Title: Clone Author: JAGgedIverson Rating: Summary: The team investigates a pattern of murders involving female naval officers. Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: I'm not very happy with the way the show seems to be going in the direction of a Kate and Tony pairing. I want Kate and Gibbs to get together! I mean, the man in so darn sexy! Anyway, on with the story!


"We've got another one. Get your gear. Tony, get the truck. Kate, call Ducky. Meet me downstairs." Gibbs said, already grabbing his beloved coffee and his overcoat and heading towards the elevator.

"How come you always get to drive the truck?" Kate questioned, picking up the phone.

Tony just smiled and grabbed the keys on his way out.


"Kate, get sketches and pictures. Tony, get the witness statement." Gibbs instructed, before going over to Ducky and the body. "So, what do we got, Duck?"

"This one is very much like the others, but there is one difference. This one was married." Ducky took victim's left hand gently in his own and showed Gibbs the ring. "I'd say that's 2.5 karat diamond. She, or her husband, was very wealthy. This brings back a memory of when I was a young boy-"

"Ducky," Gibbs interrupted, "when did she die?"

"Jethro, you must have patience. But, if I were to estimate, probably four or five hours ago. But, I won't know for sure until we get her back to the lab."

"Can we turn her over, Duck?"

"Yes, I didn't find anything of worth on this side."

The two men carefully turned the woman over. Gibbs brushed the hair out of her face in order to see if there was any damage done. Both men took a step back and gasped at the sight they saw.

"My God, Jethro, she looks exactly like-"

"I know." Gibbs cut him off, not wanting to hear the rest of his statement.

"Gibbs, I've got all the pictures and I'm done with the sketches. What now?" Kate asked, walking towards the body and the two men.

Gibbs jumped up and walked towards her, stopping a few inches away in order to block her view of the body. "Look around for anything that might help. She was found without her cover, so keep an eye out for that. When you're done with that ask around, see if anybody saw anything. This is a fairly populated area during the day, so someone was bound to see or hear something."

Kate looked at him for a moment, knowing something was up. She said nothing, but made a decision to ask about it later. She turned back towards the truck, shaking her head at his weird behavior.