Title: The Elven Princess Author: Slizzie-Chan E-mail: slizzie-chan@juno.com © 2004 Slizzie-Chan

Okay, Second Time Around!

Fangelir: Yes I know, rhyming was an issue when I first wrote this (2-3? years ago.), and I really didn't want to worry about the rhyming. I just wanted to tell the story. And Dragon fairie's do exist! It's called Fan Fiction, if you haven't heard! j/k! Thanks for reviewing!

Ultimate Warrior: Forlack of a better word eh? That's cool; I like "interesting." That's okay if it be flame or not flame. Think Shakespeare "To Flame or not to Flame! That is the question!" I sorta like getting whapped on the head every now and then. So it's okay. Glad you like, and I may turn it into story.

CosmicalMadison: I'm glad you liked it. I like the ending to, thnx!

NiennaElanor: It's cool? Awesome! I'll e-mail you when I get more junk out. j/k! Not about the e-mailing, just about the junk, they will be works of art! j/k again! Yep they'll probably be junk.

Thanks ya'll for reviewing, now tell me how you like this "remake" of the Elven Princess. Story line is not changed.


The Elven Princess

The Elven Princess under the stars,
She waits for her next opponent to come.
She has slain a Man, a Dwarf, and a fairy,
Who ever comes next, needs be wary.

Taken one from every fight,
She has now a Sword, an Ax, and Star Fire Light.
Of her own weapons has she, long knives, arrows and a Bow,
wee hee!
(AN: couldn't resist. sorry! :)

The Heavens sing and the Moon shines bright.
An Ent comes walking softly in the night,
He is ready for battle, ready to fight.

Looking at her face, you can see her smile.
Her hearing is sharp; she can hear the sounds from miles.
She knows of the Ent, which is sneaking behind.
Her heart is racing, he will not surprise her.

Who will win the clash? The Elf or The Ent?
What prize might she stash, what might he leave?
That, is up to the ones with Imaginations bright,
Ones that dream of Elf and Ent fights.

Okay, clap your hand for the Queen of –coughDorkcough_! Thank you thank you!

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