DBZ: The Fire Within – R J Blackstone

Chapter 1 – The wish

Note: This story is post Cell saga when saiyans have only reached Super Saiyan form 2. It is an alternate timeline much like the story of future Trunks and negates all events that happen post Cell saga.

Tien was alone, down in the middle of the desert, the dragon balls were laid right in front of him, each as bright and beautiful as the first day he had ever laid eyes on a dragon ball. He had been training there for months. Ever since the end of Cell he has felt useless, it was time to make himself into a power that could defend the earth alongside Goku and the rest of the saiyans, it seemed as if the dragon balls were the only thing that could make this a reality. No matter how diligently and how long TIen trained it seemed that he could not overcome the physical boundaries that limited him as a human in comparison to a Super Saiyan. He planned to use the dragon balls for this purpose, he was going to make a wish that would change everything that the world and the universe had known and would change everything they would know for eternity. The day of the saiyans being the most powerful beings in the universe without challenge will soon be over, soon humans will be able to protect their own people like it should be done. Too long have the saiyans protected humans. This is a human earth; it should be protected by those that have always inhabited it and not by newcomers that only came because they lost their own planet. Humans should not have to stand patiently by to see if the saiyans can save us again. Tiens wish will change everything. This is not to say that Tien has anything against the Saiyans, that's actually quite to the contrary. Tien know to be grateful for everything that the Saiyans had done for earth and he was always respectful to them especially because most of the Saiyans were his friends.

"Come forth Shenron, it is time for my wish."

The skies grew dark and thunder boomed, Shenron had been called once again. The sands of the desert swirled all around like a great tornado as lightning flashed in all directions. The dragon flew forth from the clouds in all his greatness, spanning across the sky like a great storm would loom over the sea. Maybe in another time Tien would have been frightened, but he had seen this many times before. The dragon was nothing new to him.

Shenron's voice boomed shaking the earth as he spoke"Make your wish, you who has summoned me from my slumber."

Tien had been thinking of how to exactly make this wish for some time. The wish had to be worded perfectly as to not be misinterpreted, he did not want all human to be powerful beyond belief; he still wanted everyone to work for it just like the saiyans had to, not creating a war planet like the saiyans had but furthering the realm of possibilities that a human could extend himself. So Tien knew that his wording had to be laid our carefully.

"Great Shenron, I have called you today to change earth and mankind's history forever. I wish to give man power beyond which he has ever had before. Not everyman should have this power; this power must be gained through great physical and mental training. Only a sharp mind and physical presence should be able to obtain abilities such as these, and this power should take years of intense and meticulous training to achieve. This power shall be obtained just as if a man were a saiyan trying to ascend to the level of a super saiyan. Let this be a fair and just power, what I am seeking from this wish is a way for man to be able to protect his own planet without the aide of the saiyans. I seek a transformation that would make human beings a formidable opponent in battle but not the evil doers of the universe."

"Your wish is granted." The dragons voice rang across the desert like the voice of a thousand men, most would cower in its presence yet Tien stood tall and unafraid.

Then like that it was done. Shenron faded away, the dragon balls turned to stone and then scattered across the earth. Tien frowned in disbelief at what had happened. He didn't feel any different, maybe he wasn't powerful enough yet to ascend to the next level. How would he know?
Tien began to power up. He reached deep inside himself to pull out all the power that he has ever held. He unlocked every stream of ki within himself that might help him ascend to the next level on man. The desert around him was shaking with his power. Tien noticed that his power had risen quite a bit but not anything really stood out to him about it. He surely could not tell how he was going to be able to ascend to any new level of power with this change. Tien kneeled down in meditation, his power still swirling in the sands around him. He could sense more power deep inside himself, something unlike he had ever sensed before. It was barely there and greatly hidden but Tien's mind is more powerful than any other human on earth. It was a great power that almost reminded him of the power Gotenks had at super saiyan 3. So he tried to pull the power out. Tien devoted every part of his mind into summoning the power forth. His back arched as the power flowed up and through him. His new abilities flowed through his body bursting out like a bullet out of a gun. His pupils disappeared and each of his eyes turned white, not a drop of color in them. His back continued arching as something began protruding from just under his shoulder blades. Beautiful white wings sprouted forth as he pushed the power out of himself. He stood tall with his new found wings spread wide across the sky, he felt more powerful than he ever expected to feel in his entire lifetime.

"I am a NeoHuman!" Tiens voice rang like thunder.

He had to show the others, this new power would change the earth forever and maybe even the universe. No, this new power will change the universe, it will change everything.

To be continued: