.

"Hmph. Stop thinking difficult things. That saru brain of yours can't handle it," Sanzou grunted as he lay back on to the sofa, while he repeatedly switched channels to find something more interesting than the diagnosis of occupational asthma, pulmonary function tests, measurement of the peak of expiratory flow rate before and after work, chest X-rays, CBC, bronchial provocation blah blah blah—whatever!

Goku smiled as Sanzou cutely complained about not having anything interesting to watch, muttering something like 'this is why I don't like TV. It's nothing but noise.' Actually, he felt thankful that he wasn't alone. Sanzou's fist WAS painful, but somehow it also had the power to relieve him from all his dark thoughts. Just like Sanzou's words. They could sound harsh, but the meaning behind them wasn't. Goku just needed a little bit of translator ability to translate 'The saru brain of yours can't handle difficult things' into 'Stop worrying. I'm concerned about you.'

Yeah... at least... for now...Goku smiled happily at the thought. For now... I can be with Sanzou... I won't regret a thing.

"What? Is there something on my face?" glare

"Uhn, nothing!" grins


"OK then. I'll see you later."

"It was nice to meet you again. See you later."

Hakkai smiled for the last time before politely bowing and turning away.After a few steps, he turned around to see that his old friend had already entered the elevator and gone downstairs. That's so like her. She never looks back. What a tough girl. She hasn't changed a bit

"I have chosen my own path. It's tough, but I like the way I am."

That's a nice lifestyle. I've got to learn from her spirit too... and to think about it...Hakkai sweat dropped as he looked at his wristwatch. "...I'm so late..."

And so, he started to increase his pace, hoping that his darling redhead would survive starvation for a while longer.


After finishing the last plate, Sanzou took some time to wash his hands before directly going to the living room. It'd be so NOT him to admit it, but he was a little bit worried because he hadn't heard Goku's voice for a while. The boy was usually noisy, very noisy. He talked A LOT, everywhere, all the time. And now that Sanzou had gotten quite used to the noise, it felt strange not to hear him again.

He was quite shocked at the unexpected scene before him.

The noisy boy was being unusually quiet, lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling with blank golden eyes. The TV was on at a very low volume, displaying Discovery Channel instead of Cartoon Network.

What... the hell... Sanzou quickened his pace to approach the daydreaming boy. He was even more surprised to find the boy's eyes glassy. Goku was crying quietly, muttering something inaudible.

Did I hurt his feelings? Sanzou frowned. ...I just told him to watch TV...didn't I?

"...I just told you to watch TV, saru. What are you sulking about?"

"S—Sanzou--?" As expected, the brunette was snapped out of his misery. "W—what are you doing here?"

Sanzou narrowed his eyes and punched the boy's head.


"I can be wherever I want. This IS my place, saru," he grunted coldly, slightly annoyed that Goku wasn't sharing his problems with him. Well, it was true that they hadn't known each other for long, but Sanzou felt a special bond between them, ever since he had seen Goku for the first time. Goku could touch his cold heart in ways that other people couldn't, so that it hadn't taken so long for Sanzou to trust him, to bring Goku close to him without fearing betrayal. It was illogical, unexpected, and indescribable. Love was also illogical, unexpected, and indescribable, wasn't it? Before this, Sanzou had felt peaceful just by thinking about it. But now, he suddenly felt insecure. Goku wasn't being totally honest. Goku was hiding something. It was the worst feeling to be curious and to realize at the same time that he didn't have the right to ask, because of their unofficial relationship.

"Itte sorry, Sanzou" The boy began to whine as he usually did. But it wasn't enough to make him regain his former composure. It was totally clear that Goku still had something in the back of his mind, and that the smile was being forced.

"Hmph. Stop thinking difficult things. That saru brain of yours can't handle it." Sanzou settled down in the available space on the couch, grabbing the remote control and switching channels pointlessly. "...This is why I don't like TV. It's nothing but noise," he muttered after browsing all 40 channels. Switching back to the Discovery Channel, he exasperatedly dumped the purely innocent remote control on to the coffee table.

