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Rain. . .

The pink hedgehog looked up at the rain falling down, thinking about the painful experience that had just happened. She had finally become Sonic's girlfriend, but he had later dumped her due to what he called her, 'annoying'.

Amy walked over to her house, and then sat teary eyed in her house. (BTW, Shadow lives with her due to his fall off the ARK)

Amy thought, 'Maybe I'm just not good enough for him. . . he just ignores me all the time and runs off. . .'

Amy sighed, then got up to cook dinner for Shadow. . .


Shadow walked in the house, not knowing that Amy was heart broken, asked, "How was your date with Sonic?" "It. . . went. . . fine. . ." Amy lied, then said, "No, it didn't. . ." Shadow then looked at Amy, who was crying. "What happened?" he asked, and she said, "He dumped me. . . he hates me. . ." 'That jerk Sonic. . .' thought Shadow, 'I don't get how he can play with her heart. . .'

Amy hugged Shadow tightly then sad, "Thanks Shadow. . ."

"You're welcome," he responded. "Anyway!" Amy said, letting go of Shadow, "I hope ya ready to eat, because I'm starved!"

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