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"I can't believe it!" An angry young woman yelled. "What's the matter, Kagura? It was only a purse that the thief took." Said the other woman walking alongside her. Kagura sighed. "Normally I wouldn't be too upset, but Kikyou, I had a winning lottery ticket in that purse." She explained, as they walked out to a parking lot.

Kikyou blinked. "Are you serious? I mean, are you sure it was the right one?" She asked, astounded. "Positive." Kagura murmured, dully. "Not as though it matters now."

Kagura got in the passenger side of their shared car, and Kikyou drove back to their apartment building. The roommates parked outside the building, and walked up to the second floor where their apartment was. Kanna was on a couch in the living room, watching TV. "How was school?" Kikyou asked, smiling. "It was OK. You two got mail." She said quietly, and pointed to the coffee table. Two identical white letters were there, one with Kagura's name on it and the other Kikyou's.

"That's odd..." Kikyou murmured. "What's odd?" Kagura asked. "These letters... There is no address at all on them. Not who they were sent by, not who they were sent to. They just have our names on them." She replied. Kanna shrugged. "They were in the mail box. I got one just like it." She showed them hers. "Haven't opened it yet, though."

'And in other news,' the television speakers rang throughout the room. 'The richest being in the world, youkai Naraku, has just passed away last night. There was a question on what would happen to his belongings, but it appears that he's written a will. This will shall involve his entire fortune, estate, and a priceless one of a kind jewel called the shikon no tama. More on this story as it develops.'

"Well, let's open them." Kagura said. "After all, our names are on them."


The substitute teacher entered the room, as sixth graders were ranting to each other. "Good evening, class." She said, and smiled as they all stopped talking. "As you can probably tell, your teacher, Mr. Himura, is not here today. He had to attend a very important meeting, and I will be teaching you for the day. My name is Miss Higurashi." She said, and wrote her name up on the chalk board. Now, we'll start the day out with a video about the nine planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way. There will be a worksheet you have to fill in while watching the video."

All of the students moaned as Miss Higurashi passed out the sheets of paper. One of the kids shot his hand up in the air.

"Yes?" She asked, politely. "Will we have to answer questions about Uranus?" He asked, and the way he pronounced it caused all of the students to laugh. "It's pronounced ur-i-nus, not ur-a-nus, and yes you will have to answer questions about that particular planet. Now--" She was interrupted by a young man who entered the room. Miss Higurashi smiled. "Hello, can I help you?"

"Hello. I hope I'm not interrupting anything." He stated, observing the class.

"Not at all." She said, and the same kid from before added, "We were just talking about Uranus." He mispronounced the planet name yet again, and all of the students laughed harder.

"Ignore them." She said, hastily. The man smiled. "You are Miss Kagome Higurashi, correct?" He asked, and Kagome nodded. "Hai, that's me." "I have a letter for you." He said, and placed a white envelope with 'Kagome' printed on it in the hand she extended for it. Without another word, he left the room. Kagome blinked. What was that all about? Oh well, she'd find out in a moment. Kagome slipped a tape in the VHS and turned on the classroom TV. As the video began, she walked over to the desk and sat down. She picked up the letter.


A black haired man was sitting behind the counter of a drug store. He was tapping his finger against the counter, boredly. ~I need to get a new job.~ He thought. ~Perhaps something where there are plenty of beautiful women around?~ He grinned. ~I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming.~ the vision of a beautiful young lady with her hair tied up in a pony tail entered his mind.

It had been so long since he had last seen her. Too long for his liking. He could just picture her beautiful eyes, her wonderful smile, and of course her magnificent physical features. That vision became blurred and disappeared, however, when he heard someone trying to get his attention.

"Miroku!" A voice nearly shouted in his ear, and he turned to face his boss. "Hm?" He asked, blinking. "It's about time you left la-la land. Here, this is a letter from you. Some strange man brought it." He said, handing him the letter.

Miroku sighed. A letter from a woman would've been much more welcoming. He didn't pay attention to the fact that it had no markings on it, and opened it.


Walking around in a casino was the same girl who Miroku had imagined. She tore up the five lottery tickets that she had purchased and threw the pieces away. "I never win the lottery..." She murmured to herself, looking around. Last time she was here, she lost all of her money playing poker.

So this time, she headed straight for the slots. There, she lost most of what little money she had on her. Getting up, she decided to try her luck with poker again. Find a casino, loose a lot of money, then leave. That was her basic daily routine.

Before she made it to the poker table, though, a young man walked up to her. "So you're Sango? I have a letter for you." He said, and handed her an envelope. He then left before Sango had a chance to say anything in reply. She blinked. Who was that guy? She then looked down at the letter in her hand.

It just said her name. Nothing else. What would anyone want to write to her for? Well, she may as well fine out now. She sat down at a bar, ordered a bloody mary, and then used one of her long nails to rip through the thin paper of the envelope.


"Are you Inuyasha?" The young man asked, and the inu hanyou blinked. "Yeah, I'm Inuyasha. What do you want?" He asked, in an irritated voice.

"Here you are." He said, handing Inuyasha an envelope with his name on it. He looked down at it, confused. "Hey, what-" He began, but when he looked up the young man was gone. He raised his eyebrow, and looked down at the strange envelope. He tore through it easily with his claws. After taking out the letter, he (as well as the others with similar letters) began to read.

-This letter was written by me, Naraku. If you haven't heard already, I am dead. You are one of the 12 individuals who I have mentioned in my will. If you are interested in my fortune, estate, or the shikon no tama, then I suggest that you show up at my estate in two days by 6:00 pm sharp. Do not be late.-

Inuyasha blinked. He had known Naraku, but how could he have written this letter if he was dead? A ghost. That was the only logical explanation. He was about to throw it away, but then a small line at the very bottom caught his attention.

-This message will self destruct in ten seconds.-


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