Turning back to the grinning brunette, he couldn't help but feel a little bit relieved that Goku had turned back to his normal self, watching him with an amused look.

"What? Is there something on my face?" He shot Goku a dirty look.

"Uhn! Nothing!" Goku smiled.

"...Baka," he snorted, ignoring the way his heart lurched at Goku's sweet smile. Why did the boy have to look so cute at a time like this? Now he had lost the will to be mad at him for not sharing his problems.

"So have you finished washing? You can keep me company now?" Goku leaned closer, looking at him with shimmering golden eyes. Sanzou couldn't help staring. Was it just his imagination or did Goku suddenly look... more inviting than usual?

"I guess so," the blonde replied after taking some seconds to take a deep, relaxing breath.

"Good!" Goku sat cross-legged on the sofa, giving Sanzou a better sight of his soft, slender thighs. "Let's play!"

Sanzou caught another breath, turning his unwilling eyes away from the alluring area. His body suddenly felt... kind of strange... and hot. ...What the hell... is happening to me...?

"...I'm not playing hide and seek," he managed to reply.

Goku pouted, both at Sanzou's mocking reply and at how Sanzou was suddenly avoiding any eye contacts with him. "Of course we're not going to play something like that. I have a lot of games in my flat. I'll bring them all here. Then we can play cards, or maybe you'd like to play Go..."

Goku frowned. The blonde wasn't listening to him at all! He had even turned his face away!

"Nee, Sanzou! Are you listening to me?" Goku grabbed the older man by the shoulders. "I'll bring all the games in my flat so we can play--"

What the--

Goku blushed furiously as the blonde undid off the three first buttons of his white shirt, giving Goku a wonderful sight of his pale neck. "S—Sanzou! Wait! What are you—"

"Sorry. It's hot," Sanzou replied, limply laying his head on to the sofa.

"...Hot?" Goku said dumb-founded, glancing at the air conditioning. "Geez, c'mon Sanzou! It's freezing cold here and you're telling me that you feel hot?!"

Sanzou didn't reply, closing his eyes and trying to manage his short breaths.

"Are you okay? You don't look well!" Goku started to panic as Sanzou's pale face flushed. He helped the blondelie down on the couch. "Sanzou... please don't scare me like this... How do you feel right now?"


"What else? Is it hard to breathe?" he asked as he checked Sanzou's pulse.

"...Not... really..."

"Good. Then? What else?" He pressed a hand on to Sanzou's forehead to feel his temperature.

"...I don't know... it's... just... strange...." Sanzou panted.

...Increasing heart rate, rising body temperature... damn! The clues aren't enough! I wish I could examine him properly but there isn't enough equipment here. I must take him to the hospital and examine him myself, no matter what! Goku got up to grab the phone, but Sanzou latched on to his wrist.

"...What... are you planning to do...?"

"I'm going to call for an ambulance. We need you get you properly examined so we can figure out what's happening to you," he replied, his voice unusually low and steady. Sanzou had never seen such an expression on his face. Suddenly he looked... somehow... so... different, reminding Sanzou of Goku's room. The plain white room....

"I... don't trust hospitals." Sanzou frowned, still panting heavily.

"Don't worry, Sanzou. I'll handle everything. You'll be just fine. I'll let no one—NO ONE—hurt you and treat you wrong. I'm taking all responsibility to take care of you and cure you," he replied calmly as he took the phone and dialed the nearest hospital.

Sanzou stared at him for a few seconds, not believing the air of authority and domination around the small brunette. Goku wasn't a common high-school boy. He definitely wasn't. The way he talked, the way he looked and the way he reassured him... felt... so un-him.

...And it only made him look... so handsome and more attractive.



Sanzou definitely enjoyed the return of his cute boy, as the narrowed golden eyes began to widen in bewilderment when he was pulled down, almost roughly. And when the brunette got back to his senses, he was already straddled and cornered, a smirking blonde on top of him.

