Note: This is my first try at a Trish/Jericho fic but damn it I'm just a sucker for that storyline. This takes place a couple of years ago when WWE tried that Jeff/Trish angle...

Chris watched from the shadows of the arena as Trish walked out of the women's locker room. He started walking after her...then turned around...then looked back. Damn it, why is this always so hard! He thought to himself. He turned around when he heard someone else's voice ring out through the hallway.

"Hey Trish!"

"Hey Jeff," She answered turning around. Her eyes glowed when she turned around.

"So umm...that was some kiss you laid on me today." Jeff said, grinning shyly.

"Yeah, well...whatever I can do for the fans." Trish looked down on the floor. She knew that the kiss had nothing whatsoever to do with the fans. It was just pure emotion.

"Right...the fans. Was that all?" Jeff asked hesitantly.

Chris held his breath. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew that they had the story line together, but he had never actually thought that it would progress to anything more. Jeff knew how he felt about Trish....

"" Trish answered quietly.

"I thought so." Jeff placed his finger under her chin and pushed her face up to meet his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her softly.

"What was that for?" Trish asked, her eyes closed.

"I really like you Trish. I know that you don't like dating guys from the Fed, but how about it? You and me?"

"Are you serious?"

"Absolutely." Jeff replied self assuredly.

"Ok...dinner tomorrow night?" She asked breathlessly. Her face glowed with happiness.

"See you then." Jeff said, kissing her once more before he turned around and walked away.

Trish watched as he left and as soon as the door to the men's locker room shut, let out a happy scream then grabbed her cell phone and called a friend.

"Oh my god! He asked me out...finally!!!" She giggled as she walked away.

Chris leaned against the wall and unclenched his fists. He couldn't believe it. Trish and Jeff? One of his best friends...with the girl of HIS dreams?

***anyways I know that's real short for a first chapter but I figured I'd see what you guys thought of it first...btw I haven't decided whether or not this whole fic should be Chris/Trish or Jeff/Trish --- which pairing would you guys like to see most? Leave one.