AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not really a poem written by Jack, just a sort of play on themes. Tulio was being very brilliant (actually, just procrastinating – avoiding working on Chapter 46) and this is what came of it. Enjoy. Note: There may or may not be spoilers in this poem, as the plot of Two Captains is subject to constant change. In other words, don't always believe what you read. It may never happen. Or it might. You won't know till you actually read it.

See Jack worry.
Worry, Jack, worry.
Jack has a cursed coin.
He was a bad boy.
Bad Jack.

Will is Jack's friend.
Support, Will, support.

They are trapped in an evil pirate's brig.
Oh dear, Will and Jack!
What are you going to do?
Brainstorm, Will, brainstorm.

Will has an idea.
Good Will. Smart Will.
Will must pull Jack's arm off.
It's okay, Jack. It won't hurt. Much.

Jack is a brave boy.
He only swears once.
Bad Jack.

Will and Jack will send
the arm to throttle Tyrus.
Concentrate, Jack, concentrate.

Tyrus is dead.
He was a bad man.
Escape, pirates, escape.

Storm the poop deck!
Man the tiller!
Save Ryenne!

Good boys.