"San... zou...?"


Hakkai looked at his wristwatch as he arrived in front of Gojyo's door. I have wasted almost half an hour talking to her. I must apologize to Gojyo. He must be really starved by now...

"Gojyo!" he called after ringing the doorbell several times. "Gojyo, it's me! Open the door."

Nobody replied.

"Gojyo!" He rang again, but still no reply.

"...Strange. Did he go out for dinner?" he muttered as he stared at the long corridor where he had chatted to his old friend before. It was the only way to the elevator, so Gojyo couldn't have possibly fled without him noticing...

"Oh well...." Hakkai shrugged in disappointment as he turned and walked away.


"...He has left. Smart guy. He has a sixth sense when it comes to avoiding danger."

Gojyo growled, trying his best not to look intimidated by the gun that was pressed on his forehead.

"Well, to tell you the truth, that beautiful boyfriend of yours is my old friend. It's kind of sad, isn't it? Just some minutes ago we were chatting happily. Ah, I really like him."

"...Fuck you..." The redhead clenched his jaw, glaring at the smirking man viciously.

"OK then, break time is over. And I'll only repeat my question ONCE. Be a good boy and answer it." Homura lowered his voice. The coldness in his eyes was more than enough to make Gojyo trembling in fear. "Where is he?"


Goku could only moan at the kiss as he was forcefully pushed down on to the soft couch, wincing at the painfully tight grasp on his wrists and at the sudden weight on his slender body. Sanzou was being almost rough, and Gou was too bewildered to recall what his Psychology books had taught him about the secrets of the human mind.

"Sanzou...." he moaned again. His instincts alarmed him that it was getting dangerous as the pale hands left his wrists and roamed freely, but somehow he couldn't find the power to resist. He was melting under the unfamiliar heat. It was similar to the sensation he had felt when Sanzou had 'molested' him for the first time during their very first meeting. But the heat was rapidly increasing at both the kiss and the touch. It felt good, new and strange. But he still liked the feeling it brought upon him anyway.

"Shit...." the blonde hissed. His pale face was unusually flushed. Lavender eyes glinted with lust. "Don't make that idiotic face, stupid. You don't know where you're driving things to."

"I—I know you know what you're doing—"Goku stammered. "And—I don't mind—as long as it's you..."

Another fierce kiss silenced him.

"I thought I told you not to make that face, idiot."

"Geez, you're so mean! I can't help it!"

The sulking expression didn't last very long in the brunette's face as he accidentally turned his head towards the TV screen... and...

"...We're now doing our best to find him so we can resume our research."

"Does it mean that the Exhibition will be postponed until you find Goku-sensei?" The beautiful moderator of the show frowned. "Nataku-sensei, people are very curious about this. Why should we wait for Goku-sensei? You're also a teenage genius and having you in the Research Center should be enough. Furthermore, the exhibition is a long awaited event. Why should you delay everything for such a trivial matter--"

The teal-haired boy pushed his glasses up coldly. "We started the research together. We worked together. I don't fucking care about what you fucking people think. Just one thing is sure, I'm not going to work without him."


"And don't you dare relate him to the word 'trivial' again. Or I'll make youseriously regret it." Golden eyes narrowed alarmingly at the shocked moderator.

"What the—Nataku-sensei! That was rude—"

"I'm fed up with this. Leave me alone, jerks."

"Nataku-sensei! It's a live broadcast!"


Goku froze, staring at the TV as the panicked reporter tried to end the show after the unexpected incident. Goku turned his eyes back to his lover guiltily. He had lied. He hadn't told Sanzou the truth, about him and the black secrets in his past. It didn't matter if it was a white lie or not. He had lied. He had lied. He. Had. Lied. It was just his luck that Sanzou was an anti-social who hated the 'noisy' TV, and that the deadlines kept him busy almost all the time.

