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The next morning for breakfast, Sesshomaru and Kagura didn't speak a word. Sesshomaru found out that the good meal he had had while he was with Shampoo was a one time thing, because his food tasted terrible again. He had left the table even before Kouga that time.

After breakfast, Inuyasha and Kikyou were playing a game of pool. Kikyou had been telling Inuyasha all about what had happened last night. Inuyasha had listened, calmly. When she was done, he spoke. "I'm no therapist, Kikyou, but...maybe you should start hanging out with Kagura a bit more. Just talk things over. It'll probably be a whole lot better after that. But my brother... I don't know about him." He murmured, a bit more quietly.

"Inuyasha..." Kikyou said, "Tell me...about your brother." She finished. "Well, what do you want to know?" He asked, as he accidentally got a scratch. Kikyou placed the cue ball at the end of the pool table, and shot. "I'm not too sure myself, Inuyasha. Everyone here had their own opinions about him, and many of them are negative. Since you're closest to him, I figured you would know the best."

"Oh, I see where this is going." Inuyasha said, as he shot in one of his solids. "Sesshomaru isn't a killer. Why the hell does everyone think that?" He scowled. "I'm not saying that he is, but I have to know for sure." She responded. Inuyasha sighed. "He doesn't look to have changed much from all those years ago. He's perfectly calm--most of the time, he keeps a great poker face, and he's a good guy." He told her, shooting again, and missing the pocket.

Kikyou hesitated. "But, Inuyasha, what's the real reason he chose to stay in the first place? and don't say 'to hang out with his brother,' because I know that's not true." She said, shooting, and missing. "Well, at first I blackmailed him, but I don't know of his intentions now." "Wait a minute, you blackmailed him? That's why he stayed?" Kikyou asked, looking happy. "Well, yeah." Inuyasha said, raising an eyebrow.

Her smile widened. "So he didn't stay because of the money?" "Erm...at least I don't think so..." "So that means he can't be the murderer!" "Of course he's not the murderer! What do you take him for?" Inuyasha asked. Kikyou smiled, and threw her arms around Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked confused. -Okay...- He thought.

Kikyou let her arms fall to her sides, and looked at Inuyasha happily. "I'm glad...because now I know the truth. Sesshomaru isn't the murderer." "Nope." Inuyasha replied. Kikyou grin turned into a slight smirk as she narrowed her eyes. "Unless, of course...you're an accomplice." "Me? no way!" He said, and chuckled.

"Oh, now I see what's going on!" She said, playfully. "He's the accomplice! And the murderer is you!" She accused, giggling. Inuyasha chuckled softly. "Dear Kikyou, you have figured out my secret. Now I must kill you." He said, 'seriously.'

Inuyasha then smiled. "Ha! Me, the murderer. Imagine that." He said. They both laughed, and didn't bother to finish their game of pool.


Sango entered the hall, where she saw Kohaku walking to the dining room door. "Hey, Kohaku. What're you doing?" She asked, walking over to him. "Playing hide and seek with Kanna and Shippou." He replied, cheerfully. Sango sweatdropped. "Yes...well, have fun, and good luck." She said, leaving him to go into the study. -You'll need it...- She thought.

In the study was Miroku, sitting at the computer. Sango blinked. He was on the Internet. "And just what are you doing, monk?" She asked, coldly. Miroku quickly minimized a web page and spun around to see Sango. "Sango! How great it is to see you!" The, he noticed her cold expression. "What, is there something wrong?" He asked, blinking. Then, he glanced at the screen, and then back to her. He sighed. "Lady Sango, what to you take me for?" He asked, shaking his head.

She glared at him again. Miroku chuckled. "You think that I would go so low as to look at porn?" He asked. "Actually, yes." She replied, tonelessly. Miroku put a hand on the mouse, and maximized the window so she could see what it was. Sango blinked. "That's a picture of..." Sango began, "The shikon no tama." Miroku replied.

