Building Bridges

By PassionFish

Rating:  R…may be pushing it though ;)

Summary:  A saucy continuation of Saber's ficlet:  Truce.

A/N:  It is hard to describe this fiction as it is pretty much a series in itself!  Lots of yummy vampy sex and violence!


Like I said it's an official continuation of the wonderful SSK's Truce….you don't have to read it to understand this fiction…but it does explain how they fell into be with each other!  Also, it is a great PWP in itself!

Right…I'm not sure if Saber would appreciate me copying her work here, so here's the link to her ficlet that sparked off what is sure to be a fic of epic proportions!

                                                                www. /buffy/ truce.html

Open up a new browser, paste in the above link and remove the spaces [I had to add them in order to get to print them!], read…and then press the 'next' button at the bottom right hand corner of this screen!

Hope you enjoy…and remember, this is gonna be a wild ride and I looooooove reviews!