Sanzou definitely won't forgive me if he knows the truth. And even if he does spare my life... I'm a runaway. I'll be a burden for him. Soon he'll get sick of my problems and I, and he'll leave... eventuallyHe placed a hand on the older man's back, brushing against the soft white shirt lovingly. ...I can't be with him... I must leave him, before things get worse

Sanzou stopped his ministrations when he felt that the boy had stopped responding. "...Hey," he said, frowning at the boy's sudden impassive expression. "...What's wrong? You don't want to anymore?"

"Sanzou..." Goku looked at the beautiful face in front of him, as he clung his arms around the man's neck, unsure of what to say. "...I love you." He decided to end the night beautifully, just as how it had started.

"...Baka. I know that." The usual grumpy face softened, becoming unfamiliarly gentle as he brushed the smaller boy's cheek with a hand. "...Was that all? I've waited long enough."

Goku looked hesitant for a moment, before managing a reassuring smile as he pulled the man down, closing the distance between them willingly. "...Yes. That's all."



"Homura's speaking."

Gojyo opened his eyes slowly, silently cursing the pain racking his bruised body.

"We've got his friend. But he's not here. I'm still trying to make him confess. But I'll probably leave it for you. I still think you're better at being persuasive."

...He's making a phone call from the balcony... maybe I've a chance...Gojyo hardly breathed, scanning the room to find something that might be useful to support his efforts to escape. His eyes widened as he caught sight of Goku's note under the table. Oh fuck! I've gotta move it away... somehow

"He's still unconscious. I guess I was being too rough."


"Are you kidding me? You're ALWAYS rough, Homura-san." Nataku chuckled as he lay back on the backseat of the car. He sighed, exhausted. "...What? I sound tired? I AM tired. Those damn reporters won't shut the fuck up. And they even insulted Goku. I was really annoyed."

"Are we going to Goku-sama's place now, Nataku-sama?"

"...Oh, wait a sec..." Nataku turned to face his driver, smiling warmly. "Yes, Shien. Please." A/N: Don't ask me how Shien drives with his eyes closed. XD

The skinny man nodded in affirmation. "...Be careful, Nataku-sama."

Nataku smiled wider. "I know. Thanks."

This time, Shien couldn't help smiling at his master's sweet smile. "...Anything for you, Nataku-sama. Anything."


"Shall I send Zenon to escort you?"

Gojyo stretched his leg slowly, trying to reach the small paper with his foot while carefully eyeing the door to make sure that Homura was at a safe distance. C'mon... c'mon...

"Okay. Sure. What time will you arrive here?"

Oh yes! Gotcha!Gojyo nearly screamed in joy as his right foot reached the paper.

"I understand. I'll tell Zenon right away. See you later."

Oh crap! He's coming! Gojyo quickly crumpled and kicked the paper as far away as he could with his free foot, and put on an innocent face as the smirking man slowly walked towards him.

"How do you feel? Have you gotten enough sleep?"

"...Like shit. The floor is as cold as your heart, dude," he hissed.

"Wow, that's one good comparison. Unexpected coming from the likes of you." The raven-haired man sat beside Gojyo and offered him a pack of cigarettes. "Want some?"

"...I'd like to. But tell me how to reach them with your fucking rope around my wrists."

"Oh, sorry." Homura smiled innocently, as he put the cigarette between the redhead's lips and lit it up for him. "How's the taste? That's my favorite brand."

Gojyo gave him a 'how-do-you-expect-me-to-answer-with-this-thing-in-my-mouth' look.

"Oops, sorry. I forgot again." Homura kindly pulled it away. "So, how is it?"

"...Bad. But at least it can get rid of the taste of blood in my mouth. Thank you very much." Gojyo puffed.

"Ha ha, sorry about that. You might be used to having expensive cigarettes, but that's all I have." Homura smirked as he tossed the cigarette on to the floor and stepped on it. "But if you beg me, I might be in a good mood and send a pack of 'em to your funeral."

Gojyo made a face. "Oh man, I don't think I'm that addicted to nicotine."

Homura just grinned.