"I'm trying to find out what sort of strange powers it may have. It must be very impressive." He told her. "Oh..." Sango murmured. "Well, I guess I'll just go now..." "You can stay if you like, Lady Sango." Miroku offered. "No, I think I should get going...by the way, if you see Kohaku, tell him that Shippou is disguised as a book case up in the library. It's the only one that has a tail." She said.

Miroku gave her a confused look. "They're playing hide and seek." Sango explained. "Ah..." Miroku murmured, "In that case I wish him luck." "Yeah. Well, see you later Miroku." Sango said, before leaving.


The doorbell rang. It took about 30 seconds for it to be answered, by Kagome. "Hello?" She asked not seeing anyone. Then, her eyes wandered downward, and widened. "Oh my God..." She clashed her hands over her mouth, and her heart was pounding. She took a deep breath, and screamed with all her might.

Everybody came running, some from that floor, some from upstairs, and one, Vash, from outside. At the doormat, a body was lying down. It was the body of a young woman in an official looking uniform. She was lying face down in a small puddle of blood. "Shampoo. Go get me rubber gloves." Hojou demanded. "Shampoo has some right here." She said, taking a pair of thick rubber gloves out of her back pocket and handing them to Hojou.

Carefully, he turned her over. a few people gasped; her eyes were open. She had short hair, and she had been shot in the chest. "Whoever shot her," Hojou said, observing the hole, "Had great aim. Familiar with the human body, as well. this was shot through the center of her heart. Now, my question is..." Hojou said, standing up and facing them, "Did any of you know the girl?" He asked. All of them shook their heads. "She must've been the person I hired to fix the TV..." Hojou mumbled.

"Hojou, there's some sort of card pinned to her uniform." Kikyou pointed out. Hojou removed it, and read it. "Her name is Yuka." He said, plainly. "Hojou," Kouga said, "how could she have been shot, and none of us heard? Gunshots can be pretty loud." He pointed out. Hojou glanced at him. "Oh, I know!" Sango exclaimed, suddenly. "Maybe the doorbell blocked out the sound?" She suggested.

"That explains it..." Inuyasha murmured. "And some guns are more quiet than the others." He said. Hojou turned to them all, seriously. "Now, where were you all during this murder?" He asked, sternly. Just as before, they all made their claims:

Hojou said that he was in his room, as usual.

Vash said he was outside on patrol, and was on the opposite side of the mansion when he heard the scream. He was seen coming from the backyard.

Inuyasha claimed that he was with Kikyou, and they were in the billiard room, talking to each other. Kikyou had the same claim.

Miroku said that he was doing some research on the Internet, and Sango said he saw him there shortly before the murder.

Sesshomaru told them that he had been sitting in his room, watching TV with Kouga. Kouga said the same thing.

Ranma stated that he was in the kitchen, cleaning up after breakfast.

Kohaku said he had been playing hide and seek with Shippou and Kanna. Both Shippou and Kanna confirmed that they were playing hide and seek, as well as Sango.

Shippou said that he was upstairs in the library, pretending to be a bookcase. Sango saw him like this about 10 minutes before the murder.

Kagome claimed she was in the living room sitting on a couch, and she was the one who found the dead body when she went to answer the door.

Sango said that she had just reached her room when she heard the scream, causing her to turn back.

Kagura said that she was in the upstairs living room, watching TV.

Shampoo claimed that she was taking a break in her room, watching TV.

Kanna stated that she had been hiding under the main dining room table, because she was playing hide and seek with Kohaku and Shippou.


Later, a small revolver was found, sitting on a table in the hallway upstairs. Hojou checked it for fingerprints. It was clean.

And, once again, there was no definite proof that went against any of their claims. However, if they investigated a bit further and had the intelligence to put the pieces of the puzzle together, they'd be sure to find out some very interesting things.


Chapter 15: When Vash quits his job and reports back to the authorities, many news reporters suddenly take interest in the group stuck in the mansion. When strangers appear at their door claiming to be a group called the Ein Mystery Inc., they insist on investigating. And the murderer strikes again, folks! But this time, you get to se him/her in action! And no, you won't find out who it is. You will eventually, though!