Here's my collection of Turian words used by the experiments

Angel-Misa Takka for the info.

mostextremeprincess- Richter and Stitch called an orange ball "Bushi bu" in the Richter episode, that's why I think Bushi Bu doesn't mean Angel

pieswolfsandsuch- Misa Takka for the Info

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" I want a strawberry shaved ice." said a little girl.

" Naga." said Slushy.

" What he'd say?" the girl asked her father. He shrugged.

A dojo

A group of people filed in for Kixx's teaching.

" Tooki Bah waba." said Kixx.

" I can't understand a word he's saying." his students said. All over the island people were having trouble understanding the experiements. Lilo heard about it durring Hola lessons.

" Jumba we have a problem." She said

" Vhat is probleming little girl?" Asked Jumba.

"No one can understand the experiments except our Ohana. It's causing trouble." said Lilo.

" I'm more evil genious then even I thought! Experiments are good and still Chaos!" said Jumba then laughed,

" Jumba! We need a sloution!" shouted Lilo.

" Very well little girl Ve can open class for Teaching Turain." said Jumba.

The audiatorium

A large group of people had gathered to learn the new langauge.

"Attenion everyone, we will now begin the lessons." said Jumba. He turned on a projector and a screen appeared.

Hagata-here, neraby, something like that.

Pataga- Way

Gushi bu- Something important to the speaker, lover, memory, object etc(female use)( I made it up)

Bushi Bu-Something important to the speaker, lover, memory, object etc(male use)

Okataka- okay


Patooke- But

Bliznack- swear word

Aka tiki ba-ba It was a piece of cake

Gaba ika tasoopa What's the big deal?

iki Baba Come On

Makamaka Hurry

Miki gimme

Tooki Bah waba Let's get Started


naju jista-fight me

toni catchi-would you like this?

naga cada gu-I didn't do it!

kita makuta-are you scared?

aga taka-let me go

ka-chi, no-stee-are you sure?



Ah-chooga Moopa—everybody out

Ackootah—let's dig


Aka-Choota—gotta go

Aka-Boocha—let me out


Crabba Snabba—uh oh


Emba-Chua—you said it

Feeboogoo—Bring it one

Goobaja—let's go

Gabba ika tasoopa—what's the big deal


Kaki Makeenay--wave rider

Kata Baka-dooka?—may I be destructive?

Queesta-To destroy, break or defeat


Meega na-la QUEESTA!- I'm going to Break, destroy, defeat you, something along those lines

Nal-la - Will, going to

Meega—Me, I'm, I

Meega o-itume—get away from me



Morcheeba—very nice



Shmeesh—got it


o-itume—get away


Takka—Thank you


Meeo dakka ingatta poju nagga nagga—I can catch an experiment without you

Hogala, quata queena BOOM!---theirs an asteroid headed for earth

Eekee dooja, beebee. –if 513 is fixing crack in planet, stitch will give him precious citrus orb.


Baga Cheka- You missed

Megala- money

Wata tookie!- Let's Devastate!

Meega Patoga- I wasn't sacred

Nuga sha-Your fault

Chugas Magas- Throw me up there

Muyga hagata- Maybe here

Habata Icky- Not so fast(?)

Bago-You got it(?)

Hagata Chewbechecka- Here Big Dummy

Owgata matokie- There he is

Hagata patooga-Here's an idea

Toka- Done

ahkacaga- ah phooie(?)


Hakabo- Too bad

nagate- Could not

Gabajoka-Why didn't you warn me about that!(?)

Ebgugoo- Your on!

Machuga naga- Not true

Machuga- True, truth

Naga bugo- I don't believe it

" That vill we be all for now." said Jumab and he turned off the projector.

That's it. Please review and tell any words you might know or corrections.