"By the way, man... what are you going to do next?" Gojyo tried. "What are you waiting for?"

"...I don't make hobbies of torturing kids," Homura calmly replied (But you already did!). "Nataku-sama will know how to make you speak later. We'll be waiting for him. And if the cute boy gets back before Nataku-sama arrives, it's even better. I can still use you as a hostage. That's why you're alive now. Aren't you thankful?"

Gojyo snorted, to Homura's amusement.

"And by the way, you still look hot, even with those bruises..."

Gojyo tensed as the man brushed his chin with his big, rough hand. "W—what are you planning to do, pervert?!"

"Hmm... I am still considering the idea."


"Hmph." Homura chuckled, pulling back his hand quickly. "You're so funny. You were thinking about dirty things, weren't you?"

Gojyo blushed. "Who do you think caused it?!"

"Maa maa, don't worry. I might be a bad guy, but I don't snatch my own friend's lover. And I'm not interested in you. A cuter and smaller one suits me better." Homura pulled out Goku's photo from his pocket and waved it in front of Gojyo's nose. "...Like your little friend here. Are you a hermit or what? Didn't living with such a cute and innocent brunette seriously tempt you? As soon as I saw his photo, I instantly had the urge to molest him."

Gojyo snorted. "...Pedophile bastard..."


Homura sat up, pulling out his gun as he walked towards the front door. "OK. Let's see..." He gave the redhead another sly smirk before turning away. "...If it's my boss... or it's my very favorite boy..."

Gojyo moaned at both options, praying that Sanzou would keep Goku busy for long enough...


Goku opened his eyes slowly, only wide enough to glance at the clock. It was only 5 A.M. So that's why he still felt extremely sleepy and tired. Throwing his head back on to the soft pillow, he tried to recollect what had happened the previous day. He didn't really remember how they had managed to get to the bed. Maybe Sanzou had carried him while he'd still been asleep. The blonde was now sleeping beside him, looking sated and very peaceful. There weren't any signs of his earlier 'sickness' either, much to Goku's relief.

"Hmm..." The light-sleeper stirred awake as Goku tried to get his wrist to examine his pulse. "...What the hell... saru..."

"So mean. Is that the way you say 'good morning'?" Goku chuckled as he wrapped his arms around the older guy's waist.

"...Idiot..." Sanzou lazily returned the hug, giving him a soft peck on the forehead. "...What are you planning to do? It's only 5 A.M you know..."

"I just happened to wake up." Goku wriggled out of the blanket. "Go back to sleep."

"...Where are you going?" Sanzou frowned as the brunette got dressed and left for the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a bath and prepare breakfast for us," he replied cheerfully. "Because today is a special day."

Sanzou smiled. "Just don't mess things up."

Goku grinned. "Leave it to me. For crying out aloud, I live with Gojyo."



"Bless you."

"Oh, Nataku-sama blessed you. It is going to be your lucky day today." Zenon grinned as he handed a cup of tea to his master. "Right, Shien?"

"...Absolutely." The pale-haired man replied, without any change in his facial expression.

"Damn. Someone's talking about me again," Gojyo cursed, not being able to scratch his itchy nose.

"Doesn't it mean that you're pretty popular, Sha Gojyo-san?" Homura appeared from outside the living room. "By the way, Nataku-sama, I have looked around. His clothes and stuff are all still here. I think he won't be gone for long."

"Really? That's good!" Nataku's eyes shimmered with happiness. "I can't wait to see him again!"

"Isn't it good, Nataku-sama? Goku-sama will be really happy to see you here." Shien smiled for the first time in front of Gojyo.

"Yeah! I'm sure he will! We haven't seen each other for almost a year! Yay! I can't wait to see him!" Nataku whooped cheerfully.

"Yeah... yeah... let's see if he's happy to see me, his best friend, in this kind of position." Gojyo snorted.

"Huh? I can explain it to him. I'm his super best friend, anyway. He'll understand." Nataku smiled. "But I might be kind enough to release you if you promise not to try to escape. How does it sound? It's just because I'm in a good mood you know."

