Just 100 words sparked by one of the deleted scenes. Written to unwind my stressed-out film student brain. My first attempt at a fanfiction Drabble: go easy on me, neh?

Finding Nemo and all related belong to Pixar – all hail Lasseter, for he is vastly more wealthy than I!  Please, please, do not set the Minions of Disney on me. I'm naught but a humble pirate!


Lost Causes


He remembers the freedom

He remembers the sweet rushing glory of life before the net. Before the tank. Before the scars. His memories burn in his veins.

But the memories are faint, and every day they grow fainter; like the dying echoes of a long-ago song. He feels them slip away with growing desperation, and his scars ache with longing and regret.

Hope springs eternal, the Humans say; but none of them understand that this is no cause for joy. Only he and those like him understand:

There is nothing more bitter than hope.

Or memories.

Or a lost cause.




Whew! Who knew I could scrounge up something that dark from Finding Nemo? Drop me a review and let me know what you think; I might attempt more such drabbles, or perhaps even a longer fic about Gill ("Willemdafoefish", as I like to call him. Say it fast – 'tis fun!)