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Her Past

Chapter 1- Perfection for Two, Disappointment for Three

Tyson, Rei, and Max were gathered closely around a bay-dish whispering to each other, glancing quickly towards the tree where two of their missing members were standing.

"I was hoping that Kai would be nicer to us about training now that he is dating Hilary." Max said, leaning forward as if he was glancing down at the bey-dish before he looked back up at his teammates.

"Hey, I was hoping that Hilary would go easier on us." Tyson said throwing his hands in the air.

Rei rolled his eyes slightly as Max let out a little giggle. "Yeah it didn't seem to work for our benefit, but I do believe it has done both of them a world of good." Rei stated pointing over at a tree that Hilary and Kai were standing under.

Under the Tree

"I think they were hoping we would go easier on them now that we started dating each other." Hilary giggled pointing over at the group, it was more than obvious that the lot of them weren't practicing.

"Yeah, but why would I go easier on them?" Kai asked as he smirked his 'I'm in complete control' smirk.

"I believe they think that because you are happier with me." She stated as she tilted her head slightly to the side, letting her brown hair cascading over her left shoulder and raised an eyebrow smugly.

"Am I really?" Kai asked, his smirk changing to more of a mischievous one.

"Oh Kai! I'm never talking to you again!" Hilary exclaimed as she turned to walk away. She only was able to go a step because Kai pulled her into his strong arms.

"Well, the fact is I'm not happier with you." Kai stated, Hilary's content face fell as she tried to get out of his arms.

She struggled against his arm as she looked away from his face.

"No, listen to me." Kai said pulling her closer. "I can't be happier because I was never happy before you. You make me happy."

"You sure do know how to get yourself out of trouble. Just don't think that sweet talking can get you out of trouble every time." Hilary said as she leaned into his arms smiling lightly.

"Don't worry I don't think so, I know so!" Kai said his smirk growing.

"Hey..." Hilary started but Kai pulled her into a kiss. Of course she didn't protest and wrapped her arms around his neck burying her hands into his silky blue hair.

Back to the Gang

"Hey, do you think they want you gawking at them like that." Kenny asked walking up to the three boys, who had now stopped to stare at the two lovers.

"Chief, they're to busy sucking face to even notice that we aren't practicing." Tyson stated glancing back at the smaller boy before returning his gaze on the two under the tree.

"I would actually have to agree with Tyson—" Rei started.

"Hey get back to practicing!" Kai yelled over at the group.

"I guess I was wrong." Tyson said as he sweat-dropped.

"He must have eyes in the back of his head." Max whispered just as Kai and Hilary joined the group. Of course he didn't notice them walking up…right behind him.

"Not exactly, I just have really good hearing, you guys are really loud, and standing that close to each other I knew you weren't practicing," Kai's comment causing the group to jump. Hilary just broke out into the giggles, lightly grasping her sides.

Hilary turned to Kai, "Oh go easy on them. Anyway I'm going to go get ready for our date tonight." Hilary raised one eyebrow and glanced over at a blushing Max. "Or should I say double date. Miriam and I will be here around 6:30." She leaned forward and kissed Kai on the cheek said goodbye and ran off to her house.

"So where are you guys going?" Rei turned to Max.

"And do they have good food there?" Tyson asked, nudging the boy in the side. "We could always come as back up.

"We are going to the movies." Max replied gesturing to himself and Kai.

Hilary's House

Hilary hummed softly as she put her keys in the door, unlocked the door, and went inside. "Hey Mom I'm home!" Hilary yelled kicking off her shoes and going into the living room where her mom always sat.

"Hi, Hils!" A brown haired boy her age was sitting in the lush brown chair that her mother normally occupied, "Long time no see. How are you?"


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