Gojyo gave the smirking Homura a dirty look before turning back to Nataku. "...Your subordinate does learn very well from you..."



"...Yes, Kougaiji speaking...Okay. I'll be right there." Kougaiji turned his cell phone off and lazily crawled out of the bed.

"Work?" Hakkai appeared from the living room. "You only slept for 4 hours... for your information."

"And I also know that you spent the night cleaning my flat instead of sleeping." The red-haired man grabbed his clothes and walked into the bathroom.

"I'm impressed. You work really hard." The brunette smiled as he entered the bedroom to make the bed. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Nothing, thanks. I'm in a hurry," Kougaiji replied from inside the bathroom. "Thanks, anyway. You're a lot of help."

"No. I thank you. You let me stay overnight."

"But really, I can't understand." Kougaiji came out from the bathroom, neatly dressed. "Shouldn't you be staying at Sanzou's place? Did you two have a fight?"

"Not really." Hakkai gave Kougaiji his bag. "I'm just letting him have some private time."

"Wow, don't tell me that he has finally found someone special." Kougaiji whistled as he packed up his equipment. "I thought someone like that didn't exist, really."

"Me neither. Thankfully, he does exist." Hakkai grinned. "...And he's also pretty cute."

"Lucky him." The redhead took some time to brush his long and neat hair.

"Don't envy him. I'm sure that there's someone for you too." Hakkai walked out of the room.

"...I'm not really sure." Kougaiji sighed as he put his tie on. "I've been waiting 28 years for her. She's not coming."

"She will eventually come. You just need to sit back and relax. Don't push yourself too hard. You're going to hurt yourself." Hakkai returned with a plate of sandwiches. "Here. Have some. It's not good to work on an empty stomach."

"Thanks. You're very considerate, as usual." Kougaiji smiled as he gratefully took a bite of the delicious breakfast. "I'm leaving. You can stay as long as you wish."

"Thank you. But I think I'll leave soon. I need to go... somewhere." Hakkai turned to face the clock. It was 6 A.M. Gojyo might still be asleep at a time like this, but he wanted to give it a try anyway. He hadn't been able to meet the redhead yesterday, and now he missed him already.

"Okay then. The door will automatically lock once you close it. So you can leave whenever you want. Thanks again." Kougaiji flashed him a smile before grabbing his bag and rushing out of the room.

"All right... now... take a bath first, Gojyo next..." Hakkai yawned. "...Or maybe I should take a nap... for an hour or two."



"Bless you."

"Oh my, today is definitely your lucky day! Nataku-sama has blessed you twice!" Zenon laughed.

"Hmph. Lucky day my ass. Half of yesterday and today is definitely the unluckiest time in my life," Gojyo snorted, sighing as he lay back lazily on the sofa while Shien patiently treated his bruises and injuries.

"Stop complaining. We're being nice enough." Shien warned him.

"It's okay Shien. It's my fault for sending Homura." Nataku gave the smirking man an alarmed look.

"My apology." The raven-haired man didn't look sorry at all, polishing his gun with a maniacal smile.

"By the way, you're also a scientist, aren't you? You're Goku's friend?" Gojyo asked.

"Yes. We're very (x3) best friends." Nataku's face brightened at the topic. "We met when we were 7 in the Research Center. We often skipped classes, played games and did experiments together. Goku is really cool! He's very smart and he's also so strong! He's the first person who could still stand steadily after I punched him. He's also very kind! He always covered my back when I made a mistake and took my punishments instead of me!"

Gojyo sweat dropped. Geez, the saru really spoiled him.

"But, something is disturbing me now..."

Gojyo lifted his head up at the change in Nataku's tone.

"There's something, a strange feeling that I can't explain about him..." The 18-years-old scientist stared up at the ceiling with blank golden eyes. "No matter how hard I tried to analyze it, I can't figure it out. One day, my heart started to beat really loudly whenever he was around... And when he smiled, I couldn't help staring at him... When someone was friendly with him, I felt really, really mad...."

