Naruto Primer: Rock Lee

Girl Troubles

Rock Lee is sad.

You see, Rock Lee is an extremely sensitive fellow and he is also very sweet.  However, when it comes to looks, Lee falls very short.  VERY short.  The problem is, girls usually turn him away before they can come to know just how wonderful he is.

Here comes Sakura, the girl of Lee's dreams.  Lee dreams of Sakura every night but Sakura doesn't even know he exists.  Well, she does, but she thinks he's as ugly as a butt.  In a way, she is right, but beauty is only skin deep.  If only there was some way Lee could get her to see that before she turned him away.  Unfortunately, when Sakura sees Lee coming, she usually turns and runs in the other direction, leaving Lee to cry all alone.

"There must be a way I can get her to notice me!" said Lee.  "Then again, maybe I should focus on her NOT getting to notice me!  That's it!  If she didn't know who I was and didn't see my horrible face, then she'll find out just what a nice guy I am!  Then, when I reveal my true self to her…"

Lee looked around the corner to see Sakura slowly approaching him, unaware of his presence.

"Oh man…" said Lee.  "If only I could do something other than taijutsu!  If I could, then I'd be able to change my shape to look more appealing!"

At that moment, Lee spotting a paper bag blowing by.

"I know!" said Lee as he grabbed the bag and punched out two even holes about eye width apart.  "With this bag over my head, she'll have no idea it's me!"

With that, he shoved the paper bag over his head and jumped out into the open just as Sakura came up to where he was.  "Good morning, fine lady!" he said, trying somewhat to disguise his voice.

"Why, who are you?" asked Sakura.

"I'm just…er…" stuttered Lee as he quickly thought up a name.  "I'm Sasuke…'s brother…not the evil one!"

"Sasuke has another brother?" wondered Sakura out loud.

"He doesn't speak of me much because I wear this bag over my head and because I'm not evil and he doesn't need to kill me." Lee lied.

"Oh!" said Sakura.  "Okay!  Well, anyone who's related to Sasuke must be beautiful!  May I see your face?"

"No." said Lee.  "Not yet.  You are not ready.  May I treat you to a milkshake?"

Sakura accepted.  The two went out for a milkshake.  They went out the next day as well.  The same for the day after that, and the following days.  Pretty soon, they found themselves spending all their free time together.

Lee was very happy.

…For a little while.

He was troubled.  "I'm living a lie!" he said.  "Sakura may like my personality but she doesn't love me for who I am!  She loves me for being Sasuke's not evil brother."

As he waited for Sakura to arrive, (for they were going out again) he debated with himself on whether he should show Sakura his face.  But then, as he saw her coming down the street, he realized that it was the only thing he could, and should, do.

"Good morning Sasuke's not evil brother!" sang Sakura.

"Good morning, fair Sakura." Said Lee.  "I believe you are finally ready to see my face."

Lee slowly began to pull the paper bag off his head as Sakura looked on in awe.  However, she was shocked to only see Lee's hopeful face looking back at her.

"You're not Sasuke's not evil brother!" she gasped, slapping her cheeks.  "You're not even his evil brother!  You're not related to Sasuke at all!  You're just Rock Lee!!"

She threw her arms in the air and ran away screaming in terror.

Poor, poor Lee.  Even though she finally got to know him, it was his looks that killed him in the end.  Though what else is new?

And the moral of the story is: Don't judge a book by its cover.