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"Planeteers! We have an Eco-Emergency! To the Crystal Chamber at once!" Gaia's worried voice sounded across the pristine Hope Island, calling each of the Planeteers to drop whatever they were doing at once and hurry to view Planet Vision. The Spirit of Earth watched as the five young adults arrived post haste and, when they had all gathered, turned to the crystal- framed screen and waved her hand at it, activating it.

"What's the problem, Gaia?" asked Wheeler as what appeared to be an undisturbed nuclear power plant came onto the screen.

"Planeteers, from the outside this plant may look fine, but it's what's going on inside that's the trouble. Duke Nukem is trying to take over the building in an attempt to gain more energy for himself. You must go and stop him before he kills any of the scientists or, worse, causes a meltdown that would kill thousands and contaminate the surrounding area for years to come, sending a cloud of radioactivity drifting across the continent!" she hurriedly explained.

"We are on it, Gaia!" exclaimed Linka, and with that, the group ran out to their red- and yellow-painted Geo-Cruiser. Kwame climbed into the pilot's seat and took off as the others quickly found their own seats for the trip.

Gi, who had sat down beside Kwame, buckled up as she said, "These Eco- Villains never give up, do they?"

"It would seem not," said Ma-Ti from his seat in the back. "The funny thing is that no matter what they do, they are never a match for us and Captain Planet."

"Yeah, you got that right," chuckled Wheeler, who was sitting behind Gi. "Ya think they would've learned their lesson by now."

Linka leaned forward to look at the ETA over Kwame's shoulder and saw it would be about ten minutes more to get to the site. She sat back down and sighed, "Just vhen I was at the best part of the book I vas readink, too."

Wheeler leaned over. "Ah, don't worry, babe. We'll kick Nukem's butt and be back to Hope Island in no time, and you can finish it up. Just out of curiosity, what kind of book was it?"

She looked over at him. "Well, if you must know, Wheeler, it vas a romance novel."

"Romance, huh? Say, speaking of romance, you free Friday?"

"Why do you ask," questioned Linka, knowing exactly why he was inquiring.

"Well, it's just that if you are, then maybe you might want to go out on a date with me," he answered hopefully.

Linka smiled. "And just what did you haff in mind, Yankee?"

He leaned closer to her. "I was thinking I could take you to possibly a movie and definitely dinner and dancing."

"Dancink?" Her eyes lit up as he nodded in response. "All right, Wheeler, it is a date!"

"Yes!" cheered Wheeler as he pumped his arm into the air in excitement.

Just then, Kwame announced, "We're here!" The Planeteers looked down at the plant below and saw scientists fleeing the building.

"Hurry and land, Kwame; it looks like they're in a lot of trouble!" exclaimed Gi, who leapt out of the Geo-Cruiser as soon as the craft touched down.