Just Another Year In the Life 30/?

Rated: M. HP/SS slash, also HG/RW het. Subject matter not for children, although nothing too graphic, but be careful when reading just to be on the safe side. Mentions the after-effects of rape, as well as some graphic violence in later chapters and sexual content.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters, that would be JKR.

Forgive the lack of updates in months. I have no excuses, just haven't been in the writing mood. Hope you enjoy, those of you still following this.

A Meeting of the Mind

Harry was left keening naked on the cold stone floor of the atrium as all around death eaters and order members vanished right in front of him. Harry was too broken-hearted to notice much of anything however. The first time around was bad enough, but witnessing his godfather's death for a second time was even worse in some ways because he now knew what would happen and was still powerless to stop it.

The cold seemed to seep into his very bones, leaving Harry's whole body stiff and numb, whether from cold or shock was uncertain, perhaps both. He couldn't bring himself to move from his curled position on the floor.

"Aww, is liddle baby Potter upset?" Harry heard a childlike voice coo. "Is he crying?"

Harry would recognize the voice of Belatrix LeStrange anywhere. Before he could raise either his body or at least his wand arm, Harry felt cool bands surrounding his wrists, pulling him into a standing position while nearly wrenching his shoulders out of their sockets as well.

"Well, I must say that I never expected you to fall so prettily into my hands." A voice all but purred at him from the shadows.

"Let me go!" Harry snarled, pulling at his wrists as hard as he could, but the chains wouldn't budge. He began shivering as the figure walked through the dark toward him. His robes seemed to merge with the shadows, giving him an even more menacing appearance. What really frightened Harry however was the hated ruby colored gaze just visible from the upturned cloak. His deathly pallor became more detailed the closer the Dark Lord stalked to Harry's bound form, his incisors looked a bit like fangs as he grinned at the helpless wiggling the young wizard was doing.

"Now why would I want to do that?" Voldemort asked as he brushed a sweaty lock of black hair from Harry's forehead in a mock-tenderness. "When I have you right where I want you?"

Harry wasn't sure if it was because he was so focused on Voldemort, but when next he glanced around for a means of escape he realized he was surrounded by jeering Death Eaters. Harry did his best to hide the terror that he was feeling by glaring at the laughing mob, ignoring Voldemort as much as possible. It was all Harry could do to keep from begging and crying uncontrollably. He hoped the Voldemort of his mind wasn't as much a deviant as in real life and wouldn't comment on his state at present. No such luck.

"I wasn't however expecting to find you cowering naked in the Ministry of Magic, I must admit."

The more Voldemort talked the closer he moved to Harry until he was standing directly in front of him with a hand pulling through Harry's hair, bringing him forcefully towards his face. Harry continued struggling uselessly, with clenched eyes and mumbling 'Not Again' over and over under his breath.

Just as it seemed like Voldemort was going to either bite or kiss him a loud bang across the Atrium got all of their attention. For there outside the doorway stood Albus Dumbledore dressed in an orange set of robes with red dragons on it, looking absolutely furious. Although Harry was somewhat relieved at the old wizards presence he found that anger was the most prevalent emotion he felt.

"So nice of you to show up this time. I guess you could take the risk after all, as long as it was your weapon in danger and not just your students."