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By Suzi Roberts


The golden hue of the sunset streaked across the sky, shining down onto the pure white sand of the island.

Scott walked at a leisurely pace along the beach.

He could walk properly now.

Sometimes Virgil joined him on these walks but tonight he had some music to finish writing, so Scott walked alone.

It was peaceful with no sound for miles, apart from the music of the waves lapping against the rocks that lined the coast of the island.

Over the last two weeks since his arrival home, he'd been begging to get back to his job as an International Rescue Lifesaver.

He'd been turned down until now. But Jeff had promised him the next rescue, as long it wasn't too strenuous.

He turned his face towards the sun and enjoyed it's warmth on his face.

Scott enjoyed these walks and went for them everyday, still making sure he kept his muscles strong.

After all, he was a member of International Rescue.

And he – and Virgil – were back in business.


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