A/N: WARNING! This is Slash, don't like it, don't read it! Hermione Granger stepped through platform 9 and 3/4 and felt the farmiliar rush as she saw the red steam-train. It was Hermione's last and final year at Hogwarts. To her, leaving would be a bitter-sweet kind of thing. She really was going to miss Hogwarts and everything about it. But she was very eager to get a job in the Minestry and start a new grown-up life. Hermione was lost in her own thoughts when her best friend Ron Weasley came up behind her.

"Hi Hermione. How was your summer?"

Hermione jumped. "Oh my! you frightened me!" she paused "Oh it was great! we went to Rome and France.." Hermione babbled on for a few minutes untill Ginny Weasley walked past her. Hermione was very glad to see her. Ginny still looked like...well....Ginny. Over the years, Ginny and Hermione had become very good friends and were now very close.

"Hey Ginny!" Hermione stopped and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And for some strange reason, when she gave her a kiss on the cheek (as she had done on numores occasions) She felt like someone had shocked her. It was strange. But she pushed that out of her mind. Before Hermione had anything else to say, her other best friend Harry Potter rushed over to say hi. After a few more minutes of talking, they all boarded the Hogwarts express. Hermione and Ginny sat next to eachother

and Ron and Harry sat next to eachother talking about quidditch and after a while, Hermione got very bored and buried herself in the newest Transfiguration book. After about an hour, Luna Lovegood dreamily walked in.

"Oh, Hello Harry!" Harry was startled and meerly just grunted a reply.

Luna sat down next to Hermione and started staring at her. Hermione tried to ignore her, but after a while, she could bear it no longer.

"Am I amusing Luna?"

Luna instead didnt answer and said something of her own accord. "Why do you read that before you have too?" Ginny giggled and Luna glared at her.

"Maybe because she doesnt want to have to grow up editing the Quibbler." said Ginny with a bit of sarcasam. Hermione laughed, glad that Ginny would be so kind to stick up for her. After all, Ginny actually was kind of friends with Luna. Lunas face turned bright red and instead chose to staring at Harry. Hermione shot Ginny a kind of "thanks" smile. Ginny mouthed "No problem" in return.

Hermione put her book away, wanting to talk to Ginny.

"So Ginny, are you still going with Dean Thomas?"

Ginny looked sad. "No, the spark just wasn't there anymore."

"Im guessing you have your eye on a new guy now." Hermione said. Ginny had always liked guys.

"Well, not exactly." Hermione could tell there was something in her eyes that made Hermione think Ginny wasn't telling the truth. But she didnt press the matter. After a while, Draco Malfoy waltzed in and said: "Mudblood, McGonagall wants to see the Head boy and Girl."

Hermione glared, "Then why did she send you to get me?"

"Because Im head Boy" Draco smirked, knowing this would irritate her.

Hermione got up and Ginny gave her a consoling smile. And for some reason, the whole day, all Hermione could think about was that smile.

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