"You love him, don't you?"

All eyes turned to look at the hostage.

"Well, it's obvious, isn't it? You love him. That's why you're here to pick him up. If you didn't, then you wouldn't have gone this far." Gojyo shrugged. "Really, geniuses are so hard to understand. Using difficult word like 'analyze', but not even knowing simple things like the feeling of love or how to write a love-letter. Pathetic."

"What the hell are you saying?!" Shien surprised everyone, his usual impassive face suddenly becoming really, really spooky (to the point where Zenon reflexively jumped some feet away, hugging the surprised Homura). "Don't you dare mock Nataku-sama like that, damn it! Who do you think you are?! You don't have the right to—"

"Shien, stop it," Nataku interrupted.

"But, Nataku-sama—"

"It's okay." The boy smiled sheepishly. "...I've been wondering... so it's true... it's love. Yeah... It's love... I should have known it."

Shien reluctantly backed away, still eyeing the redhead angrily.

"Thank you. So you really are Goku's best friend. You have lifted a burden off of my shoulders. I've never felt so relieved before." The young scientist grabbed the bewildered redhead's hand with a sweet smile, shaking it gently. "I won't hesitate anymore. This time... I shall tell him about my feelings."

Gojyo couldn't help but be temporary dazzled by the sweet smile, before he finally regained enough sanity remember a certain blonde....

"Yes—I mean—no!" he stammered. "Y—you can't confess!"

"...Why?" The sweet smile quickly turned in to a frown.

"B—because—because---you're a boy! And he's also a boy! It's not normal for a boy to have a romantic relationship with another boy! You should be doing something like that with the opposite sex!" (A/N: Aww, why not, Gojyo-kun? wink)

"...Even if you also have a boyfriend, Gojyo-kun?" Homura smirked.

Gojyo glared at the raven-haired guy, sending him a silent 'shut up' message.

"...I don't get it." Nataku stared at him angrily. "You're the one who told me that it's love. And now you're telling me not to confess. What's your problem? Do you love him too?"

"Hell no! Even if we live together in one flat, and sometimes we play cards until dawn and I often fall asleep in his room I swear by Buddha I've never touched him! You can ask him about it!"

"...Live together... play cards until dawn... fall asleep in his room..." # # #

Gojyo turned blue at the boy's sudden vicious aura.

"I—I swear, dude! I'm telling you the truth! He's just a kid! He's not my type! I like someone older—err—gentler—Homura, hurry! Tell him about Hakkai!"

"Ah, I thought you wanted me to shut up."

"Damn you! It's not the time for a joke!!!" # # # #

Nataku frowned. "...You swear you don't love him? You're not attracted to him?"

"Yes! (x1000) I swear!" Gojyo held his hands up.

"...Good." Gojyo huffed in relief when the boy looked calmer.

"But still, I won't change my mind. I've decided." Nataku rested back on to the sofa, looked sated for some reason. "Even if he will reject me, I'm not going to give up, because I love him. And if I don't tell him what I feel, I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life."

...So cool...Gojyo was struck speechless, staring at the boy in admiration. Maybe Goku should leave the cranky blonde for this guy...

A/N: Oi! Oi! You can't be serious!




"What's wrong, Sanzou? Have you caught a cold?" The concerned Goku dashed into the room with a bottle of medicine and a glass of water.

"No. Put that away. I hate medicine." The blonde made a disgusted face.

"Geez, just how old are you? Adults don't complain about the taste of medicine!" Goku somehow managed to slip the spoon into Sanzou's mouth and made him swallow the bitter tasted liquid. "Good. Now take a bath. Breakfast will be ready in no time." He dashed back to the kitchen to save his scrambled eggs.

"...Damn..." Sanzou touched his lips, trying to somehow wipe the horrible taste off his tongue. "...What the hell happened to me last night? I felt really needy all of a sudden... as if I was drugged—"He blinked in realization. "...Masaka..."


