Just Another Year In the Life 1/?

Rated: R. HP/SS slash, also HG/RW het. Subject matter not for children, although nothing too graphic, but be careful when reading just to be on the safe side. Mentions the after-effects of rape, as well as some graphic violence in later chapters and sexual content.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters, that would be JKR.

Sequel to 'Friendship and Beyond.' Takes place the summer after Harry's graduation from Hogwarts. I suggest you read the previous story first; otherwise this one won't make much sense.

Settling In and Moving On

Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived and general executioner of menacing Dark Lords, turned over in his sleep tucking his head under his sleeping companion's armpit. This particular move took a bit of contortion to accomplish and was always accompanied by a crick in the neck after he awoke the next morning. The dark haired man sleeping next to him mumbled incoherently as Harry continued to move about, only quieting once Harry stopped the incessant squirming.

Their current position was a few steps up from a few months before when the two men couldn't stand each other's company, let alone the same space comfortably. Things changes however, about five months previous when the Dark Lord himself beset Harry's friends in an attempt to capture the boy-hero. The trap worked only too well, and although the three friends escaped relatively intact, they were anything but unscathed.

This event was the catalyst in bringing Harry and Severus together at all. What started as a grudging toleration of each other turned steadily into first friendship and then love. That is not to say the months following weren't rife with discord, namely in the form of Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy. The former the more menacing of the two. While the two lovers haven't yet consummated their relationship fully, in large part to the events of Harry's capture and subsequent torture and rape at Voldemort's hands, the couple have made significant strides in settling in to their new lives as a couple.

A few weeks ago Harry had officially moved into Severus' quarters in the dungeons with the help of Ron and Hermione, his two best friends. While both of his friends were overall supportive of his relationship with their former potions master, the conversation between Ron and Severus grew strained at times that afternoon as they both made a concerted effort to rain in their comments. As a result the hours spent rearranging furniture were excessively polite and excruciatingly bland. The tension dissipated however when Dobby popped into the room, causing a whirlwind of chaos in his wake. Even Ron and Severus shared a smirk at the house-elf's eccentric way of helping.

This particular day was a milestone in the younger wizard's life, a fact that the two men were oblivious to as they snuggled even more tightly together in their bed. The date was July thirtieth, Harry's eighteenth birthday. A celebration had been planned ahead of time by the staff at Hogwarts for later that evening, and Ron and Hermione were planning on arriving a few hours before the festivities to visit him. Harry's pleasant dream about tying Severus to the Potion's desk and shagging his lover senseless was interrupted by a wet sensation in his ear. Harry irritated tried to smack the dog away so he could get back to lavishing Severus's nipples with his tongue, when he was startled awake by a sharp bite to the same ear.

"Bloody dog. Leave me 'lone, m' sleep." Harry mumbled only half aware of his surroundings as he kept his eyes closed, desperately trying to re-enter his dream. Since he was still working on his intimacy issues in real life, and often went to bed horny and frustrated, his dreams were a much-enjoyed release for his sexual tension. Harry only forced his left eye open upon hearing an amused dark chuckle next to his ear causing a slight breeze to caress his face. "Oh… It's you."

"You were perhaps expecting Lupin?" Snape asked sarcastically as he continued to nuzzle Harry's ear in between speaking.

"I wish I had known your penchant for dogs sooner." Snape continued, this time running a hand over Harry's still pajama clad thigh, resting it lightly over his obvious hard-on. "Perhaps birthday shopping would have been slightly easier."

Harry blushed to the roots of his ears, still getting flustered when Severus made innuendo in his company.

"Shut it, you prat. I was having a good dream."

"I would say so." Snape murmured huskily, moving his thumb in a circular caress. "Care to share?"

Harry moaned as Severus continued to stroke him, but squeaked aloud at the idea of telling Severus what he had been dreaming about. Although he was comfortable for the most part with his lover, he was still reticent of most sexual overtures. Harry was by nature very shy and his fear only served to stop him from advancing further that the occasional touching and kissing. While he had an active and varied imagination he did not have the determination to put thought into action just yet. Instead he deferred softly while still moving into Severus' hand and embrace.

"Um…" Harry began shyly, blushing crimson. "I ah, well… you were, er…"

"Must have been good if you are at a loss for words." Severus smirked deliberately distracting Harry from his embarrassment. Before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "Get up brat, your adoring public will be anxious to see you and we've already slept later than I had planned."

"I don't want to." Harry pouted to full effect, causing Severus to glare at the impertinent brat evilly.

"Very well, we shall just languish the day in bed. If Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger happen in I hope they won't be too… upset with our state of dishabille." Severus smirked as Harry practically jumped from the bed after picturing Ron's reaction to just such a scenario.

"You're truly mean, you know that don't you?" Harry glared, gathering his clothes for a quick shower as Severus watched.

"You are just realizing this fact now?"

"Git!" Harry called over his shoulder as he walked into the bathroom, although when he looked back towards Severus he had a smile on his face.