"OK then Sanzou, I'm leaving now so I won't disturb your dinner."

"See you later, Sanzou, Goku. Tonight is a beautiful night. Make proper use of it."


"—HAKKAI!" # # # # #

"What's wrong, Sanzou? Is Hakkai here?" Goku appeared with a tray of breakfast.

"Tell me when he comes home! I'm gonna fucking kill him!" # # # # #



"It's late." Nataku looked at the clock. "Gojyo-san, do you know what time he'll come home?"

"Well, honestly, I don't know," the redhead replied cooperatively, almost unconsciously.

"He hasn't come home since last night." Homura smirked. "...It means that he's staying overnight somewhere else... like his boyfriend's house."

Nataku's face tensed instantly. "...Is that true, Gojyo-san? Goku has got a boyfriend?"

"Uh... well..." Gojyo glared at the smiling raven-haired man, for ruining the peace, AGAIN.

"Sanzou... isn't it?"

Gojyo seriously wished to just die and leave the situation behind him when Zenon appeared, holding a certain crumpled piece of paper in his hand. "I'm with Sanzou, thanks to you! Go and prepare your own dinner. Goku. Isn't it clear enough? Although it did take me some time to read it."

"Yeah... there's no mistake. This is Goku's handwriting!" Nataku grabbed the small note and looked really happy, as if he had just found the most valuable treasure in Grand Line. (A/N: Sorry, can't help to put it in. Look at my e-mail ID and you'll understand. XD)

"But... who the hell is SANZOU?"

All eyes turned to the sorrowful Gojyo, who was now cowering in the corner of the room, mumbling various death wishes.

Hakkai! Help me! Save my life from these monsters!!!!!!!! ToT



"ZzzzZzZzzZzzz... Gojyo... ZzZzzZzz... I luv you...zZzzZzzzzZz..." hugs the pillow


"So? How is it?" Goku's eyes shimmered as Sanzou tasted the very fried potato and scrambled egg.

"...Just normal. But you nearly screwed this thing up." Sanzou lifted the blackish potato up with his fork.

"Mou, I just burned one side. You can still eat the other side."

"Ch'... Why did I ever let you feed me...." Sanzou disgustedly put the burned potato back on to the plate and pushed his tray away. "I'm done."

"Naniii?? Hidoi, Sanzou! I've put all my effort into cooking something for you and you refuse to eat it!"

"Urusai, saru! I've eaten enough of your crap! Now go and clean up!" # # #

"Hmph, meanie." Goku pouted as he picked the tray up and walked back to the kitchen. "Last night he was so nice. And now he is back to his evil side. So mean. I didn't mean to burn anything but—"


"Eh?" He glanced at the doorway. "Hakkai?"


"...Strange. He has a key, hasn't he?" Goku muttered as he left the plates in the sink and approached the door.


"Don't move, Son Goku. We've got your friend. You don't want to hurt him, do you?"

Goku froze as the coldness of the gun's muzzle seeped through his thin white shirt. He stared at the guy in front of him in disbelief. "...Are you one of them?"

"You could say that. But I'm also one of your secret admirers," the raven-haired man whispered with a smirk. "Saa, let's go now."

"...You haven't done anything to Gojyo, have you?" Goku glared at the smirking guy.

"Don't worry. A few scratches won't kill a cockroach." The man chuckled maniacally. "But your dear boyfriend inside might get hurt if you try to escape. I'm sure that you haven't told him anything, right?"

Goku looked away angrily. "...I'll go with you. Just give me some time to say goodbye to Sanzou."

"Oh, how touching. I'll be waiting right here." He took away his gun and leaned back on the wall. "Be quick, baby."

"Listen to me, bastard. I don't care who your boss is, or what he fucking commanded you to do. If you dare involve Sanzou in this mess... you'll be digging your own grave." The boy threw him another dirty look before slamming the door shut.

"...Wow... wow... wow..." Homura touched the back of his neck with a smirk. "...I' scared."


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